A Wand (ワンド, Wando) is what is used for focusing Magoi and magic attacks. A wand can take almost any shape, as long as the user has a special connection to the chosen wand. Wand's are essential to Magicians, if they want to use their Magic, because without a wand, Magicians can't send orders to the Rukh properly, thus their Magic won't work properly.

When a wand is broken or damaged, it is still able to perform magic, but it is quite unstable and not even the Magician using it knows what will happen if he/she makes any attempt to cast spells. This is shown when Muu Alexius destroys Aladdin's wand. Aladdin then turns to using his flute, which he has a special connection to since it allowed Aladdin to keep in contact with Ugo. It also seems to work well as Aladdin showed no problems using his magic during the battle with The Medium. [1]


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