Volumes' Extras are extra comics added at the end of almost every manga volume of Magi. They include stories that couldn't be told in the main story or additional information about the world and its characters.


Volume 1

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 1

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 1 (私、大高忍について1, Watashi, Ōtaka Shinobu ni Tsuite 1)


Shinobu Ohtaka introduces herself as the author of Magi. She says she just realized that she's never talked about herself though it's been a while since she became mangaka.

10 years before Magi. She says that as a student, she was average person without any abilities, she passed unnoticed in a corner of the class and she was reserve in the tennis club. Her only strong point was drawing, so she started to draw comics, hoping that it'll bear fruits. She confesses that at that time, she has never though she would have arrived at this point, but she's very happy that her dream came true. While attending the first year of the college, she was sending her drawings to the most known magazines, such as Weekly Shōnen Jump. She used to draw during nights and sleep during the classes. She didn't talk to anyone, including her family and classmates, so no one actually knew what was she doing. She is amazed that even though she lived in the small apartment (two rooms and kitchen), no one noticed it.

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 2

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 2 (私、大高忍について2, Watashi, Ōtaka Shinobu ni Tsuite 2)


Shinobu Ohtaka says that she's hidden the fact that she was drawing comics was related to the fact that she thought that becoming mangaka was impossible, and she never even gotten any replies from magazines she sent her works to. Besides that obsession, she was lazy and slow to do things, and everyone worried about her future. She says that even when she was going to the hair stylist, she ended up having the conversation about it. When she was attending the college, she wasn't able to debut as mangaka, but she won little prizes. She says that she will never forgot the emotion she felt the first time. She was so shocked that she even missed her bus. This was also time when her family discovered that she was drawing comics.

5 years before Magi. From that time, she was sending her works to various magazines for 4-5 years, but she didn't obtain many results. For a short time, she decided to accept her lack of talent, give up and find a proper job, but during that time, without noticing it herself, she completed a oneshot, which was her debut.

Magi Production Diary

Magi Production Diary (マギ制作日誌, Magi Seisaku Nisshi)


Volume 2

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 3

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 3 (私、大高忍について3, Watashi, Ōtaka Shinobu ni Tsuite 3)


4 years before Magi. Square Enix's magazine Young Gangan took Ohtaka's debut work, Sumomomo Momomo. She tells the readers to go and read 12 volumes of Sumomomo Momomo too. Ohtaka then introduces her editor, Ishibashi, who took care from her prize-giving story, magazine debut and is taking care of Magi as well. Since she suddenly left her university, he felt responsibility for her and helped her a lot to obtain a constant publication. 3 years after her debut, he was transferred to Shōgakukan's Shōnen Sunday. It interrupted their contact, but when Sumomomo Momomo was almost at the end, he contacted her again and asked if she wanted to publish something on Shōnen Sunday. Ohtaka says that since she was a child, she always wanted to publish something in kid's magazine, and although it didn't give her much results, she always tried so to not regret it later. This is how she realized the storyboard of the oneshot from which the prototype of the first chapter of Magi was born.

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 4

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 4 (私、大高忍について4, Watashi, Ōtaka Shinobu ni Tsuite 4)


1 year before Magi till today. Ohtaka shows the first sketch of her work, version of very muscular Aladdin and Alibaba. She says that at first she wanted to draw a story about Roman Gladiator, but she had a vice to draw either very happy or very sad manga, and the story she had in mind was the second type. After various tries, it became actual manga, a happy Magi. Ohtaka also notes that at first, she thought of Aladdin as a girl, and only later he became a boy, but the bandages around his chest are residual of her original idea. Alibaba was serious and obscure character, but she eventually gave up on this idea.

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 5

I, According to Shinobu Ohtaka 5 (私、大高忍について5, Watashi, Ōtaka Shinobu ni Tsuite 5)


Ohtaka writes that after a year of discussions, it was proposed that the setting was changed to Middle-East one. It made her think of One Thousand and One Nights. After a lot of research, she realized that this book had a lot of fantasy elements and decided to use that themes. Ohtaka says that the reason why she used famous names such as Alibaba and Aladdin is, she thought that readers might have visualized them more easily and if they would have familiar names, maybe they could find them more likable. Ohtaka says that Magi doesn't follow the stories from One Thousand and One Nights but she hopes that it's still funny. She hopes that the readers will appreciate the adventurous feelings she tries to give to every chapter and also the mysterious atmosphere of the setting. She says that the story will expand to many countries, and one day it will even arrive in Japan. She reveals that her aim is to create a manga which whose story spaces out to as much countries as possible, giving as an example the setting from third volumes, which is set in the plains of Mongolia.

Ohtaka says that differently from her characters, she can't use magic, but she hopes to create a story which will be able to entertain the readers as much as possible. She begs to keeping following Aladdin's and Alibaba's adventures.

Volume 3

Help, Aladdin!

Help, Aladdin! (たすけてアラジン, Tasukete Arajin)


Post box.png

Alibaba Saluja comes while crying to Aladdin and asks for Aladdin's help. He recalls what editor said to him, about not understanding his manga by him and asked how can he expect readers to understand it, if he, the editor, can't. Aladdin thinks he clearly has a point and decides to use a Magic Tool, the post box. That way, the readers can send a question and they will just answer them. Alibaba exclaims it's amazing and is hurrying to answer to some letters. Aladdin says that they haven't told them about it yet so there's no many, so he searched for them in the fan letters. The question is, "What's going on with Alibaba's clothes?" which gets shown layer by layer.

Volume 4

Help, Aladdin! 2

Help, Aladdin! 2 (たすけてアラジン2, Tasukete Arajin 2)


Ali kicked.png

A letter with question has already arrived, which is, "How old is Morgiana? Also, how tall is she?". Alibaba thinks it's a big question and is going to check it with his own eyes, as she's taking a bath right now. Aladdin comments that he'll be in a big trouble if she finds out. Alibaba answers that it's fine and tries to carefully peek in. Morgiana obviously notices him and sends him flying. She then grabs Aladdin, he proceeds to ask how she found out, she answers that she could smell them. Aladdin response that it's cool and before apologizing and saying he will answer the question on the next page.

Aladdin, Morgiana, and Alibaba's Height Chart.png

The question is answered with approximated age and height of the three Magi's main characters. Aladdin is 130cm, Morgianna is 148cm and Alibaba boasts a height of 168cm. Aladdin was said to be around 10 years old, Morgianna 14 and Alibaba is around 17 years old.

On the final page of the extras we're shown a Magi Enemy Profile including the following character; Jamil, Ryosai, Fatima, Cassim and Judar. The categories included are as follows; attack, leadership, wealth, ambition and special with Judar being infinite in all of them.

Volume 6

The Idiot, the Princess and the Attendant's adventures in Balbadd

The Idiot, the Princess and the Attendant's adventures in Balbadd (バカと姫君と従者のバルバッド珍道中, Baka to Himegimi to Jūsha no Barubaddo Chin Dōchū)


GyokuBunJu in Balbadd.png

Kougyoku Ren, Judar and Koubun Ka arrive early in Balbadd, though Judar has been here a lot of times before. Kougyoku starts smiling happily and proposes going to explore Balbadd. Koubun strongly disagrees, but Kougyoku promises to disguise herself as a citizen. Eventually, the three of them go through Balbadd's streets. Kougyoku notices a fortune telling cram and wants to try it. The surface of the water is supposed to show her the face of the person she's going to marry. There will be other faces shown at first, and the last one is her fated person. Judar thinks it's stupid, but she thinks it's fine, as she's going to find out the face of the person she's going to marry soon enough anyway, and asks to let her fantasize until then. Judar pats her head and comments that she, an old hag, has a cute side to her as well, while Koubun points her saying to go ahead. Kougyoku shouts at Judar that she's not an old hag, as she's only 17. He adds that editor said that she looks old, and she wonders who the editor is.


Kougyoku is then very excited as she will find out her fated one. The first face shown appears to be Alibaba, then Sinbad, then Koubun, and the last one - a pig, Ahbmad Saluja. Kougyoku can't believe it's the last one and gets furious, destroying the water while Judar laughs at how her future husband was a pig. With cheeks puffed and face red from anger, she says she won't believe it over and over again. Judar wonders if he's seen that pig before and Koubun tells him that he's seen the Balbadd King before and asks what kind of person is he. The fortune teller shouts at Kougyoku saying that there's one more face.

Later, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana are seen doing the same thing. Aladdin seems to be very disappointed, while Morgiana is hiding her mouth worried and Alibaba is laughing.

Volume 7

The Fog Troupe's days without plans 1

The Fog Troupe's days without plans 1 (何もない日の霧の団の日常1, Nanimonai Hi no Kiri no Dan no Nichijō 1)


Never had a girlfriend.png

Zaynab and Hassan are fighting. Again. Alibaba comments that even though they're like this, they're still together and have been dating forever. Cassim disagrees and tells him that they've broken up and got back together a lot. Asked how many times, he's unsure, but thinks it's been about 300 times. Cassim then complains that everytime it happens they come to him for life counseling. Alibaba wonders why they fight like this if they really like each other and starts saying how more peaceful it would be between him and his girlfriend, what Cassim comments that he's an idiot and asks if he's saying it seriously. Then, the border between Zaynab and Hassan is broken, and Cassim is send to calm them down. During this Alibaba, shy with his eyes turned from them, asks if they could stop fooling around in the room next to his, as it bothers him. Zaynab comments that it's their business, and Hassan tells that it's not like he never had a girlfriend, however Alibaba turns his sight away. The group looks at him with a very worried look. Cassim even offers to introduce him to some girls. Alibaba cries out that they should stop looking at him with such a serious face and adds that he hates them.

The Fog Troupe's days without plans 2

The Fog Troupe's days without plans 2 (何もない日の霧の団の日常2, Nanimonai Hi no Kiri no Dan no Nichijō 2)


Never fight again.png

One of the Fog Troupe's members comes with a big news, that Hassan is having an affair, but no one believes him. They say that he must be delusional or asks if he saw Hassan with another woman, Cassim even says that he must be going for Zaynab. However, that man is stubborn and tells them that he saw him buying some valuable stuff in the town, not stealing but actually buying it. Others thinks it's for Zaynab, but another one of them recalls that he saw Zaynab doing the exactly same thing. As it's later explained, the gifts are for Cassim from Zaynab and Hassan as thanks for always putting up with them. It's a promise to never fight again, but Cassim thinks they're lying anyway.

Volume 8

Help, Aladdin! 3

Help, Aladdin! 3 (たすけてアラジン3, Tasukete Arajin 3)


Alibaba odor.png

The question is for Morgiana, asking her what do Aladdin and Alibaba smell like. She smells Aladdin and says that he has a kind scent, like a warm, sunny day and sheep's milk. Alibaba, excited, comes and wants her to smell him, but as soon as she does it, she seems disgusted and comments it's Alibaba odor while covering her nose. Alibaba demands her to explain, so she adds that it's a smell you've once smelled, you'll never forget. The others to check are Sinbad (unique mix of fragrances; Morgiana can't tell if he's taste is good or bad), Masrur (the same as her and also Sindria's forest) and Ja'far (no scent at all, much to her confuse).

The Fog Troupe's days without plans 3

The Fog Troupe's days without plans 3 (何もない日の霧の団の日常3, Nanimonai Hi no Kiri no Dan no Nichijō 3)


Different ways.png

Alibaba is sitting with Cassim and tries to smoke, however it ends up with him coughing. Cassim laughs and comments that he doesn't have to force himself. Alibaba asks how they are able to smoke this thing and calls them idiots. Alibaba tries to force himself to finish it, but Cassim attempts to stop him, so he wouldn't waste it. The two of them then laugh and chats happily. However, Alibaba in his thoughts notices that this isn't right; that he didn't come here to talk about it. He thought that today would be finally the day he asks him about various things concerning the Fog Troupe by grabbing him and demanding the answer. Alibaba then squats and holds his head with his hands. He understands he has to set things straight soon, and he feels it's becoming irrevocable. He begins to wonder how to start up the conversation. He notices that it's weird, that he never thought it be that hard to talk to him. He tries to recall what they were talking about as kids, but he can't remember, as there was nothing to get troubled over before. He decides that tomorrow, he will make sure to talk to him. That scene happened the day before reuniting with Aladdin.

Volume 9

Illustration of Sindria Kingdom and the Royal Palace

Illustration of Sindria Kingdom and the Royal Palace (図解 シンドリア王国/シンドリア王宮, Zukai Shindoria Ōkoku/Shindoria Ōkyū)


In Green Sagittarius Tower.png

This extra shows the Sindria Kingdom and its areas: Urban Area, Central Market (Bazaar), Harbor and Sea Route, Orchard, State-Operated Mercantile House, Forest and Palace, which consist of towers and bell. The extra also tells about the Southern Creatures, forest's animals, the Eight Generals, the combat forces under the direct command of them, and also the guest.

The Eight Generals' Episode ~Southern Beast Extermination~

The Eight Generals' Episode: Southern Beast Extermination (八人将 ~南海生物退治~編, Hachi Nin Shō ~Nankai Seibutsu Taiji~ Hen)


SharrYam fight.png

The Southern Creature appears so Sinbad sends out Sharrkan and Yamraiha to fight it. Sharrkan says he'll be done with this guy in a jiffy and tells the girls who watch them to behold his stylish swordplay. Yamraiha doesn't care about him at all, flies on her staff and and begins attacking the opponent. Sharrkan runs and cries out what she is doing to his prey. She answers that they don't have the whole day for his slow swordplay. He gets angry and says that his fencing is much better to the eye than her dull offensive Magic. This time, Yamraiha is irritated, says that he's wrong if he thinks that everyone in the world like fencing, and reminds Sharrkan that ever since he was young, he took girls he liked to the training grounds. Sharrkan squats embarrassed and justifies himself that he only wanted to show the cool side of him. Yamraiha protest that he's not getting girls interested by showing his swords skills and calls him an idiot. He orders her to shut up and asks why doesn't she do something about her black hat that's actually a mold habitat. He then adds that if she has so much time for magic books, she should learn how to apply make-up. This enrages Yamraiha and she attacks him. Meanwhile, Sinbad notices that sending them out was a bad choice and tells Masrur and Ja'far to go.

The Eight Generals' Episode ~And so, to the legends~

The Eight Generals' Episode: And so, to the legends (八人将 ~そして伝説へ~編, Hachi Nin Shō ~Soshite Densetsu E~ Hen)


Writing Sinbad's Adventures.png

Sinbad writes volume 22 of Adventures of Sinbad. Ja'far though he already finished it and is surprised that he still writes it. He says that now he writes how the Eight Generals played a role after founding of Sindria, how they vanquished the Southern Creatures and became the guardian angels of Sindria. Ja'far says that such extravagant praise is embarrassing. Sinbad adds that he'll dramatize a little to entertain the readers. Then, some traveler's children are shown and comments that Ja'far, who has 7 horns on his head and breath a fire, is so cool. Ja'far looks it stunned, and Sinbad apologizes for it. When the Eight Generals read it, Masrur comments that he became a giant and growled like "gaooo". Yamraiha says that it's becoming crazier as the story progressed and Ja'far feels like actually breathing fire right now. In the meantime, Alibaba reads the next installment of Sinbad's story excited, Morgiana is confused and Aladdin is happily smiling.

Volume 10

Hakuryuu and his older sister, and the occasional Seisyun

Hakuryuu and his older sister, and the occasional Seisyun (白龍と姉と時々青舜, Hakuryū to Ane to Tokidoki Seishun) is a special comic which takes place between Volumes 3 and 4. It consist of two parts.



Hakuei Ren, shortly after returning from her expedition, meets up with her brother, Hakuryuu Ren. Hakuryuu is frightened seeing the scar on her face. She laughs it off, saying that it's nothing to be worried about, as it's not a deep scar. Trembling, he says that it is a big problem: it's a scar on a face of an unmarried woman. He then demands to tell him who did it, but she only smiles and says that it might be a sword or an arrow. She adds that Hakuryuu is such a worrywart. Hakuryuu, still terrified, in his thoughts acknowledges that his sister has put herself in a dangerous situation again and as a woman, she should be more aware. He is interrupted by Hakuei who decides to tell him about a wonderful, big, strong, muscular (etc.) man she met on her last expedition and who saved her: Aladdin. Hakuryuu is surprised seeing her so dazed, while fondly speaking about a man, which is the first time he has seen it. Restless, he wonders if she has fell in love with a man from different race and remote place, but ends up thinking that he has to believe it, as now Hakuei is delighted with girl's happiness. He says that if Hakuei praises him so much, he must be a great man. She says that he indeed is and adds that she will never forget how he reached his muscular gentle arms to her. Hakuryuu is still terrified, as she's an unmarried woman. Meanwhile, Seisyun Ri is watching it and recalls what really happened, noticing that Hakuei means not Aladdin, but his Djinn, Ugo.


Later, Hakuryuu and Seisyun are fighting, the victory goes to Hakuryuu. After that, Hakuryuu does weird face, which interests Seisyun. Hakuryuu notices that Seisyun didn't change at all, he's even shorter than before even. Seisyun, a little offended, laughs it off. He says it's just Hakuryuu who suddenly grown and adds that he will catch up to him in no time. Hakuryuu seem incredulous, reminding him that he's already past the age to grow. Seisyun squats saying, "I'm not listening, I'm not listening!". Hakuryuu adds that when shogunate gets approved, it'll be bad that Hakuei's first attendant is so undependable and orders him to train more to be more like a man. Seisyun grabs him and exclaims that his assistance is unnecessary. Hakuryuu gets mad, calls him insolent fellow and asks if he wants to fight. Seisyun, as mad as Hakuryuu, screams that until just a little ago he was crying every single day. Hakuei, who watches them amused, goes to them and tells them that it's time for dinner, which they obey. Meanwhile, Kougyoku stares at them and says that it's so lively outside, envying them.

Volume 11

Coming back from Zagan's Dungeon: Hakuryuu's side

Coming back from Zagan's Dungeon: Hakuryuu's side (「迷宮(ダンジョン)ザガン」からの帰り道 白龍の場合編, "Danjon Zagan" Kara no Kaerimichi Hakuryū no Baai Hen)


Hating humans.png

Hakuryuu Ren comes back from Dungeon Zagan, with Zagan present. Zagan informs Hakuryuu that he was the weakest from the group and got the Metal Vessel despite being a cry-baby. Hakuryuu seems depressed, so Zagan asks him if he's going to cry again. Hakuryuu answers that as if he could cry and adds that he's quite self-aware. He says that he was able to survive thanks to this people and that he will never forget their grace, even if they standings change in the future. Zagan briefly smiles and admits that he likes that part of him, much to his surprise. Zagan begins to explain that he hates humans because they're just fine doing dirties things. Even though they say good things, they hate and envy, and then betray those who were their friends yesterday. Angry, he states that he really hates this kind of people. He adds that Hakuryuu isn't like that, what he can say by looking at his Rukh, which is painfully honest. He says that he can't say that something is bothering him, making Hakuryuu ask what does he mean, but Zagan changes the topic and says that he's set the bests on him. He says that if Hakuryuu will become a king, he believes that the world would be loyal to his purity. He says that he will give it his all to make him a king.

Zagan and Hakuryuu.png

Hakuryuu is happy hearing that, but when he stretch out his hand and thanks, Zagan refuses to shake it. Instead, he laughs and says that it was all lie. While Hakuryuu is mad, Zagan laughs even more, asking if he actually believed him or were happy. Hakuryuu tears up, what Zagan happily brings up, though Hakuryuu calls him a bastard. He also mentions that Zagan is masked pervert, lotus-freak and that he doesn't care about him anymore. Zagan contradicts him by saying that he doesn't wear a mask anymore. Hakuryuu thinks that he doesn't understand what this Djinn is thinking at all, while Zagan, in his thoughts, says that he believes in him and calls him vessel of a king.

Coming back from Zagan's Dungeon: Morgiana's side

Coming back from Zagan's Dungeon: Morgiana's side (「迷宮(ダンジョン)ザガン」からの帰り道 モルジアナの場合編 "Danjon Zagan" Kara no Kaerimichi Morujiana no Baai Hen)


Familiar's Birth 2.png

There's a great silence between Morgiana and her Household. Finally, Amol Selseila tells her who he is, what she repeats while nodding. He adds that he was born from Amon, in other words, he's result of Amon's and Alibaba's love. Morgiana, shocked, asks "L-Love!!?" what Amol Selseila confirms, saying "Love!!!".

Volume 12

Magi Only: King Selection Meeting

Magi Only: King Selection Meeting (マギだらけの王選定大会, Magi Darake no Ō Sentei Taikai)


Judar and Aladdin are gathered to discuss about the King Vessels, and have tags to elect. Yunan and Scheherazade are absent due to circumstances. Judar says to Aladdin that they have the strongest guys from all over the world, and they can choose, so asks Aladdin who does he think is good out of this bunch.

Aladdin and Judar extra.png

Aladdin says that he thinks Alibaba is good, and shows Alibaba's stats. Judar complains, saying that he doesn't understand what Aladdin sees in him since his stats are anything special, and calls Alibaba shoddy guy. Aladdin defends him, and says that, even if Alibaba doesn't have that much Magoi, this isn't all there is to be the vessel of a king. Judar agrees with him, but still says that even Djinn always look at the Magoi quantity, since a strong king has to have lots of it. Then, he adds that this is because their muscle woman is no good, and he doesn't remember her name. Aladdin, a bit upset, says that her name is Mor. Judar sighs, and says that Fanalis are no good. He shows Morgiana and Masrur's stats, saying that they don't have enough magoi to supply the Djinn, and Judar guesses that it's reversely proportional to their strength. Then, Judar focuses again on Alibaba, and starts pointing more defects about him, saying things like that his face is flabby. Aladdin's horrified, and says that he doesn't think looks matter to be a king. Judar is exalted, and he says that it does, it totally does, and adds that Aladdin doesn't get it all. Judar says that a king needs ability, popularity, charm, confidence and charisma to govern over others, and that definitely comes from their looks. Then, Judar shows his ideal looks, which are the Ren family in their more scary moments. Aladdin asks, frightened, why does Judar choose such intense scary, looking people that look like they could snap at any moment. Judar says he likes this type, and that he won't hand them over. Aladdin says that he doesn't want them, and says that Judar is so shallow. Judar is already tired, and questions Aladdin why doesn't he choose someone more than only Alibaba.

Sinbad's charm by Aladdin.png

Aladdin thinks about this, and finally chooses another person, Sinbad, who has an incredible stats. Judar becomes irritated, and says that this is HIS card, and wrestles with Aladdin for the card, and says that Aladdin doesn't know how great Sinbad is. Aladdin answers that he knows, and puts an example of his charm, explaining that during the festival pretty girls flocked to him likes butterflies just by sitting there, and adds all the things Sinbad did with them and how many children he has, which completely horrifies Judar. Judar says that he's pretty disgusted, even if it's Sinbad. He adds that Sinbad's not gonna live very long, probably backstabbed by women or even his Djinn. Judar says that Sinbad is not fit to be a king at all.

Then, they go to report this to Yunan and Scheherazade, and the four Magi start to say bad things about Sinbad. Then, Sinbad awakes from his sleep, scared and screaming that he didn't do such thing.

Volume 13

Magi Night 122.5

Magi Night 122.5 (マギ122.5夜, Magi 122.5 Ya)


Harmful to Mor.png

Alibaba is still upset over what happened before. Hakuryuu tries to cheer him up. He says that just now he was a little upset about that thing related to Morgiana, but adds that he really respect him and doesn't hold any feeling of disdain towards him. Alibaba, who was more or less lonely, cheers up hearing it and starts thinking about going to sleep, wanting to do it in the same room as Hakuryuu. Hakuryuu thinks of splitting the rooms differently, because it would be harmful to Morgiana to sleep in the same room as they. Alibaba laughs it off and says that surprisingly, Morgiana sleeps without turning over and sometimes talks in her sleep, but Alibaba thinks it's pretty cute. Hakuryuu, stunned, asks why does he know it, to which Alibaba answers that they slept in the same bed everyday during their stay in Sindria, plus Aladdin. While Alibaba comments that it was actually pretty calming because it reminded him of his times in slums. He then continues saying, that Morgiana didn't wanted to do it at first, saying that she doesn't deserve to sleep in the same bed as them and that floor is enough for her, so he and Aladdin had to force her. Shocked Hakuryuu asks if she still tries to resist. Alibaba answers that sometimes she seems to be painfully struggling under him, but she endures it quietly until the morning. Hakuryuu is furious and attacks and punches Alibaba while addressing to him, "You are the most shameless bastard I know, after all!!!". Later, they are able to clear up their misunderstandings.

Brought unasked women.png

30 minutes later, Alibaba asks Hakuryuu if he really though he would force Morgiana to do these things. Hakuryuu puts aside him misunderstanding on the word “forcibly”. Then, he says that Alibaba is a man of the Balbadd Kingdom Royal Family too and he thought it was a normal for him to order a young woman to sleep with him. Alibaba, surprised, asks if that is how it is in the Kou Empire. Hakuryuu is surprised this time, asking if even with the minor differences, isn’t it something that happens everywhere. He explains it's man's duty to leave descendants in the near future so they are brought unasked women every night. While Alibaba is hardly thinking, Hakuryuu says that he's the lowest in succession, so he didn't need to go through it. Then, Alibaba burst out saying that they would never dishonor the women and in the end, would make them all their empresses. Hakuryuu is surprised hearing something like this and explains that with tons of partners, it's impossible to even remember their faces. He then adds that it's just like a duty, like working in assembly line. Alibaba whose mother was thrown away by king, calls Hakuryuu a rotting demon and attacks him. Later, they are able to clear up their misunderstandings.

Volume 14

Travel journal of Aladdin, Kouha Ren and his retainers' journey to Magnostadt

Travel journal of Aladdin, Kouha Ren and his retainers' journey to Magnostadt (アラジンと練紅覇とその従者の目指せマグノシュタット道中記, Arajin to Ren Kōha to Sono Jūsha no Mezase Magunashutatto Dōchū Ki)


Making her cry of happiness.png

Aladdin, Kouha Ren, Junjun, Jinjin and Reirei are traveling to Magnostadt. Aladdin decides to flirt a little with Junjun. He says that he'd really like to see her face, which must be very beautiful. She begins to tell him their story, how Kouha bandaged them, clothed them, smiled at them and appointed them, when they were thrown away and left to rot. She then lies on the ground and says that normally this ugly self shouldn't even be seen by Prince Kouha. Kouha thinks that it's totally not true. He smiles and tells her that she is beautiful and her body is different from any other random girl's. He adds that it's the proof of how she seized power and paved her way of life, what is really charming. Junjun starts to cry and, along with Jinjin and Reirei, clings to him while shouting that she loves him and will go with him anywhere, then they beg him to mess them up. Aladdin's flirting had failed.

Aladdin's diary in Magnostadt dorms

Aladdin's diary in Magnostadt dorms (アラジンの日記 inマグノシュタット学院, Arajin no Nikki in Magunoshutatto Gakuin)


In the middle of talking.png

Aladdin writes his diary. He notes that he studied a lot and wanted to review in peace, but his roommate, Sphintus Carmen, wouldn't let him to. Sphintus tells Aladdin to not get cocky just because he made it into the 1st Kodor, because now, age and status should be more respected than Kodor. Aladdin asks how old is he anyway, which he shouts that he's 15 and he asked the fourth time. Aladdin apologizes and asks if he wants to talk about his status. Sphintus doesn't want to, as he's not into talking about private things, but he starts doing so anyway after some time. He says that his reason for coming to Magnostadt is very dark, deep, sad reason... and in this moment he notices that Aladdin is soundly sleeping.

Talking about his hero.png

Next thing written in Aladdin's diary is that they had a physical training today, but Sphintus wouldn't let him sleep. Sphintus says that Aladdin is a really rude brat and if he doesn't pull it together, his Kukulcan will bite him. Aladdin asks who Kukulcan is, and Sphintus explains it's his partner, this snake. He comments it's a strong soundly name. Aladdin is not sure about that, so Sphintus notes that Aladdin just doesn't know after whom he is named. He says it's a name of the man he respects, the great and famous Heliohapt's King of Heroes... and in this moment he notices that Aladdin is soundly sleeping.

Later, Sphintus is frustrated and draws a line. He orders Aladdin not to cross it, and not even talk to him. Aladdin agrees and goes to bed, wishing him good night. Some time later, Sphintus can't hold it anymore and shouts at Aladdin for giving up so easily.

Volume 15

Toto and Alibaba (in Reim Empire)

Toto and Alibaba (in Reim Empire) (トトとアリババ(inレーム帝国), Toto to Aribaba(in Rēmu Teikoku))


Maybe a good wife.png

Toto recalls her conversation with one of the Yambala Gladiators who reminded her that only her husband can see her naked body, so her clothes are a bit inappropriate, as one slash and she will be naked. She laughs it off thinking that no man can beat her. However, one man did it though: AlibabaNight 140. She looks at him depressed, as he drinks and plays with one of Yamabalas. The man asks Alibaba what he think of Toto, while Toto cooks. He says that she's surprisingly good at making food and may be even a good wife. He quickly adds that still, having this burly, violent girl could be a bit of problem. Toto leaves a pot on his head and says that she doesn't want him anyway. She then asks to bring man more like a boss monkey: called "Bro", wild, with blood type B and who looks after you, meaning eg. Cassim.

Volume 16

Unrelated to the content of Magi Volume 16: Kou Empire Extra Comic

Unrelated to the content of Magi Volume 16: Kou Empire Extra Comic (マギ16巻の内容とあまり関係のない煌帝国おまけまんが, Magi 16-kan no Naiyō to Amari Kankei no Nai: Kō Teikoku Omake Manga)


Not alone.png

Koubun recalls his meeting with the Princess Kougyoku whom he met when he was seventeen. He was happy to be selected as an escort of member of the royal family, even if Kougyoku was the daughter of an unknown, low born prostitute, and easily sick Emperor. His heart however was soon to fall, when he first met that ghastly, gloomy Princess. He could sense that he was down on luck. Kougyoku goes and hides under the desk. Koubun asks what is that sad excuse of a princess, and one of guards explains that since she had no parents nor other relatives, she was forgotten in the palace. Her behavior is the result of no one raising her and she won't be able to fulfill her duties like this. Koubun decides to not give up and tries to get her out of the desk, saying that their future depends on her. He explains how the Kou Empire has changed in just a few year and with Hakutoku Ren's death, she become the youngest daughter of the Emperor and the Eight Princess. He also mentions that nothing is certain about person's worth, since status can be changed in the moment and depending on her efforts, she could stand in the front lines of the country. Kougyoku repeats, "Efforts...". Koubun confirms and says that before he came there, who knows how many shoes he had to lick and asses to kiss, but he correct himself, "Take care of people daily". He smiles and tells Kougyoku to try their best together and adds that she's not alone anymore. He thinks that by using her, he'll head to the top, but even though he hasn't said it loud, his goal is heard by everyone. One of the guards comments that he won't get ahead in life.

Volume 17

Magnostadt, Beards, and Yamraiha

Magnostadt, Beards, and Yamraiha (マグノシュタットとヒダとヤムライハ, Magunoshutatto to Hida to Yamuraiha)


Yam working.png

Yamraiha is hardly working on something. Sharrkan asks on what, and Pisti answers that it's apparently magic that will make men grow a beard; like her ideal man. Sharrkan sums it up that it's just filled with her own selfish desires, but Yamraiha screams that it may eventually lead humanity into obtaining immortality. Sharrkan calls her a liar and imputes to her that she's using Sindria's money for her desires. She says that she's using her own money and tells him to leave her alone.

Sharr's cloth.png

Sharrkan grins and comments that her beard fetish is already a disease. Pisti doesn't agree and says that she just can't forget her first man. Sharrkan is confused, so Pisti tells him that it's a man that made her a woman, with whom she's bathed and spent sleepless nights together. Sharrkan shakes and says that they all did it when they were children. Spartos asks Pisti if she's talking about Matal Mogamett who raised Yamraiha and she nods. Spartos says that going by how Yamraiha has spoken of him, she seemed to dearly miss him. Pisti agrees and comments that Sharrkan probably heard about him too but just didn't noticed. By that time, Sharrkan goes somewhere. The next day, he appears with a cloth on his face. Yamraiha seems worried and asks him if he got hit or something, but he answers to wait and see. He adds that he's not taking it off for the next 20 days.

Jafar with long hair.png

Then, Yamraiha decides to test her spell on herself, but is interrupted by Ja'far, whose hair grows instead. On 14th day, it happens with Hinahoho and on 19th, with Sinbad's eyebrows. Sinbad thinks that it's kinda cool, but a maiden doesn't think so too. While cutting his hair, Ja'far screams and orders Yamraiha to stop this. Sinbad tells him to not get mad and is sure that Yamraiha is feeling nostalgic. He apologizes for binding her in Sindria with work for so long and thinks that it may be time for her to go back and see her homeland for a bit. Yamraiha cries and apologizes.

Yam's demon.png

On 20th day, Yamraiha, while tearing up, realizes that her childish homesickness has made Sinbad and everyone else worried. She wonders what she was thinking and notices that it's because she hasn't dreamt of that person for a long time. She decides that all bearded men are her enemy now. Then, Sharrkan comes to her, having the beard on his face and says, "Since you were frustrated, I grew out a beard myself~ I just felt like it though, okay~ It's not like I did it for you or anything!". Yamraiha attacks him as her enemy all over the place, reaching places that aren't Sharrkan's beard, despite his crying.

On 21st day, Ja'far asks Masrur where Sharrkan is. Masrur replies that he's in a tragic state right now and asks to be kind to him.

Volume 18

The Fanalis Corps' day without plans

The Fanalis Corps' day without plans (何もない日のファナリス兵団の日常, Nanimonai Hi no Fanarisu Heidan no Nichijō)


Mu is cool.png

Yaqut and Razol are watching aristocrats' party. Yaqut wants to come in as meeting a rich noble woman is his dream, but Razol replies that he's a disgrace to all Fanalis. She tells him that they will scare aristocrats, but Yaqut protests that Muu Alexius is fitting right in with them. Razol asks him if he thinks that he can be like him, blushes and explains that their captain is perfect at acting like a noble, he is really cool. In comparison, Myron Alexius is having a hard time and forces a smile. Razol thinks that the man she's talking to is probably badmouthing Fanalis Corps or Muu. Yaqut comments that she isn't suited to be in those high-class places. As they observe her, Razol notices that Myron is now feeling down and wonders if she's okay.

Rohroh's lil sis.png

Myron is depressed that she is making her brother lose face again. She understands that as a daughter of Alexius family, whatever she says or do will affect how people in Reim will see the Fanalis Corps. She is hit by Lo'lo''s little sister's rabbit. Lo'lo' comes with her and says that Myron always wears those clothes that don't suit her when she's not fighting. When Myron is tortured by the rabbit, Yaqut and Razol come to greet Lo'lo'. Razol asks how was his vacation and Yaqut notes that he stinks. He asks him how long has it been since he took a bath last time and about his destination. Lo'lo' explains that his little sister wanted to see their homeland, so he took her to Cathargo. Yaqut warns him to be careful, as they don't want any of their family members be caught by the slave traders again, but Lo'lo' reassures him that they aren't so weak anymore.

Take Muron with you!.png

Lo'lo' then tells his sister to take that rabbit to where she found him from, as he also has a family he is apart from now. The girl apologizes and promises to do that. He decides that they're going to Cathargo for a bit. Then, Myron stands up and complains that her hair and dress were specially arranged. Seeing her poor condition, Lo'lo' laughs, making her angry. Furious, she starts hitting him and shouting that when she was desperately trying to be high-class, he was playing with rabbits without a care in the world. With a tears in her eyes, she orders him to take her with him and he agrees. He is then punched again and the two flies to the stars, with Yaqut and Razol waving their hands as a goodbye. Muu wonders what is going on.

Volume 19

Night 178.5: Four person interview extra

Night 178.5: Four person interview extra (178.5夜 「四者面談エクストラ」, 178.5 Ya "Yonsha Mendan Ekusutora")


About Magi.png

Aladdin tells Scheherazade that when he first met Titus Alexius, he mistook him for a girl and made him mad. Scheherazade explains that it's not entirely wrong, as Titus shares his Rukh with her, female. Aladdin strongly reacts to the fact that Titus really is a girl, but only to gets scolded by him for raising his voice. Scheherazade further explains that he has a personality different from her, but as a child born only one year ago, he doesn't understands the differences in genders. Titus says that Scheherazade's clones are mostly females but sometimes, they are born as males for some mistake. He admits that he was a bit self-conscious about that. Aladdin apologizes. Scheherazade tells Titus that there is no need to be self-conscious. She says that Magi are there only to fulfill their mission given them by Rukh and being male or female doesn't matter. They are divine being that have surpassed genders and secular needs. Recalling Aladdin's behavior in front of pretty ladies, Alibaba thinks that it's unconvincing.

Alibaba blamed.png

Titus protests that Aladdin has eyes for women with large breasts and had told him and Sphintus Carmen that he'll take them to the "wonderful place where there are lots of breast, although Sphintus didn't seem interested either. Scheherazade gets mad at him and forbids him to take Titus to strange places. Aladdin panics but says that it was Alibaba who took him to the strange place. Alibaba gets angry at him for blaming him when Aladdin had much more fun than he had. Scheherazade asks, "King Alibaba did...? He took you to such an indecent place...?" what Aladdin firmly confirms. Depressed, she says that Alibaba is very similar to her King. Aladdin wants to know what is she talking about while Alibaba states that he doesn't really get it, but he thinks that they just have secular needs.

Volume 20

Yunan and Mister Sinbad

Yunan and Mister Sinbad (ユナンくんとシンドバッドおじさん, Yunan-kun to Shindobaddo-ojisan


Morgiana meets Fanalis Corps

Morgiana meets Fanalis Corps (モルジアナ ファナリス兵団に合う, Morujiana Fanarisu Heidan ni Au)


Volume 21

Something that might have happened between Judar and Hakuryuu

Something that might have happened between Judar and Hakuryuu (ジュダルと白龍のあったかもしれない話, Judaru to Hakuryū no Atta Kamo Shirenai Hanashi)


Something that might have happened between Judar, Koumei and Kouha

Something that might have happened between Judar, Koumei and Kouha (ジュダルと紅明、紅覇のあったかもしれない話, Judaru to Kōmei, Kōha no Atta Kamo Shirenai Hanashi)


Volume 22

The Eve of The Storm: Sindria Arc 1

The Eve of The Storm: Sindria Arc 1 (嵐の前夜 シンドリア編1, Arashi no Zen'ya Shindoria-hen 1)


The Eve of The Storm: Sindria Arc 2

The Eve of The Storm: Sindria Arc 2 (嵐の前夜 シンドリア編2, Arashi no Zen'ya Shindoria-hen 2)


The Eve of The Storm: Kou Empire Arc

The Eve of The Storm: Kou Empire Arc (嵐の前夜 紅帝国編, Arashi no Zen'ya Kō Teikoku-hen)


Volume 23

Dignity and Brothers' Fight

Dignity and Brothers' Fight (威厳と兄弟ゲンカ, Igen to Kyōdai Genka)


What's More, a Story of Very Long Ago

What's More, a Story of Very Long Ago (さらに昔のはなし, Sara ni Mukashi no Hanashi)


Volume 24

Magi Vol 24 Omake 1 (Viz Media).png

The Fanalis Deception Pisti informs everyone about how Sinbad has found a Fanalis girl and his plot to hook her and Masrur. Shortly after, Masrur and everyone find it a lie except for Ja'far. Sinbad decides to pretend to be a Fanalis princess to avoid hurting Masrur's feelings.

Magi Vol 24 Omake 2 (Viz Media).png

The Fanalis Deception Part 2 This is during volume 3. Morgiana is sleeping with Leila and Sahsa. She wakes up from a dream of Jamil who was teasing her about finding her lost brother. Time passes on until volum 20 and 21 where Morgiana meets so many Fanalis, the Fanalis Corp.

Message Papers

Special Message Paper (特典メッセージペーパー, Tokuten Messēji Pēpā) are extra papers that are given with Magi volumes in Japan.

Volume 8: Magi Volume 8 Celebratory Domino Game

Domino Game (ドミノ大会, Domino Taikai)


Domino Game.png

Alibaba helps Aladdin with playing dominoes. He is very happy when the next stone is set, saying that it was his tenth. Alibaba is happy too. Morgiana tries it too, but quickly gets annoyed; she even thinks of destroying it completely. Aladdin notes that delicate stuff is hard for her, and Aladdin is happy that he is on that side. Sinbad offers them to play with their Fanalis, but Masrur says that delicate operations are impossible, though he's ditching. Sinbad proclaims that for the King of Seven Seas a game of dominoes should be easy, but he sneezes and destroys it. Kougyoku and Koubun, an unseen cast members, are watching them, with Kougyoku crying and saying that it looks like a lot of fun.

In the background, Cassim, Hassan and Zaynab also play it and chatter. Judar sits alone. Sahbmad Saluja chatters with Barkak.

Volume 9: Dodgeball Match

Dodgeball Match (ドッヂボール大会, Doddjibōru Taikai)


Dodgeball Match.png

Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana play dodge ball against Sinbad, Ja'far and Masrur. Aladdin exclaims that they will not lose. Aladdin hits Masrur what makes him incredibly happy (Magicians are physically weaker). Masrur notices too that Aladdin got one, what Ja'far confirms, but Sinbad gets angry. He orders them to stop going easy on them, to see who can put more feelings into, "Thanks for reading vol.9 of Magi". He says that they won't lose. Masrur and Ja'far say that they understand. Then, Morgiana comes, much to horror of Alibaba and Aladdin, and with her outstanding strength, sends Sinbad flying, while screaming, "Thank you for reading volume 9 of Magi". Everyone is looking at Sinbad and say his name, excluding Morgiana.

Volume 10: Let's put our Excitement for Volume 10 on Paper Party



Alibaba is a host. He looks at Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu who are scribbling something on the paper. Aladdin writes two texts, "Good luck capturing the dungeon" and "Show off the results of your training". Morgiana's work is a picture, as she can't write. Alibaba comments that it's free-spirited attitude and Aladdin, with a smile, offers her to write it with her. She smiles back and thanks. Hakuryuu has problems and doesn't know what to write, as he thinks it has to be something unique and interesting. He calls out his sister. Alibaba reassures him that something normal is okay too. In the end, Morgiana wrote, "I want to lend my strength to everyone", Masrur: "Do your best Morgiana", Ja'far: "The road to the palace is capturing a dungeon", Yamraiha: "Come back safely, everyone" and Sharrkan: "I want it to be my turn".

Volume 11: Alibaba's Troubles Consultation

Alibaba's Troubles Consultation (アリババの悩み相談, Aribaba no Nayami Sōdan)


Pains of Djinn Equip.png

Alibaba goes to Sinbad and says that he wants to do full body Djinn Equip too. Sinbad says that Djinn Equip really is a powerful weapon, but there are some side effects too: your body feels strangely heavy, your shoulders grow sniff, your hips ache, your back starts to hurt and your joints creak, making moving around pain. Alibaba listens to him a little discouraged, but then Ja'far comes and says that there are only pains of an old age, but as Alibaba is only 17, he should be fine. Hearing it, Alibaba is relieved.

Volume 12: Judar's Trip to Sindria

Judar's Trip to Sindria (ジュダルのシンドリア旅行記, Judaru no Shindoria Ryokōki)



Judar is happy that he finally made it to Sindria and addresses to Sinbad, telling him to rejoice. He then notices some people on a boat who having smoked abareyariika (アバレヤリイカ Abareyarīka, "rampaging spear squid"). He thinks of buying some as a souvenir for guys in the Kou Empire. As he says to let's go buy some squid. However, he is stopped by Sindria's barrier which wouldn't let him in. So, he takes a squid and a leaf, packs it and draws on it. Sindria's famous squid is sold to anyone but Al-Thamen.

Volume 13: Celebratory Karaoke Party

Celebratory Karaoke Party (大カラオケ大会, Dai Karaoke Taikai)



Aladdin and Judar compete to know which team here is the strongest (singer). Red team, team Judar: Hakuei Ren, Kouha Ren and Kougyoku Ren. Blue team, team Aladdin: Alibaba Saluja, Hakuryuu Ren and Sinbad. The theme is to sing about volume 13. Hakuei starts singing and gets all As from judges, S/M/L Nando Brothers. Judar is happy, while Aladdin is angry. Then, Kouha starts singing and gets the same high score as Hakuei. Alibaba tells Aladdin to leave it to him, but he gets only three Bs, leaving Aladdin terrified. Judar is sure of their win. Then, Sinbad comes and exclaims that as the King of Seven Seas, he will blow everyone away with his song, as he prepared for hours for that. However, he gets cut off as there's no enough space on the page. Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana wave goodbye.

Volume 14: Anime Serialization Commemorative Short



The characters decide where they want to go on vacation. Morgiana and Ja'far vote for mountains, Sinbad and Masrur want to go to the hot springs, while Alibaba and Aladdin wish for the beach. Aladdin says that September is still summer, and summer means beach. Alibaba adds that it also means beach romances with with bikini clad babes. Morgiana confesses that she's not fond of water front. Ja'far admits that he gets sunburned rather easily at the beach and he would rather avoid it. Aladdin and Alibaba tell him that in the mountains, he will get sunburned too. They also say that hiking, barbecuing and stuff sounds actually pretty fun. Ja'far then says that he doesn't care for mountains and the sea, and on his paper, he writes that he want "Luxurious Massage at Hotel". Sinbad realizes that Ja'far's actually tired and apologizes for it. He adds that Ja'far is still 25 and asks where is his youth. Ja'far kindly asks him to mind his business and inquires where he and Masrur want to go. Learning that it's hot springs, he notes that it also isn't very youthful either, so Sinbad changes his answer to "Beach Romance with Bikini Clad Babes".

Volume 15: Sugoroku Tournament for Magi Only

Sugoroku Tournament for Magi Only (マギだらけの大すごろく大会, Magi Darake no Dai Sugoroku Taikai)


Volume 16: Pitching/Strike Bingo Match for Magi Only

Pitching/Strike Bingo Match for Magi Only (マギだらけのピッチングストライクビンゴ大会, Magi Darake no Picchingu Sutoraiku Bingo Taikai)



Aladdin and Judar play Pitching/Strike Bingo Game. Each panel they hit is an expose on someone's dark past, including Masrur's, Sharrkan's, Kouen's, Yamraiha's, Kougyoku's, Judar's, Ja'far's, Hakuryuu's, Alibaba's, Morgiana's, Hakuei's and Cassim's. They tell about characters' deepest secrets, like Masrur running away from his home in Sindria in tears or Yamraiha being rejected twenty times with the line, "It's nerve-wracking to be with you".

Volume 17: Kouen and Hakuei

Kouen and Hakuei (紅炎くんと白瑛さん, Kōen-kun to Hakuei-san)


Kouen and Hakuei.png

Hakuei and Kouen Ren are standing in silence. Kouen looks at Hakuei, and she does the same. She then starts laughing, which makes Hakuryuu furious and Seisyun only watches them with a weird expression. Kouen says that men who don't show much in the way of emotion must be boring, but Hakuei disagrees, saying that a wise ruler still cares even if it isn't visible on his face. She smiles and adds that she can see that in his heart he has a wealth of expressions. Kouen only answers, "Oh, is that so". Hakuryuu is even more furious, while Seisyun continues to watch them with a weird expression, and when the "The End" sign shows up, he says that he's not giving up yet.

Volume 20: Magi and King Combi's Nininbaori Tournament

Magi and King Combi's Nininbaori Tournament



"Magi" Special Chapter Night 36.5: Night Flight

"Magi" Special Chapter Night 36.5: Night Flight (『マギ』番外編 第36.5夜 ~夜間飛行~, "Magi" Bangai Hen Dai 36.5 Ya ~Yakan Hikou~)


Passing into heaven.png

Alibaba, who became a thief, was taken by Morgiana on a night flight. He screams that it's too fast, too high and to let him down. As they jump from one building to another, Morgiana recalls that Alibaba said that it's his problem and not her business, but she disagrees. She then notices that Alibaba has already passed out and tells him to get a hold of himself so he wouldn't fall. She says that he's her benefactor. She says that thanks to him, half year ago she was freed from being a slave by him, so it's obvious that she feels gratitude, but Alibaba passed out once again. She hits him to wake him up. As they go, she declares that now, that they finally met again, she won't let him run away, as she came to Balbadd to thank him. She wonders and doesn't understand why is her benefactor with thieves or why did he betray Aladdin. She asks him to tell them if something is troubling him and to let her be his strength. However, Alibaba is already passing into heaven. She snaps him, but when he comes back to his senses, he asks what is that and apologizes as he wasn't listening. She turns back, says "Never mind" and continues the flight, too fast for Alibaba, which makes him pass out again.

"Magi" Special Chapter Night 58.5: Morgiana's Flight

"Magi" Special Chapter Night 58.5: Morgiana's Flight (『マギ』番外編 第58.5夜 ~モルジアナ飛行~, "Magi" Bangai Hen Dai 58.5 Ya ~Morujiana Hikou~) is the first spin-off comic of Magi (マギスピンオフコミック第1弾, Magi Supinofu Komikku Dai 1 Dan)


She's so wonderul.png

Morgiana heads over to the Balbadd's Palace to help out Alibaba who recklessly went alone. She is enraged, as her only wish is to help him, yet she was left behind not only once, but twice. She thinks that's mean of him and gets to the conclusion that she's not that dependable. She knows that she might not have a right to step in what Alibaba is trying to do, but if they could depend on her in at least fighting, then she surely would be helpful. She imagines her stepping on the mountain of defeated by her enemies, while holding Alibaba and Aladdin in her arms. They scream that she's wonderful, and that they're saved thanks to her, so Alibaba can work harder for his country. But in case she was too late, she needed to help in some other way. As she flies, she gives Magi's fifth volume to everyone, saying that Alibaba and Aladdin star in this volume. She also gives one to the readers.

"Magi" Special Chapter: Morgiana's Duel

"Magi" Special Chapter: Morgiana's Duel (『マギ』番外編 ~モルジアナ決闘~, "Magi" Bangai Hen ~Morujiana Kettō~) is the second spin-off comic of Magi (マギスピンオフコミック第2弾, Magi Supinofu Komikku Dai 2 Dan)


Mor's service.png

Morgiana faces her strongest enemy yet. During job interview, hurt and in pain, she wonders how there can be an enemy not affected by her kicks and moves. Elizabeth introduces herself. She tells Morgiana that she won't be of any use in their shop with just that, she cuts the pot, making Morgiana wondering how the two things are related. Elizabeth then shows her service time dance and threatens her that she has to do at least this much or she won't be accepted. Morgiana thinks of it as fierce and intense. She wonders if she could do such a movements, but she doesn't want to lose. While being bright red, she does it too, much to her surprise. Elizabeth watches her attentively. After a while, she smiles and proclaims Morgiana's passing.


Magi Vol.3 Release Extra Comic

Magi Vol.3 Release Extra Comic (マギ3巻発売まんが, Magi 3 Kan ga Hatsubai Manga) was posted as Vol.34 on March 17th, 2010.


Vol.3 release.png

Aladdin announces that the oriental fantasy Magi Vol.3 is on sale, while Alibaba shows "3" on his fingers and Morgiana is holding the book. The narrator explains who the main characters of the story are and says that the setting of the third volume is vast Plateu. Aladdin cheerfully tells Alibaba to have a fun and Alibaba agrees. Morgiana asks to look forward to almost-not-appearing-at-all Alibaba Vol.3. Aladdin waves hands and says that they'll appear a lot. Alibaba, crying, exclaims that he will appear in the extra comic, "Help! Aladdin".

Power of Love

Power of Love was posted as Vol.65 on November 2nd, 2010.


Kougyoku and Kassim love.png

Cassim, while keeping Kougyoku in his arms, exclaims to Alibaba that he's arrived to the top of Balbadd thanks to the power of his and Kougyoku's love. Kougyoku, with a pride, confirms it. Alibaba is shocked and can't really believe it. Sinbad and Aladdin watch the scene without much expression.

Thanks for Valentines Day

Thanks for Valentines Day was posted as Vol.161 on November 21st, 2012.


Thanks for ValDay.png

Aladdin and Alibaba give Morgiana sweets as thanks for Valentines Day. Hakuryuu, blushing, also gives her a box, asking her to accept his feelings. When Morgiana opens it, she finds several boxes with love-related food, like cookies and cakes with the "Love" written on them.

This comic is a part of the comic Ohtaka was drawing.

Dark Past

Dark Past was posted as Vol.171 on February 20, 2013.


Jafar's Dark past.png

Connected with Vol.16's Message Paper, it reveals Ja'far's dark past, when he confidently could say, "It doesn't matter... After all, it's a fate drenched in blood", what Aladdin and Judar are watching. Recalling it, Ja'far screams and orders to stop rubbing the salt in his wounds.

How Our Students are Now

We haven't seen each other in a while so let's imagine... "What our students are definitely like right now!" was posted as Vol.173 on March 13, 2013.


About their students.png

Sharrkan, Yamraiha and Masrur wrote on paper what they think how they students are right now. Sharrkan wrote that right now, Alibaba is playing around with girls in Reim and gets kicked out by Morgiana afterwards, he hasn't grown and brags about his teacher everyday. Yamraiha thinks that Aladdin is able to use Magic 10000 100000 1000000 times better, is valedictorian and graduates in one year and grew taller. Masrur drew a picture, showing very muscular, strong person. Seeing it, Sharrkan asks if he's really okay with it, commenting that she's really buff. Yamraiha asks if Fanalis girls become like this, what Masrur confirms.

Djinn Equip

Djinn Equip (まそう, Masou) was posted as Vol.180 on June 5th, 2013.


Ali's Equip and Aladdin.png

Aladdin and Alibaba are happy that Alibaba can finally perform Full Body Djinn Equip. Alibaba realizes that Aladdin is standing very far away from him and asks about his friend's reason. Aladdin answers that his Djinn Equip is all fiery so it gets hot if he gets too close. Upon hearing it, Alibaba, confused, starts chasing after Aladdin. Aladdin screams to not come near him and then, to switch it off.

Judar's Recital

Judar's Recital[Note 1] was posted as Vol.220 on April 23, 2014.


Board Game

Board Game[Note 1] was posted as Vol.229 on July 9, 2014.


Volume 32

Character Height Volume 32.png

Accompany Web Sunday, Volume 32 publishes a height chart.


  1. 1.0 1.1 This title is unofficial.


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