Ugo (ウーゴくん, Ūgo-kun) is a Magic that Aladdin created. It utilizes Gravity Magic to gather and manipulate sand to create a clay copy of Ugo, Aladdin's former Djinn and friend. It is capable of great physical feats, such as great speed and strength. It can also be used for other purposes, such as creating replicas of other people and cities. After training his inner Magoi for a year and taking off his Magoi Reverse Tool, Aladdin can summon three Ugos at once. Aladdin can also channel his Magic through these golems, and each Ugo can use Har-Har Infigar.


Gravity Magic
Creating Ugo
3 Ugos Attack
3 Ugos using Har-Har Infigar


  • When Aladdin uses this magic in other forms than the one that resembles Ugo, like for creating a replica of the city for Marga, it's written as "Gravity Magic", but is read as "Ugo".
  • During his duel with Titus, Aladdin states that he has yet to name his new Magic and decides to name it Ugo in honor of his friend and former Djinn after displaying it.


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