Status: I kind of like doing episode/chapter summaries than writing character pages. I know most people tend to view character pages. I won't be here until Sun or Mon due to me working on publishing Anime Vice's Best Anime/Manga of 2016 as well as crunching numbers.

Magi Wikia

Goals: Do a Beginner Guide for Magi to attract more wiki editors for both Magi Wikia and Anime Vice. Do a March-April progress report blog on episode and chapter summaries.

Magi's Episode To Do List

  • Finished: 3, 6, 8, 15-25, 7-11
  • Done by Magi teammates: 1, 2, 4-5, 12-14

Manga Chapters

  • Done by Magi Teammates: 1-10, 12-?, 300
  • Finished: 11, 13, 286, 288 - 291, 301-302, 320-361

If you have time, please help out write the episode summaries. The ones that need to be finished just need to have the synopsis section (2nd summary) longer while the summary section needs to be 1-3 sentences long.

Updated since April 29, 2020.

The reason I started on the episodes is because Manikworld transferred the plot summaries from Anime Vice to Magi Wikia. After we talked, I volunteer to do the episode summaries and rewrite them due to that all wiki articles should be original. All episode summaries were completed on May 25, 2013. On July 11, 2013, NatiChan, Vely, KouHime, and everyone finished the rest of the manga summaries and got everything up to date.

Anime Vice

Completed episodes!

Magi Characters

  • Write origin (if available), creations and evolutions on every character page.
  • Added creation section to most of characters (anime only).
  • Need to add powers to the characters except Judal.


  • Update manga, add volumes along with their summaries, chapters, and etc.
  • Credits: Add theme songs to the singers.

I welcome any help on the Magi wiki project in Anime Vice. I thank everyone at Magi Wikia for providing images such as concept art, episode screenshots, and more. I reupload them to use them on the wiki pages.

Updated since April 10, 2013.

Note to self: I need to change the names for the characters, concepts, objects, and locations according to Magi Wikia's usage at Anime Vice. Plus, I need to transfer episode screenshots to their respective character galleries.

The old site died, so I have to transfer the [Magi pages]. Did finished uploading the episode summaries.

Struggles with Magi Project in Magi Wikia and Anime Vice

  • Grammar - I have never been so conscious about my grammar until this community. First time was about capitilization. It was thanks to KouHime who pointed out about the rule in capitalizing royalty names. Since it was the first anime project that dealt so many royalty names, I made mistakes. The comma and conjunction words. I never knew that having two subjects and linking with a comma and a conjunction is grammatically wrong. For example, Alibaba attacks Isaac, and Aladdin fends off Dunya. To be grammatically right, I should use subordinate words such as "while." I've been writing plot summaries fast for Anime Vice, Rave Master Wikia, and Sket Dance Wikia. I've been pressed for time due to school and work. I just got to be more careful.
  • Time Commitment: Working at Anime Vice and Wikia communities can be exhausting. I only wanted to work at Rave Master and Sket Dance Wikia because I had great teammates over there, and the environment was homely like Anime Vice. Ever since the Btooom Wikia plagiarism event with Kingdayday, I found out more Wikia communities have been copying my episode summaries from my work at Anime Vice. I know people are busy and take the easy way out. They must understand that doing this violates Wikia rules and hurts themselves and others. Due to my pride to preserve Anime Vice and Sket Dance Wikia's reputation, I commit myself to fix the problems and rewrite their summaries. My teammates (both Anime Vice, Rave Master, and Sket Dance) told me I was crazy and told me to let the Wikia Communities do their work. They're not helping us out. As of now, I got two more commitments: Arcana Famiglia and Campione. I believe in the folks over at Arcana Famiglia that they will help me rewrite the episode summaries, but for Campione, I doubt I will get any help. You can judge people's work ethics by how much effort they put in wiki articles and what type of work they do.
  • Unresponsive Anonymous Editors: Sometimes, they do good things. Most of times, they cause a burden on the Magi team. We can't reach them or talk to them.
  • Images - sometimes images can be viewed in different perspectives which can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings between fellow wiki editors.
  • Measurements - I need we need to have some kind of reference sheet to double check things. I can't tell what's right or wrong anymore. We have 2 reference sources as pointed by Natichan, the Alf Layla and Encyclopedia.
  • Subjective Details - There is going to be a need to double check the refs especially for relationship sections in light of disputes in January 2016 and learning of a new issue upon chatting with Natichan. I'll be watching edits from now on.
  • Condensing Information - There has to be a way to make things shorter which save time for everyone else. Shorter chapter summaries and shorter story arcs. I'm struggling to trim my own work.
  • Judar and anyone's sexual orientation - notice there's a dispute on it. I never understood why fans are intent and curious about this stuff. Due to high amount of speculation, must keep watch to prevent it from touching the wiki pages. That stuff belongs in the forums.
  • Wikia's Faulty Search Engine - been noticing I have made mistakes on making dupe pages in the Wikias I have working on lately. Some of my teammates also experienced this when searching for images and pages. There is something wrong with the search engine. 

I enjoyed wiki editing here in Magi Wikia. The folks here are hard working and honest. I never regretted my commitment here.

  • Character Age: Because of so many edits, I lost track of what was the original age. Then, someone mentioned the guide books and fan books contradict each other. We don't have a system. We have to go case by case basis for some of these character pages.
  • Wikia devolving into a needle in a haystack - I have no idea what people want. I seen folks want really obscure stuff that could be found outside of the manga chapters and anime episodes. There were folks debating on the nationality for countries and organization wiki pages.
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