Just a user skimming through wikias. Hi, guys. I'm Neji, who's favorite wikia is Naruto Fanon. So I was just skimming through wikias when I found the Magi Fanon. I could see that it was started in 2015 but has not moved an inch since then. Although I am relatively new to fandom (joined first wikia in December 2016), I want to reboot the spirit of Fandom for Magi.

Step 1: Magi Fanon Icon

Ok, for this I had the idea of the original icon for this wikia but replace the words "The Labyrinth of Magic" with "Fanon". I could do it myself but I am very bad at editing pictures so I need some help.

Step 2: Custom Infoboxes and Templates

This might seem redundant but it's good if the basic infoboxes don't work. I am still learning how to code the infoboxes so bear with me if it sucks. My friends over at NF are allowing me to borrow the coding for some of their infoboxes. Property tags are included in this as well.

Step 3: Roleplays

C'mon, guys! I know you have a brain to think about cool alternative storylines or continuations of the main series! I know I don't have to explain roleplays but I will anyway. Two (or more) users collaborate on a single page. Using two (or more) characters, the two (or more) users will have the characters adventure together, e.g. two characters capturing a dungeon. I'm not gonna explain anymore than this.

Step 4: Crossovers

Lemme stop you guys from yelling. I had written an original story where characters from Naruto were crossovered into the universe of Magi. It was never finished because I went on to Naruto Fanon to express my original ideas. It's up to you guys if you want to do crossovers but in my opinion, it would be best for the wikia.

Ok, that's enough hashing out from me today. Comment all you want guys.

Best wishes,


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