Zaug Al-Adhra (操命弓ザウグ・アルアズラー Zaugu Aruazurā, "Manipulated Life Bow") is an attack of Hakuryuu Ren, when in his half Djinn Equip with his Djinn, Zagan. When using this attack, he utilizes Life Magic and he fires his monsters off by holding his spear like a bow and arrow.


Zaug Aluazra1
Preparing to fire off
Zaug Aluazra2
Firing off


  • The name of this spell is possibly a corruption of the Arabic phrase زَوج العَذراء Zauj Al-3adhrā, which translates to "Zauj (meaning "one of a pair") of Virgo (the astrological sign meaning The Virgin)" - perhaps in reference to the concept of halfness in Hakuryuu's Djinn Equip and the idea that a single individual is generating life by themselves (like as if a virgin gave birth).


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