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Titus Alexius (ティトス・アレキウス, Titosu.Arekiusu) is the current Magi of the Reim Empire. He is a former High Class Magician of Magnostadt. He was the subordinate and clone of the Reim Empire's previous Magi, Scheherazade.


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Initial Appearance
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Current Appearance

Titus appears as a fair-skinned young man of short stature, with expressive blue eyes and unruly light blond hair. His overall appearance is amazingly similar to that of Reim's former Magi, Scheherazade: from his parted fringe and facial features, to the mole under his left eye, and even his earring, which was designed after the red grapes that adorn his mistress' headpiece. Because of his feminine physique and high-pitched voice, he was initially mistaken for a girl by Aladdin.

During his school days at Magnostadt, Titus sported a long-sleeved, open-collared shirt accompanied by a cravat, as well as loose shorts with slits at the front and buttoned hems underneath his robes. His cravat had a purple oval-shaped jewel sewn onto it, and he was hardly ever seen without his magician's hat when attending classes. He also wore a white pair of knee-high, fold-over boots, and kept his hair tied back into two small, thin braids.

Though he never studied swordsmanship, he carried a fencing sword with a ruby at its tip as his wand.

After his resurrection, Titus's hair has grown a lot longer (again, much like Scheherazade's), and he now uses his mistress's wand as his own. Upon his return to Reim, he changes his attire to that of his country's traditional armor, with a long mantle draping over his shoulders and back.

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Titus was originally quite airheaded and arrogant, due to his lineage having produced a great number of senate leaders in his home country. He boasted about never having lost a single magic duel, and mockingly referred to Aladdin as "plebeian magician" during their battle. He was also particularly ruthless, but calm enough to correctly counter nearly all of Aladdin's magic attacks with outstanding accuracy and efficiency. He took delight in showing off his prodigious abilities, and chose to socialize only with those who agreed to become his "followers", or were at the same level of skill and status as him. [1]

Later on, however, he undergoes a sudden change of heart, revealing that his snobbish facade has in fact been solely for show, and that he was instructed to behave in this manner by some of the people who sent him to Magnostadt for his mission. He decides to drop the act upon befriending Aladdin shortly after visiting him in the hospital wing the night following their confrontation, thenceforth adopting a far more compassionate and cheerful nature of character.[2]

Even though he seems rather collected, he can easily be surprised by people's actions, and was previously quick to decide to harm someone after being disrespected. He is very childlike, as he is impressed by even the most common of everyday things, such as cats, shops and babies. Aladdin once mentioned that he is much like a child that has just been exposed to the outside world.[2]


A recently cloned Titus.

Titus after receiving some of Scheherazade's Magic.

Titus is a clone Scheherazade created by separating a small portion of her flesh and bones from her body and infusing it with her magic.[3]

She told him that they were one, and that soon she would set Titus free in the outside world for the sake of the Reim Empire. She informed him that his body would be able to function for only a tenth of the time he has had magic poured into him. Over the course of the next fourteen years, he incessantly yearned for that bright "outside world", which he knew about only because of the things he'd occasionally hear from his "mother", while his consciousness remained in utter darkness.


Magnostadt Arc

Titus becomes furious with Aladdin after the latter's failed attempt to fondle him.

Titus is announced to be the top student of the year. He heads to the platform, where he notices Aladdin. After the ceremony ends, he heads to the students dorm where his followers causes a ruckus. He then notices Aladdin and approaches him. He tells Aladdin that he will make him into one of his friends and extends his hand. He says that he heard that there was another great Magician besides him, even if other students don't amount much and because they are special, they should get along well. Aladdin suddenly gropes Titus, whom he thought was a woman. Titus gets mad and decides to kill him.[4] He then tries to attack Aladdin but Matal Mogamett shows up and stops him. He also bows to him, like most of the students. He and Aladdin are then told that they will be engaging in the real battle exam. He is also told what the exam is and what it is for.[5]

Titus and Aladdin's duel is interrupted by a sudden "revelation".

The next day, Titus engages Aladdin in the exam. He easily blocks Aladdin attack with defensive ones of the opposite element. He then asks Aladdin if that is all he had. He is then shocked when Aladdin uses Ugo. He is then easily pushed back when Aladdin uses Ugo to attack him. Titus then uses Destruction to destroy Ugo before his Borg is destroyed. He then launches another one but it misses. Titus' Borg is then destroyed when Aladdin counters using Hadika Hadeka. He is also shocked to learn that Aladdin is using martial arts. He then cuts Aladdin bandages while Aladdin cuts his sleeve. He then notices that Aladdin has a crystal on his arm like him.[6] He then covers it and continues to fight but Matal stops the fight, deciding that it ends in draw. Titus is told that his strong point are techniques related to magic combination, like a Magician with 100 or 200 years experience, while Aladdin has much more experience. Matal decides that he will recommend them both. He then tries to leave but Aladdin stops him and ask him about his identity and intentions. Titus then shakes Aladdin hand but says sorry and tries to kill him with Destruction, saying that with Aladdin there, he won't be able to carry out his duty. When Matal deflects the attack, Titus has a worried look on his face. He is then imprisoned for the night.[7]

Titus visits Aladdin's hospital room to inquire about his true identity.

Later that night, he is talking to Scheherazade through the crystals in his arms. He apologizes that he became impatient since someone discovered his identity as a Magi subordinate. Scheherazade tells him to calm down and that he need to carry out his duty to protect the Reim Empire.[8] Titus then leaves the prison and goes to Aladdin's room. He then asks Aladdin if his injuries, but hears that they are. He apologizes for attacking him not even during the fight between fellow Magicians, but when Aladdin wasn't putting resistance, but Aladdin forgives him. Then, he asks if Aladdin is the subordinate of either Yunan or Judar. He also reveals that he is the subordinate of Scheherazade what greatly surprises Aladdin, who thought that Titus might be a Magi himself. Titus replies that he's not Scheherazade, albeit not totally unrelated to her, and shows him a proof, a stone which lets him communicate with her. He then gets closer to Aladdin and asks if he is like him. He says that it's a good thing and confesses that he felt a little anxious. He tells Aladdin that he received an extremely important mission in order to protect Reim, and come here all alone. He didn't know how to behave and had no one to talk about it. He kneels down and begs Aladdin to tell him who he is. When Aladdin tells him that he is Magi himself, Titus doesn't believe him, but Aladdin explains it further, mentioning his connections with Sindria. Titus reveals some information about Sindria and to not get in his way. When proposed that they work together, Titus doesn't say anything and leaves.[9]

Titus excited to see a cat for the first time.

The next day, Titus joins Aladdin and Sphintus Carmen when they go to the city. Titus takes Aladdin's hand, leaving Sphintus behind. When Sphintus asks why he is there, he replies with confused look, recalling that Sphintus is Aladdin's attendant, what isn't liked by him. He then smiles and tells him that he shouldn't get in their way, as he and Aladdin made a promise to complete their missions together. Sphintus wants to know what kind of an important mission they have, but when Titus begins to honestly answer that it's about abnormalities of the world, Aladdin interrupts him. He then gets excited and says that they have to do their best for their masters. They then head into the city. When they get into the city, Tutus points out some magic tools. They then fly around and explore the city. After exploring they talk about why they use magic tools in the city, which Titus says that only the higher ups would now about it. He then notices a cat and gets excited.[10] He looks around the city and points out at the baby, but also the mother, the store or the smell of the food. He concludes that it's wonderful, how people live their lives.[11]

Titus after a talk with his mistress.

Later on back at the dorm, Titus tells Scheherazade that he saw a lot of things that day, he's noticed the world was sparkling. He says that he's grateful to her for giving him a mission in such a splendid world. Scheherazade asks if it was all he did. She tells him to stay focused and to complete his mission as soon as possible, as he's there for a reason. Titus agrees and has a weird look on his face afterwards. He then heads to Aladdin's room to wake him up. He tell Aladdin that they should go to the 5th Level Authorization District. When they reach their destination, Sphintus, who was also roped in, remarks that they are at the 1st district. Titus tells him that they can find the location of the 5th district in the 1st district library their and that they will use light magic to disguise themselves as teachers. When they can't pass the barrier, and a teacher who was with Myers comes. Sphintus then steps in by using Yoah Reg to put them to sleep, which Titus wonders what he did. He is shocked when Sphintus tells them that it's just healing magic. Titus then uses the silver accessory to pass through the barrier.[12]

They get into the reference room. When Aladdin finds a blue print of the academy city, they can't find the 5th district. When they find out how many people are in the city, Titus points out how much are in each district. He is shocked along with Aladdin and Sphintus that they are 200,000 people in the 5th district. He then wonders why they have put 200,000 people there.[13] Aladdin then finds the location of the 5th district and heads out there. While heading to the 5th district Sphintus asks for what reason are that many people there, which Titus says that they will know when they see it with their eyes. When they reach the 5th district, Titus is shocked along with Aladdin and Sphintus to see a large city.[14]

Titus's Light Magic sucked away by the "Magoi Furnace".

They then head to the city to look around while still in disguised. They wonder if it isn't just a normal city, but it is decides that it isn't. Just then their disguises dissolve. Sphintus calls Titus an useless brat and asks him if he casted the spell correctly but Titus says that he doesn't know what is going on. He also notices that Magoi is leaking out little by little. Titus then notices that Magoi is leaking out from everyone. Then, they notice a collapsed girl. She asks for their help when they rush to her side. They take her to a building where Titus creates a curtain made with a magic to protect her. She thanks him for helping her, but he answers that it's nothing and instead, he comments that Sphintus was really useless back there, what makes them go into an argument. Afterwards, Aladdin asks Marga if she has family but she tells them that her mother had died a little while ago. Geolga tells them about the 5th district and its production facility, but Titus remains silent. He then helps out the Marga some more and talks to her. Titus asks her if she likes books. She tells him yes but she can't read the characters. She also tells him that she went to go learn how to read the characters but she collapsed during her way back. Titus then asks her what she wants to do in the outside world, which she tells him that she wants to see that normal city. Titus looks at her and says that it's good.[15]

Saving little Marga.

Later, Aladdin uses Gravity Magic to create a replica of the outside city, which makes her very happy so she thanks him for it. Titus comments that she should become scholar as soon as possible to see the real thing. He offers to teach her the characters, but she declines and says she can do that alone and wants them only to tell them stories about the outside world. Aladdin asks why, so she explains it's because of her illness which makes the fact that she will live enough to become a scholar unsure. She then says she enjoys listening to their stories of outside world. Titus then decides to take her to outside. The citizens oppose, as it would mean death for everyone, but Titus answers that he can fly and take them with him as well. However, Geolga tries to stop him, as he thinks that they are satisfied with their current situation, but Otto doesn't agree and says that he ended up there because of someone else's fault, what piques Titus' interest.[16]

A determined Titus stands up to defend the 5th District citizens from Doron.

Just then, the patrol comes to check the number of people, what terrifies Titus, Sphintus and Aladdin. They quickly hide and watch the situation from behind. When Marga is considered a Makbalah and thrown into the hole, Titus and Aladdin jump in and save her.[17] Titus uses majority of his Magoi to protect Marga. He outs a magic barrier around her and gives her to the citizens. He then stares down Doron. He then launches an attack at the ceiling, and says that is going to breaks the ceiling and open a path to the outside. Titus is then attacked by Doron and heavily injured. He is healed by Sphintus. Doron tells them if they are will to make an enemy of them, which Titus says that they plan to defeat them and open a path to the surface. He then tells Aladdin that he came here to purify the darkness from the country like him. Titus loses consciousness when professor Myers appears and save them from Doron.[18]

Pensively, Titus awaits the beginning of the Ideology Reformation lecture.

The following day, Titus, Aladdin and Sphintus attend to an "Ideology Reformation" lecture. Sphintus says that Mogamett has given them permission to go to the 5th Level District when they please because of Titus' complaints, as he wants to see Marga again. However, Titus doesn't say anything to this and only looks straight, angry. Then, the teachers appear and, by the general surprise, also Mogamett appears[19] and talks about the differences of magicians and goi, and projects his memories with Clairvoyance Magic.[20][21]

After Mogamett's explanation, the chancellor asks to the trio what they saw underground. Quickly, Titus says that they saw 200.000 oppressed people. Mogamett contradicts him, and adds that Goi are just livestock, no different from animals. Titus has no words, so he only clenches his fist. Mogamett continues, saying that magicians should be the ones who guide the world, and not the goi. He then shows more of his memories.[22] After the lesson all students are shocked. Titus says that it was one messed up speech.[23]

Titus silenced by the Chancellor's words.

The following day, they attend to the second "Ideology Reformation" lecture. Mogamett shows more memories, in where the goi succumbs to their own greed. Mogamett focuses in the former Musta'sim Kingdom, and shows the end of its monarchy, showing Isaac's death, which Aladdin recognizes. Titus faces Mogamett, and says Mogamett himself used magic in order to usurp the country because he wanted to become king. Mogamett calmly contradicts him, and says that he didn't become king, only the Chancellor of the Academy, and adds that he obtained the support of the people. Titus responds that the people in the 5th district spend everyday underground in an empty existence, and explains Marga's case, a child who won't be able to live long. Furious and with tears welling up in his eyes, he asks if Mogamett could say the same thing in front of her. Then Mogamett suggests to let Marga go outside. Titus is surprised, and then the Chancellor adds that in the 5th district there are several hundreds of young people like her, and asks Titus what would he do with them, saying that Titus is only doing this for self-satisfaction, which shocks the boy. Titus isn't able to answer, but Aladdin helps him, saying to Mogamett that is ideology's wrong. Mogamett insists that now goi live a lot better than in the past, by Titus and Aladdin's outrage.[24]

Matal lets Titus know he is aware of the boy's relations with Scheherazade.

When the First Kodor students go to the 5th district, Aladdin sees Titus sad, and asks what's wrong. Titus says that it could be that he just wanted to help Marga because of his personal circumstances. Then, Mogamett approaches them and asks them to guide him to where Marga is[25], and says that if Titus wants so, Marga can live with him. Titus gets angry, and says if now Mogamett feels pity for Marga, after having despised the goi so much. Mogamett denies, and says that he feels pity for Titus, because he has noticed that Titus is carrying a shadow. Mogamett grabs Titus arm and says that he knows that Titus is Scheherazade's subordinate, much for Titus' surprise. Aladdin calms Titus, and says that Mogamett also knows about him and Yamraiha. Mogamett explains that both Scheherazade and Yamraiha are exceptional magicians but they are fighting alone in foreign countries, because those countries are relying on them and they'll have to be the sacrifices. Mogamett adds he wants to create a country in where not only supports the magicians scattered around the world, but is also a country where they can live happily. His speech touches both Aladdin and Titus. After that, hey arrive to where Marga is. Mogamett holds her and wants to confirm if Titus really wants to bring her to the outside world. Titus extends his trembling hands and eventually holds her and asked if he really will do it, he confirms. Then they start going back.[26]

Marga and Titus reunited.

After that, Marga is incredibly happy seeing cats and other things she's never seen before. After some time she starts coughing, which worries Titus, but she says she is happy for that he brought her outside and exclaims she loves him. Titus is really happy as well. He plays with Marga a little longer. Back in class, only Titus and Aladdin have more then one recommendation. Aladdin tries to talk to Titus a little, but he is absent-minded.[27] Later, Titus looks at all recommendations and thinks that he has to tell Scheherazade about all the subjects, and Aladdin is interested in all of them as well. Magi proposes to tell him the content of lesson he will attends, and Titus agrees to to the same. He chooses the Zemi of "Magic item production".[28]

Marga interrupts Titus's report to Lady Scheherazade.

At night, Titus is talking with Scheherazade about a possible relationship between Magnostadt and Al-Thamen, even though he doesn't know anything about the organization. Then, Marga appears. Scheherazade notices her, so Titus explains that he has been living with her for two days already and they got a splendid house. Scheherazade isn't glad at all, and says to him that she still haven't forgiven him for what happened to the 5th district. Titus apologizes. Scheherazade then asks him what he wants to achieve by living with her, as he will regret it. She reminds him that he has only a little time left.[29]

Later, Titus is counting days in his notebook, when Marga, who was peacefully sleeping until this point, starts coughing so Titus comes to her side. She demands that he told her if she became a burden. She then continues saying that Titus brought her there and showed her amazing things, which made Marga happy. She doesn't know if she could see other things like that as well, but Titus promises her to be with her forever. When he goes to bed too, he isn't able to sleep.[30]

Titus having insecurities about his condition, motives and desires.

Titus is present when the magicians heal Marga. Mogamett notices something wrong about his behavior and asks him about it, because he wished for Marga to live longer. Titus asks if he's really capable of lengthening lifespan of the seriously ill human, and when Mogamett explains that they can but only with the best Magicians out there, Titus only answers, "I see." At night, he contacts with the Great Priestess again, and tells her Magnostadt is manufacturing magic items, by copying for a real Dungeon items. Titus explains that, even if the way Magnostadt obtained them is not clear, it happened about 12 years ago. He adds that, however, the magic item production was already around two to three years ago, that is the period when Reim Empire started to confiscate magic items from thieves. And also says the items Scheherazade showed to Titus and the items Magnostadt has, have the same shape. Scheherazade orders Titus to search for other positive proofs about the matter, and says that when the investigation is finished, Titus role will end too. When Titus says that he's left in a shock state. Scheherazade tries to comfort him and asks Titus if there's something more he wants to tell her, but Titus smiles and denies.[31]

Spending quality time with Aladdin, Marga and Sphintus.

The following day, Marga and Sphintus are competing in a game, and Aladdin and Titus watch, but Titus is absent-minded. Aladdin asks him if there is something wrong, mentioning that Titus has been spacing out a lot lately. Titus is surprised at first. Then, they share the information about their Zemis. Then, the four spend a day together. During eating Sphintus' food, Titus comments that his skills aren't half bad. Sphintus orders him to be quiet and reminds that Titus should pay him medical fees, but Titus answers that he's stingy. Sphintus and Aladdin talk about their future, but Titus doesn't seem really happy, and observes them. Aladdin mentions that he wants to introduce his friend who is currently in the Reim Empire, Alibaba Saluja, to them. He smiles and says that he's sure that they will have a lot of fun, so Titus also smiles and says that he's looking forward to it. The four of them continue fooling around while eating, with Titus smiling but remembering Scheherazade's words about his role being close to the end.[32]

"I don't want to die yet!"

After spending a great time on playing and eating, the four of them return home. Titus checks if Aladdin and Sphintus are sleeping, when Marga comes. She tells him that she doesn't feel pain even during the night, to which Titus answers that her illness might even be cured. She then asks him if he will wait for her until she grows up. She explains that thanks to him she's not dying, but she can't do anything for him in return. She offers washing dishes or doing laundry, but when she grows up, she will pay back every favor he did to her, so she wants him to wait for her for the next 5 or 10 years. Titus kneels and hugs her, surprising her, but answers he will wait for her, even that long. After that, Titus heads to Mogamett and while crying, he says that he doesn't want to die yet.[33]

Titus nearly falling into depravity because of his conflicting feelings and self-loathing.

Mogamett is worried, and asks Titus if he's affected by some kind of illness just like Marga, and reassures him that in this case, he will help him. Titus answers that he isn't even a human. Titus says he's a puppet created by Scheherazade with magic, he's her clone. He explains his story, but then says that he shouldn't come to such a dazzling place where he could live as human and was treated with love and gratitude. He says that for other children it's something normal, but for him, it's impossible. He adds that for him, everything will end with just a month and asks why was he born in this world. He tells Mogamett that he sometimes envy Aladdin, Sphintus and Marga because they can live after his death. Listening to them when they talk what they will do when he die becomes unbearable. He begins to question why was he the only one born like this. He then begins to fall into depravity. He says he can't allow it, and can't believe that he feels that way towards the people who are supposed to be precious to him and to Scheherazade who is like his parent. He says that he hates himself and he's unworthy. Mogamett tries to calm him, but Titus isn't listening. Then, Scheherazade, who has sensed a disturbance with Titus' Rukh, she takes control of his body and has a talk with Mogamett. Mogamett eventually says he won't abandon Titus, and expels Scheherazade from his body.[34]

When Magnostadt is preparing for war, Titus feels guilty and apologizes, but the other magicians comfort him, and say they won't forsake him. Still, Titus tries to stop Mogamett, pleading him to just give up. When Mogamett asks Titus about what is he so afraid, Titus answers of the Scheherazade's King Vessels, Muu Alexius, prince Nerva Julius Caluades and the Reim army's supreme commander, Ignatius Alexius.[35]

"You hate me, don't you?"

Before the war begins Titus becomes a Magnostadt's High-Class magician, and says he can't communicate with Reim Empire anymore, because his magic tool has been deactivated. Aladdin tells him that Mogamett told them everything and Sphintus notes that they heard that he completely changed sides, to which Titus replies with an troubled look. Aladdin asks him if he's going to fight against Reim and Scheherazade, and Titus becomes angry. He takes Aladdin's collar and says that he will, because he doesn't want to die. He also adds that Aladdin scorns him. Seeing Aladdin's eyes, Titus begins to tremble. He says that he was wrong when he said that they were similar. He says that he cannot become like him and that no matter how many times he convinced himself that he was acting for Reim, he thought only of himself. He kneels down and starts crying. Aladdin says it's the same for him. He explains his viewpoint and adds that he will fight for the wishes others entrusted to him. He ends his monologue by saying that Reim isn't real threat, what surprised already calmed Titus and Sphintus. Aladdin replies that it's instead something in Magnostadt.[36]

Aladdin expressing his wish to help Titus because they are friends.

Titus shows himself in the battlefield after the Fanalis Corps appear and destroy Magnostadt's weapon. Muu is looking for him, and when he sees Titus orders him to return to Reim. Titus refuses and attacks Muu, and says that, even if he lived only a year he became an independent human. Titus says that he won't lose, but Muu devastates him with a speech, saying that Titus is anti-natural, and a life that shouldn't have been born in the world. After Muu's speed, Titus is completely mentally crushed and can't oppose him anymore. When he approaches Titus to pick him up, Aladdin appears and separates Muu from Titus, and says that Titus is their friend, even if he's different from them, even if he's alone, there will be people who just don't care about such things. Aladdin extends his hand which Titus takes it. Myron Alexius comments that Titus is Reim's traitor and wonders if he's really worth of such a sympathy, which hits Titus. Aladdin replies to think together about a solution.[37]

Then, the other magicians appear and surround the Fanalis. When the Fanalis are waterlogged by magicians' magic, Titus is sure that only with water they won't be able to stop Muu and his men.[38] Titus is amazed when Aladdin releases his Magi powers. He notices that Rukh is giving him Magoi and says that he's really a Magi.[39] After Aladdin seemingly defeated Reim's troops, Titus is seen helping with treating wounded Magicians.[40]

The truth about "Scheherazade".

He's shocked when Scheherazade appears in the battlefield. He tells her that he thought that she still was in the Reim Empire. Aladdin asks her if it's really her, what he confirms. However, Aladdin asks her directly if she's really her, what greatly surprises Titus. When Scheherazade, Alibaba, Aladdin and Titus go to neutral territory to talk, Titus sits next to the Great Priestess. When Alibaba and Aladdin start talking casually and making jokes he's worried, and tells them to stop before Scheherazade gets angry, but he's surprised when he sees Scheherazade smiling happily. He wonders why she looks so happy when he never saw her smiling. When Aladdin notes that she's different from a Magi, Titus gets angry and thinks it's rude, but Scheherazade replies that Aladdin is right, what surprised Titus. He's shocked when Scheherazade says she's also a clone of real Scheherazade. He asks her what does that mean, so Scheherazade explains the matter further.[41]

Reim's exalted Lady kneels before her son to ask for his forgiveness.

During their talk about the Dark Spot, Al-Thamen and Magnostadt's relations and Alma Torran, Alibaba gets angry at Aladdin for hiding it from him, hits him and promises to find a solution together with him, what Titus watches surprised. After the talk is over, Scheherazade takes him apart, and says he can go with them. Scheherazade explains Alibaba resembles her first King Vessel, and Titus listens to her story hesitant. When she says she considers Titus and Reim as her own children he looks surprised, and is very shocked when Scheherazade apologizes to him. He says he's the one who betrayed her, and that she was like a mother to him. He's stunned when Scheherazade says they don't have much time left because real Scheherazade's about to die.[42]

Titus decides to return to Marga's side with a full approbate of Scheherazade who wants him to spend his remaining days in peace. He apologizes to Aladdin for this saying he would like to go together with him to fight against the threat sleeping in Magnostadt, the Kou Empire or even to stay together with Scheherazade to protect Reim’s fleet. As he's currently unable to decide, he wants a time to think about it. Aladdin takes his hands and reassures him he understands. He adds that he will wait for him if he desired to use his powers to help them, for which Titus thanks him.[43]

Titus feeling helpless and guilty as a result of his fear.

Afterwards, he goes to Magnostadt's town area, where he is in his house with Marga, whom he keeps on his knees and hugs. He trembles and repeats, "I... I...".[44] Marga asks him what's wrong and if he injured himself in the battle. She then leaves his arms, while Titus turns his head and answers that he didn't, and adds that instead, the people around him put their life at stake for their countries and families. He says that compared to them, he's pathetic guy afraid of death. He then confesses that right now, he's more scared that everything will end with him unable to do anything. He thinks that if he uses the last shards of his powers, everything will be over, so he can't go and help everyone he loves.[45]

Marga listens to him attentively. She then brightly smiles and suggests to go together. She says that she will accompany him and that this time, she will become his strength. She then reassures him that he's not pathetic. She asks him if he cannot choose because he holds everyone dear, sure about the answer. She thinks that him loving all the people he met since coming here is something fantastic. She says that he is different from all people from the 5th Level Authorization District, because he never said that he hated someone, someone was wrong or bad things were someone's fault. Marga then tells him that she wasn't just happy that he brought her outside. She says that when he is with her, the world begins to sparkle, the food she could eat underground and the nights she could go to sleep. She adds that this is the reason she thought that everything was important and incredible.[46]

Marga's words strengthen Titus's resolve.

After listening to her, Titus protest saying that he doesn't want her to die. Marga replies that she's fine and adds that living while giving up on things he wants to do and the world around him doesn't sparkle, is the same as being dead. She then holds his hands, and while still showing the brightest smile she could make, she tells him that even if it's a short life, if he won't give up, it'll be a fantastic life. She says that she feels like he taught her all of that in a way or another. She then exclaims, "So let's go! To the place where you can do what you really want to do!". Titus takes her hand and agrees. He states that she's already an adult. Marga asks if she doesn't look like a child, but Titus answers that she doesn't. He says that he lived for about one year and for all this time, Marga was much older than him. During the conversation, the two of them leave the room.[47]

Titus prepares to unleash his Final Magic before Mogamett.

While people are struggling against Black Djinn, Marga and Titus are going down the stairs. When they reach Mogamett, Titus shields Marga with a membrane made of Light Magic to protect her from Magoi dissipation, while he stands against Mogamett and firmly states that killing him is not his intention.[48]

Mogamett thinks that if he uses all the Magoi from the 200,000 Goi from the Fifth level authorization district, he should be able to obtain “something” even more powerful. Titus states that he won't allow such a thing. He tells Mogamett that he likes him, recalling that Mogamett was willing to become an enemy to Reim in order to protect him. Titus understands that he wanted to do that only because of Titus being a Magician. Mogamett confirms that, to which Titus turns his head and stays silent. Mogamett asks him why he hates it so much. He says that it’s the same bond that there is between real parents and their children. He calls Titus his brethren, and tells him that they belong to the same species. However, Goi are different and Mogamett is sure that they won't be able to understand each other, ever. Titus answers that he doesn't believe him. He mentions his differences from Mogamett, Marga, Aladdin or Scheherazade, but thinks that everyone is dear to him. Mogamett faintly smiles and says that he used to think the same thing. He thinks that the period he used to help Goi was the most happy in his life.[49]

Titus desperately attempts to prove to Matal that the Goi do not deserve to be treated as sub-human.

Mogamett continues his monologue by saying that the heart of people changes. People either drag down others who don't have the same ability as them or are using flattery to manipulate them. They end up despising, ridiculing and degrading them. He thinks that people can't live on equal terms with other people who have too many different things from them. Mogamett says that he noticed that such a thing is always true, no matter how dear they hold other person. Titus asks him to not give him such a sad face. Titus says that this is the proof that Mogamett always wanted to be equal with Goi. He thinks that the Chancellor is just sad because he couldn't make it possible. Mogamett tries to tell him that he is wrong, but Titus doesn't stop. He pleases Mogamett to make it happen and tells him that he doesn't hate Goi but the nature of relationship he has with them. While remembering happy times with Aladdin, Sphintus and Marga, he says that Mogamett's own "fate" is that of someone who was born to not be allowed to live an equal life with the others he loved, and he was not allowed to get close to them. Mogamett replies, "Shut up".[50]

Titus sacrificing himself in order to pull the Chancellor out of depravity.

Titus gets closer to Mogamett and tells him that he will save him from there, so Aladdin, Scheherazade and others fighting Black Djinn wouldn't get hurt and he could also save 200,000 human lives from the 5th District. He exclaims that this is the last thing he can do and the best one as well. Titus then releases the Magoi Scheherazade was accumulating in him for 14 years, which rejects the large amount of Mogamett's Black Rukh. He stops young Mogamett in his body from killing the Goi. However, because of this act, he becomes only a skeleton.[51]

After dying, Titus and Mogamett's Rukh are taken inside the Medium. Titus stays by Mogamett's side when Aladdin and Yamraiha come there as well. Aladdin states the fact by asking Titus if he was the one who stopped Mogamett.[52] After the talk Aladdin and Yamraiha have with Mogamett, Mogamett goes back into the flow of the Rukh. Aladdin runs and asks Titus why did he have to die, but Titus only waves at him as a goodbye.[53]

Meeting Ugo in the Room of Fortitude.

He is then taken to the Holy Palace. As wonders where he is, he hears a voice which says that he must be Aladdin's friend. Titus notices a big head, Ugo, before him and asks him who he is.[54] There, Ugo asks Scheherazade, who also is presents, if is she sure that it shouldn't be her, but the boy over her instead. Scheherazade points at him, even though Titus doesn't understand anything. Ugo then smiles and exclaims, "Alright. Time to go, new «Magi»... To the world that is waiting for you!".[55]

"Welcome home!"

Titus goes through the Gate and ends up being in the Reim Empire's Sacredos Maxima's temple. He is sent to Magnostadt through the Transfer Magic Circle, where he is greeted by confused faces of Aladdin and Sphintus. However, Marga, who wakes up, brightly smiles and says "Welcome home!" to him. Titus, confused what is happening, realizes that he is "Titus Alexius". He asks his friends why is he still alive, but gets hugged by them instead of getting an answer. He starts smiling as well.[56]

Second Balbadd Arc

Aladdin recalls his last meeting with Titus and Marga. Titus has taken the role of the Reim Empire's Magi and started using Scheherazade's staff. He told Aladdin that in his body, there is a part of Scheherazade's Rukh, or in other words, the knowledge of 200 years of living of Scheherazade. He wants to do as much as he can with this power given to him for this country, but also for Aladdin. Marga stayed by his side.[57]

Titus arrives at The Summit with Aladdin on his friend's Magic Turban. Aladdin asks him if it was truly necessary for them to have made such a "flashy" entrance, but Titus tells him to just follow the director's orders. He admits that he's beginning to feel quite excited. He stands alongside Aladdin and Yunan when Aladdin announces his decision to reveal the legend of Alma Torran to the kings of the world.[58]


Magic Tools

Eye of the Rukh: Titus has two oval jewels imbued with Clairvoyance Magic implanted into his inner forearms. He uses them to secretly talk to Scheherazade.


Titus uses a Wand to convert his Magoi into Magic and direct it towards his enemies. His first wand was shaped like a rapier; his second one is the same wand Lady Scheherazade used to own.


Titus is an incredibly talented magician, so much so that he earned the title of Top Student at the end of his first school year in Magnostadt. He can effortlessly counterbalance a considerable amount of high-level offensive spells by utilising magic of the opposite element, but of the exact same (or even on a larger) scale, as shown when he fought Aladdin. He is also proficient in applying enchantments. According to Matal Mogamett, Titus's greatest strength is his use of techniques involving Magic Combination: the advanced level of which would normally require over a century to master. [59]

After being reborn as a Magi, he now has an almost limitless supply of Magoi, as well as more than 200 years' worth of knowledge and experience from Scheherazade.

Borg: It is said to be the proof of a Magician. It is a defensive ability, taking the form of a sphere that blocks out any magical attacks with "malicious intent". It may also protect its user from physical attacks, to a certain degree. Its strength, however, depends on the person.
Gravity Magic: He is capable of using 7th Type Magic to defy the gravity of the Earth, and thus float or fly.
Water Magic
  • Shallal (Steam Wall): An amorphous cloud of vaporized water that diffuses Light Magic.
Heat Magic
  • Har-Har (Scorching Heat): Titus converts the Rukh in and around a specific area into pure heat, he uses this to heat up the mass of water in Destruction.
Wind Magic
  • Asfal (Air Wall): Similar to Shallal, except it generates a gust of wind to disperse any lightning-based spells.
Strength Magic
  • Dhoruf (Gravity) : A magic ability that manipulates the forces of gravity, Titus uses this to compress the combined product of water and heat during the magic of Destruction.
Ice Magic: Titus summons a magical barrier made up of enormous frozen spikes spread out over a vast area. Despite its impressive size, the barrier takes him only seconds to create. It serves the purpose of warding off flames by nullifying the intensity of the heat it comes in contact with.
Aberrant Magic
  • Destruction (Great Flash): Titus combines Water, Heat, and Strength Magic. He compresses the product of water and heat into a tiny sphere, fires it in the desired direction, and sets it free in an instant, causing a terrible explosion. A combination of at least 180 ceremonial orders is needed for such complex magic to be realized. Mogamett has stated that it works on the same principle as volcanoes.
  • Extreme Magic of Scheherazade's Clones: He also has an unnamed Aberrant Magic that only the clones of Scheherazade can perform. It unleashes all the magoi that has been poured into their bodies throughout the years of their physical formation. Doing this, however, comes at the cost of the clones' own lives.
Light Magic: With his third Type Magic, Titus can bend light to form durable illusions. He can also use Light Magic to call forth a special protective membrane around a person or object, which neutralizes the effects of Magoi Dissipation.




Titus is a subordinate of Lady Scheherazade's, as well as her last clone. He is at the Academy under her orders, and reports to her daily about whatever novelties he learns and experiences during his stay. He is immensely grateful to her for having sent him out into "this splendid, sparkling world", and states that she is the closest thing to a mother he has ever had.

Scheherazade, on the other hand, prizes her country's safety and stability above all else, to the point where she is willing to use Titus's inner emotional struggle and subsequent "disobedience" as a pretext to wage war against Magnostadt. She later reveals that the many decades she spent governing Reim have hardened and blinded her heart, and that even though deep down she loves Titus as her own son, she has always tried to suppress these feelings for the sake of the empire's well-being. After her encounter with Aladdin and Alibaba, she calls off her troops, and, feeling ashamed of herself for having acted so tyrannically, begs for Titus's forgiveness, urging him to go back to Magnostadt and be with the people he holds dear.

When Myron accuses Titus of cowardice and treason, Scheherazade defends his choice to return to Marga's side, placing the blame on herself. She sheds tears upon sensing his death, and becomes infuriated with Mogamett for what he has done to her "son". Once Scheherazade's soul is reunited with Titus's in the Room of Fortitude, she advises Ugo to bring Titus back to the world of the living and make him a Magi in her stead, thus granting him the free life he has dreamt of ever since he was born.


Titus initially wanted to be friends with Aladdin, but got angry at him after Aladdin mistook him of a girl and tried to grope him. When Aladdin tells Titus that he is a Magi and is also on a mission to investigate Magnostadt's abnormalities, he starts to see him as an ally and becomes friendlier towards him. Aladdin relates to Titus, as they have both experienced seclusion from the outside world, and feel different from their friends and the people around them. Aladdin helped him understand his existence, cope with his problems and feel loved, just as an any friend should. For this reason, Titus looks up to him, and has willingly offered to help in whatever way he can in the future.

Sphintus Carmen

Titus sees Sphintus as Aladdin's follower. Sphintus originally disliked Titus, and saw him as a snob, but they became friends gradually. Titus doesn't see Sphintus as useful or powerful, but was shocked when Sphintus used healing magic to put some guards to sleep. Sphintus rushes to Titus's side to heal him when he is seriously injured by Doron, showing genuine concern for his friend. Titus's death during the war between Reim and Magnostadt leaves Sphintus extremely grief-stricken. Once Titus is resurrected by Ugo, Sphintus, along with Aladdin and Marga, sheds tears of joy; they then all dash together to give him a group hug. Aladdin later finds out that Sphintus and his family followed Titus to Reim, where they were given prestigious positions.


Titus helped her when she collapsed on the ground in the 5th Level Authorization District. He erected a Magoi shield around her to prevent the drainage of Magoi from her. He pitied her, and wanted to help Marga as much as he could and fulfill her wish to go to the surface city. Due to his influence, Marga was granted a longer lifespan via the high-level healing magic of the Academy's medical staff, and was allowed to leave the 5th District for the surface forever. Marga and Titus shared a house, and explored the city together, forming a very close bond. Acknowledging her inability to do anything in her current state, Marga asked Titus to wait for her to grow up, until she could be of use to him and thank him properly for all he has done for her.


  • He could have been named after Titus, the 10th Emperor of the Roman Empire. Titus is a Latinised name derived from Arabic, Tiitos (تيتوس).
  • Titus has the same last name as Muu Alexius, Myron Alexius and Ignatius Alexius, who are other people from the Reim Empire. Since he's a clone of Scheherazade, naming him as a "Alexius" could be a way of hiding his true identity.
  • His specialty is Complex Magic.[60]
  • His hobby is playing with cats.[60]
  • His type of person is someone like Marga and he doesn't dislike any type.[60]
  • His favorite food is Sphintus' cooking and he dislikes hard foods.[60]
  • His favorite way to spend days off is together with Marga.[60]
  • He is worried about being mistaken for a girl,[60] which happened the first time Aladdin met him.
  • His weakness is common knowledge.[60]
  • As revealed by Scheherazade, Titus possesses the rukh of a female, since he's one of her clones.[61]
  • As revealed by Titus himself, the fact that some of Scheherazade's clones end up as male is due to some kind of "mistake" in their formation.[61]


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