The Yambala Gladiators (ヤンバラ五剣士, Yanbara Gosenshi) are a part of a mysterious tribe that once trained Sinbad and Hakuryuu Ren in Magoi Manipulation. Alibaba Saluja is seeking them out to learn how to control his newly changed Magoi in the Reim Empire's Colosseum.


The Yambala live in an eastern city, but they are a wandering race that move their houses from place to place and no one knows where their city is located. They are scattered around the world in order to train and become warriors. There is one place they would be in order to become warriors and that would be in the biggest arena in the world, the Reim Empire's Colosseum. There was at one point in time when they passed through the Kou Empire.


They are a clan of people that is specialized in manipulating Magoi. Sinbad and Hakuryuu Ren once received training from them in this. Through his hands, Sinbad, can cancel out other peoples Magoi and through his spear, Hakuryuu makes it stronger.



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