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Tiare (ティアレ, Tiare) is a Torran village girl.


She is a petite girl who has brown hair that doesn't extend past her nape. She has white feathers at both sides of her head. She has tribal face paint which are two blue streaks on both her cheeks and a blue mark with a hole in it on her forehead. She wears a black headband and a three-tooth necklace around her neck. Her attire composes of a simple one piece tribal dress. She has green colored eyes.


She is very determined and brave when she tries to save her parents from Zagan by following Alibaba's group into the dungeon.


Tiare's parents were kidnapped by Zagan and taken to his Dungeon.


Zagan Arc

She first appears when the tribal chief points to her and a few others who will lead Alibaba's group to Zagan's Dungeon. Upon arrival to the beach near Zagan's Island, she asks Hakuryuu and the others to let her accompany them to rescue her parents. Hakuryuu promises Tiare that he will save her parents, and if they are dead, he will wipe away every monster in that nest.[1]

Later, when Hakuryuu and the others confront Zagan for the first time, Zagan reveals that he has kidnapped Tiare, and he licks her. He holds her hostage until Morgiana kills Fake Zagan's real body.[2] She runs to cry onto Hakuryuu's chest.[3] During the battle with Dunya and Isaac, Hakuryuu grabs both Morgiana and Tiare and takes them to safety while Alibaba and Aladdin fight against the enemies.


None of her skills were shown, if any.


Hakuryuu Ren

Their relationship is mutual, but she believes in Hakuryuu's promise despite that she followed them into the dungeon. She is forever grateful to Hakuryuu and his friends for saving her parents' lives.


  • She was not named in the manga, only in the anime.
  • She speaks the Torran Language in the manga, but in the anime she speaks the same language as all the other characters.


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