Yamraiha vs Apollonius is the fight between Yamraiha, one of Sindria's Eight Generals, and Apollonius, a member of Al-Thamen.


After Masrur defeats Zurmudd and Sharrkan goes for Byoln, Yamraiha's opponent ends up being Apollonius.


Both of them stay in the air. Apollonius uses Al-Flash, but Yamraiha defends against it with her Borg. After a little while, his Light Rays fuse together and put many holes into her Borg. Yamraiha wants to destroy them with Water Magic, but in the end, her Borg is destroyed. Apollonius says that Magicians are weak and sees that his comrades have been defeated by Household Vessel users, which he comments by saying that it's their own fault and accomplishing their mission will get him acknowledged by Ithnan. He then changes his beads into a huge firefly, Al-Flash Habaheb, which also can shoots light rays. Yamraiha realizes that her Borg can't resist something like that and runs away. She is chased by Apollonius and when they're close to the water, she creates a fog and uses it as her defense - light is weaker in this kind of environment.

However, when the fog clears, he shoots a light ray again, slightly injuring her and breaking her shell bra. He then declares how much he hates Magicians who look down on him, even though he's a genius, but Yamraiha just asks if it's because he doesn't have any real power himself, which enrages him. He Djinn Equips and uses his Extreme Magic, Flash Al-Alaf, what surprises spectators, Sharrkan, Alibaba Saluja and Aladdin. Yamraiha creates a giant mirror and sends back his attack. She explains that her shells are Magic Tools, which are able to store Magoi by being in contact with her body and create great spells. As he dies, Apollonius curses her, and she apologizes, saying she is a genius Magician.


Aladdin asks Yamraiha if she's alright to which she responds yes. Then she, her companions and disciples return to Sindria.


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