Vepar Istella (千剣時雨ヴエパール・イステラーハ Vepāru Isuterāha, "Thousand Sword Shower") is a technique Sinbad uses when in Djinn Equip with his Djinn, Vepar. Sinbad uses this attack to summon hundreds of sharp blades, making them rain down onto the enemies. The attack was strong enough to easily cut through Ugo's angelic guardians, as well as Sinbad's own flesh when the said guardians deflected the swords back at him.[1]


Sinbad Vepar DE
Sinbad summoning the thousand swords
Cutting Swords Vepar
Swords cutting through the angels


  • The name of this technique derives from the Arabic word استل Istalla, meaning "he unsheathes (a/his sword)", along by Vepar's own name (note: since Vepar is female, the proper form of the verb would have been استلت Istallat "she unsheathes (a/her sword)". The name of the attack thus means "Vepar draws her sword".


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