Zaug Mobarezo (降龍木蓮衝ザウグ・モバレーゾ Zaugu Mobarēzo, "Dragon-Taming Wooden Lotus Shock") is an attack of Hakuryuu Ren, when in his one-fourth Djinn Equip with his Djinn, Zagan. When using this attack, a dragon aura appears around him. It utilizes Life Magic and his Wooden Arm to release several wooden projectile dragons, which are able to bite an opponent.


Zaug Movalezo
The attack
Zaug Movalezo1
Releasing arm
Zaug Movalezo2
Releasing the dragons
Zaug Movalezo3
The dragons
Zaug mogarezo
wooden dragon in anime


  • The name of this spell is possibly a corruption of the Arabic phrase زَوج مُبَرِّز Zauj Mubarriz, which translates to "Superior/Winner Zauj (meaning "one of a pair")" - perhaps in reference to the concept of halfness in Hakuryuu's Djinn equip. Another possibility is that the name derives from زَوج مُبارِز Zauj Mubāriz, which translates to "Fighter Zauj".


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