Titus Alexius vs Doron is a fight between Titus Alexius, Scheherazade's subordinate, and Magnostadt's High-Class Magician, Doron.


Doron wants to dispose of Marga, whom become useless as source of Magoi. To not let her die, Titus goes to help her, but it costs him the majority of his Magoi. Still, when Doron is questioning what they were doing, he just breaks the ceiling to let 5th Level Authorization District's citizens go to the surface. Doron decides to sentence Titus, Aladdin and Sphintus Carmen to death.


Doron releases monsters through Life Magic, which Titus attempts to destroy by the use of his Heat Magic. He isn't able to do it, and one of the monsters catches him between its teeth. After being thrown, Titus, who is heavily wounded, is helped by Sphintus.

Doron continues attacking Goi but Aladdin comes in and aids them. Titus, after being cured by Sphintus, is eager to use his power once more. However, at that time Myers, Doron's older sister, comes into the battlefield and stops the whole situation.


Myers shouts, asking when Matal Mogamett gave Doron permission to arbitrarily sentence students to death. He says he stepped out of his authority and bows. Myers then orders the 5th Level Authorization District's citizens to put their hands on their back and lay on the ground. When Aladdin tries to interfere, she says he will probably get a lenient punishment and that she doesn't want to fight him to death, so he should put his staff down. Seeing Titus' bad state, he does as she says.


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