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The World Exploration Arc is the ninth story arc in the Magi manga series. This arc explores what has happened to Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu after they all separate from each other to go on their respective journeys.



Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana says goodbye to each other. They also tell each other that the next time they meet, they will all have become stronger. Aladdin then undoes his magic turban and flies away. Alibaba then boards a ship but hand Morgiana a second Household Vessel in case the first one breaks. Morgiana then puts the necklace on and waves goodbye to him.

Journey to Magnostadt

Aladdin is flying to Magnostadt but gets tired. He then notices a caravan and heads down to greet them. Aladdin then asks if he can join them, but the driver says if he has money. When Aladdin pulls out a bag full, the driver asks him passenger, which he says yes. Aladdin then hops in but the driver tells him to not bother the other passenger. Aladdin then tries to peak behind the curtain but the cart stops as bandits try to attack the caravan.

Facing the Bandits

The bandits attack, which Aladdin notices that they are using magic tools. Kouha Ren then cut the top of the cart off and says what is going on. Kouha then starts to kill the bandits. Kouha then enlarges his sword but drops it when it becomes too heavy for him to handle. Kouha then shrinks the sword and picks it up. He then continues to enlarge and shrink the sword, killing the rest of the bandits. Aladdin then asks who he is which the driver tells him that he is Kouha Ren of the Kou Empire.

Continuing the Journey

They then continue their journey, after Kouha had finished off the bandits. Kouha then asks who Aladdin is which one of his attendants says that he is traveling with them for a little while. They then notice they are both going to Magnostadt. Kouha tells him that Magnostadt is only people who can use magic enter, which Aladdin tells him that he is a magician. Aladdin also says that he is going there to learn magic. The driver then tells them that they will be arriving Magnostadt in 9 days. Kouha then has Aladdin entertain him for the 9 days.

Entering Magnostadt

After 9 days, they finally arrive at Magnostadt. Aladdin then asks where is Magnostadt Academy which the driver tell him that it's only the boarder of the country. Kouha then waves goodbye to Aladdin as he has other business to attend to. Kouha then points to where the Magician inspection is. While in lines Aladdin remembers what Yamraiha said to him about passing the inspection. Aladdin then pass the inspection and enters Magnostadt.

Magnostadt Academy

In Sindria, Yamraiha is talking to Ja'far. They talk about how Aladdin should be admitted into the Academy. Yamraiha also says that Aladdin should be selected into the 1st Kodor. At the Academy, Aladdin is put in the 6th Kodor. He tries again but is still put into the 6th Kodor. Aladdin then enters the academic city and is amazed at how it looks. After entering the academy, Aladdin searches for his room. After finding his room, Aladdin meets his roommate Sphintus Carmen.

First Days of Training

Aladdin meets his instructor Myers, along with he rest of the class. Myers tells them that they will improves themselves or they will be dropped out. Myers then attacks them after they don't respond. Myers then attacks Aladdin for having a quiet voice. Myers then has them to exorcises to improves their strength. Myers also attacks the ones who cant keep up with their training. She continues this for a month which only 5 remain.

Learning Magic

Myers then takes them into a build where they will be learning magic. Myers then has them touch a statue, which she tells them that the statue is a magic tool they tells you what type of magician you are when you put rukh into it. Myers also tells them what types of rukh there are. Myers then teaches them about magic. Weeks later, Myers has them learn the opposite rukh of what they are. After a month, Aladdin what able to pass the Iktiyar and be placed into the into the first Kodor.

Arriving at the Reim Empire

Alibaba arrives at the Reim Empire. Alibaba is exhausted from not eating because when was robbed during his journey. After someone gives his a small piece of food, Alibaba heads to the training grounds. When he gets to the training ground, Alibaba is refused entrance. Alibaba then asks what he can do to get into the entrance. The guard tells Alibaba to fight her and if he wins then Alibaba can enter. Alibaba is easily defeated and sent flying. He is then found by three people and taken with them.

In the Casino

Alibaba wakes up to sees S Nando, M Nando, and L Nando. They reveal that they have become rich after they opened a casino. Alibaba tries to leaves but collapses from hunger. S Nando then gets him some food. While Alibaba is eating, S Nando informs him about the Reim Empire. After eating, Alibaba notices that someone is hurt. Alibaba goes to help the man which he thanks him. The man then continues to gamble but loses everything. The guard from earlier, then gets the man to stop and point Alibaba to the man. The man introduces himself and the guard as Shambal Ramal and Toto. Shambal then asks Alibaba to fight Toto again.

Alibaba Vs. Toto

Alibaba and Toto then start to fight in the casino. Toto tries to attack Alibaba but Alibaba easily over powers her. Shambal then tells her to use her ability. Toto then activates her chi. Toto then attacks Alibaba. Alibaba notices that her sword in enhanced with magoi. Alibaba then tries to attack Toto, but she blocks it with a magoi enhanced shield. During the fight Shambal notices what type of fighting style Alibaba is using. Shambal then stops the fight. Toto asks why, which Shambal says to looks at herself. Toto's breast plate then falls off. Shambal then tells Alibaba that they are part of the magoi manipulation tribe and take Alibaba to the training grounds.

Becoming a Gladiator

When they get to the training grounds, Shambal informs Alibaba that everyone there is a gladiator. Shambal the introduces the rest of the Yambala Gladiators to Alibaba. Alibaba then tells them that he has to master his magoi so that he can master his Djinn Equip. Shambal then tells Toto to get him his needles, and performs acupuncture on Alibaba. After preforming the acupuncture on Alibaba, Shambal tells him that he has two type of magoi in him and that his body will be ripped apart because of it. Alibaba then asks what he can do, which Shambal tells him that he will have to master Magoi Manipulation. Shambal then tells Alibaba that he is be fighting in the Colosseum now.

Alibaba Vs. Garda

In the Colosseum, Alibaba is ready to fight. When his opponent comes out, Alibaba is shocked to find out that its a giant beast. When Alibaba complains, Shambal also informs him that Alibaba will be fight with a regular sword. Alibaba then starts to fight Garda. Alibaba then repeatedly slash Garda but its does nothing. Alibaba then tries to stab Garda but Gardna stops it with his muscles. Garda then grabs Alibaba and starts to pummel him. Alibaba then tries to forfeit the match but the guard does nothing. Garda then grabs Alibaba and bites his arms. Alibaba then starts to lose conscious. Garda then breaks Alibaba's arm. Garda then drops Alibaba, which Alibaba gets up an run to a statue. Garda then runs into the statue and breaks it. Garda then tries to eat him but Alibaba sticks a piece of the statue into Garda's mouth so that he can't move his jaw. Alibaba then breaks his sword into one of Garda's hands. Alibaba then repeatedly slashes Garda and wins the fight.


Shambal then goes to the arena to help Alibaba. Shambal also notices that Alibaba's two Magoi have fused into one. In the stands, Muu Alexius talks to Scheherazade about how Magnostadt is invade the eastern part of their country. Muu tells her that he want to become her sword in order to protect the country and people that she loves. Scheherazade then gets up and informs him that there is also an abnormality within the Kou Empire.


Days later, Toto enters Alibaba and notices that Garda is there. Alibaba then tells her that he bought him with the prize money that he had won. Toto then thinks that something has changed about Alibaba. Shambal then enter the room and changes his bandages. Shambal then informs Alibaba that the to magoi in his body has fused into one. Alibaba then tells them why he need power to get back what he has lost.

Journey into the Dark Continent

In the Dark Continent, Morgiana is looking over the great rift. Morgiana then remembers how she learned that there are still Fanalis across the great rift. Morgiana then thanks the Torran Nation for taking her there. Morgiana the jumps into the great rift. Morgiana then decides to run to the other side once she reaches the bottom.

Into the Rift

After reaching the bottom, Morgiana notices that its pitch black. Morgiana then yells to figure out her location and starts to run forward. Morgiana then comes across a house and is greet by a man. He then invite Morgiana in and serves her tea. Morgiana then asks who he is, which he tell her that he is Yunan and the guardian of the valley. Morgiana then asks how he knows her name. Yunan tells that he can hear everything with in the valley. Yunan then informs her that there are Fanalis on the other side. Yunan also informs her that once she goes back she may not want to return because there will be a war soon. Yunan also informs her that the Emperor of the Kou Empire has died.

News about the Emperor

In Magnostadt, people inform both Kouha and the chancellor, Matal Mogamett, that the Emperor of the Kou Empire has died. Matal tell Kouha that he should return home as soon as possible. Kouha gets up and tells him that the Kou Empire will invade Magnostadt and its their chose to submit or be destroyed, then leaves. Matal then gets mad at Kouha.

Leaving Magnostadt

Elsewhere, Aladdin is practicing his magic when he notices Kouha. Aladdin goes and says hello. Kouha says hello, but also tells him that he has to leave because his father had died. Aladdin is shocked to learn that the Emperor had died. Kouha also tells him that he is okay and that his brother would be the next Emperor. Aladdin then remembers what Hakuryuu had said.

Returning Home

A month later Hakuei Ren returns to the Kou Empire with her Kouga Corps. After arriving, Koumei Ren asks who is the people with her. Hakuei tell him that they are all apart of her Household, which shocked him. Koumei says that its amazing and that her younger brother has joined her half a year ago. Koumei then notices that creatures are coming. Hakuryuu then arrives with the creatures. Hakuei then says that the creatures were created from the power of Zagan. Hakuei then remember when Hakuryuu joined her Corps and what he had done. Kouen Ren then arrives and greets Hakuryuu and Hakuei. Kouen congratulates Hakuryuu for conquering a dungeon. Kouen also says that they will go to their father's side once Kouha returns. Kougyoku Ren worries about once Kouen becomes Emperor, Sindria will be destroyed. Kougyoku then watches as Kouen has a meeting with Hakuei and Hakuryuu.

Meeting with Kouen

Kouen is reading in the library when Hakuryuu and Hakuei come in. Kouen then asks Hakuryuu if he wants to become Emperor. Hakuryuu then asks why he wants to know. Kouen then says that there can only be one Emperor of the world. Kouen then talks about the the Torran Language, the King Vessels, and the past. Kouen says that he wants to solve this riddle, and that he wants Hakuryuu to lend him his power. Kouen then talks to Kougyoku and asks if she was listening. Kouen then informs them that Kouha has arrived and that they will go to their father and mother's side tomorrow.

To the Emperor's Side

The next day, they all head to where the Emperor's body is. Once there, their mother, Gyokuen Ren, greets them. Gyokuen asks them to come closer but Kouen asks her if the Emperor had died from an illness. Gyokuen says yes, and for them to come say farewell to their father. Gyokuen then grabs Kouen and ask if he will support her, but he pushes her away. A priest then informs that the next Emperor will be Gyokuen. An uproar happens when Gyokuen says that she has to be Emperor because Kouen, who was supposed to Emperor, is the general of the army and can't be removed from that position. Before the two sides split, Hakuryuu and the priest bow down and ask her to take the position.

The Truth

After the ceremony, Hakurei asks Hakuryuu why he did that. Hakuryuu tells her that the times was right. Hakuryuu then tells her that it was their mother who assassinated their brothers. Hakuryuu also tells her that the priest who was with their mother are Al-Thamen and that they are manipulating their country. Hakuei tries to reason with him, but is doesn't work.

Meeting with Judar

Later, Hakuryuu is walking in the rain when Judar appears. Judar then tells Hakuryuu that he needs to discuss something with him. Hakuryuu tells him that he doesn't want to talk with him and that Judar is just a pawn to his mother and the organization. Judar then tells Hakuryuu that he is the same and that he is being controlled by his mother the same as him. Gyokuen then shows up behind Judar. Gyokuen tells Hakuryuu that Judar has been praising him and moves in closer to see his face. Hakuryuu then pushes her away, and she tells him that she may kill Hakuei now. Hakuryuu then gets angry and performs Djinn Equip. Hakuryuu then attacks Gyokuen, but is sent flying back when he hits her Borg. Gyokuen then pats Hakuryuu and says he may remain as her cute little Hakuryuu. Elsewhere, Kouen, Koumei, and Kouha are talking about how the organization and Magnostadt are connected. Back at where Hakuryuu is, Judar tells Hakuryuu that if he is willing to curse his destiny, then he will lend him a hand.