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New Wiki Pages:

  • Night 347
  • Night 348

Wiki Editors:

  • Dragonus Nesha
    • Change the format that Taka used on shortcuts for Gyokuen and Arba's story arcs
    • Linking for chapters associated with AoS Volume 13
  • Edefrfrtgtgtyhyfdrfgr3443433: Added unref Metal Vessel Users' 2 Djinns of the same element
  • Gamewizard2008: grammar fix on Kougyoku and added location to Dark Continent
  • KouPriest: minor grammar fix on Sharrkan, Ja'far, Kouha Ren
  • LuisYKW12: found against vandalism
  • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar
  • Takashichea
  • TPIRFanSteve: While he did fix code and had trouble explaining, he did not inform the wiki admins in advance of editing the templates.


  • Korean Bots spamming in the forum threads
  • Soujiokita33: Keeps adding unref stat changes
  • Yalldone23: Vandalism on Judar's page

Wiki Data

  • Total Pages: 1,228
  • Total Files: 5,050
  • Average Edits Per Page: 3.98

Discord Anything that was wiki related:

  • Ugo's Request: Changing Balbadd's Trivia from Baghdad to India
  • Ugo's Request: Inclusion of Eight Talisman on Magic Page - Though, it turns out we had already made the wiki page already
  • Ugo's Request: Kou Empire States
  • KuroSenju's Request: for alternative namings in the deck summary. We opted for Alt. Spelling Boxes in the infobox instead. Mell and I agree to implement it.
  • Wiki Naming Policy: Mell irons out the naming policy. We came to an conclusion that it was impossible to stick one language over another. We made it a case by case basis.
  • Arba and Gyokuen's Story Arcs: we separated the two. Gyokuen has her earlier story arcs.
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