Spirits of sorrow and isolation… thou who controls the power to make kings, bring forth the great raging streams that judge the surfaced earth!!

—Her Extreme Magic Chant

Vainel Ganezza (水神召海ヴァイネル・ガネッザ Vaineru Ganezza, "Water God's Sea Call") is the Extreme Magic of Kougyoku Ren's Djinn, Vinea. When using this Extreme Magic, the Metal Vessel Symbol appears behind her while she recites the spell. While she is reciting it, a large amount of water gathers toward the symbol until enough water to flood a city is gathered. When she unleashes it, it takes the form of a giant tsunami. She can freely manipulate what shape the tsunami can take, as when she turns it into a giant spear to pierce the Medium in Magnostadt.


Vainel Ganezza1
Vainel Ganezza chant
Vainel Ganezza2
Gathering the water
Vainel Ganezza
As a waterfall
Vainel Ganezza MagVer
In the manga


  • "Ganezza" derives from Arabic جَنازة Janāza(t), meaning "funeral". 


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