The Great Rift (大峡谷, Dai Kyōkoku) is the 11th Night of the Magi anime's second season and the 36th Night overall.



Disappointed upon learning that the Katarg region where she was born is not inhabited by the Fanalis anymore, Morgiana is about to be attacked by slave traders when Alibaba's brothers, Abhmad and Sabhmad appear to intervene. As they take Morgiana to see a leader of the local Toran village, Sabhmad reveals that after being removed from power in Balbadd, Sinbad recruited the brothers to work as archeologists and investigate the mysteries of the elusive Toran culture. After learning that the Fanalis have resettled by the other side of a gigantic canyon known as "The Great Rift", Morgiana decides to cross it in order to finally reunite with her people, despite being warned that no one ever returned. After reaching the bottom of the rift, Morgiana comes across a house and is received by the Magi Yunan, who reaffirms that once she reaches the other side, she will not be able to return even with his powers. Meanwhile at Magnostadt, Kouha is informed that his father, the emperor has died, and was summoned back home, but before leaving, he warns the government of Magnostadt to surrender or they will be invaded by Kou and has a brief meeting with Aladdin. Back at the Kou Empire, Hakuei reunites with her brother Hakuryuu, but she seems displeased with him for some reason, when their brother and governor general Kouen Ren appears before them.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • Sahbmad and Ahbmad are not present in the manga version. For the manga, the story begins with Morgiana at the edge of the Great Rift. In the anime, it starts with Morgiana arriving at Cathargo and running into Sahbmad and Ahbmad at the bar, which covers previously omitted part from the Zagan Arc. The anime explains the Torran people more than the manga version.
  • No flashbacks of Morgiana's scenes are used in the manga version.
  • The talk between Kouha and Aladdin in the anime was cut short. In the manga, Kouha said firmly that Kouen will definitely be the next emperor of the Kou Empire, and he also added that he will be leaving Junjun, Reirei and Jinjin in charge of the things in Magnostadt. Then Junjun starts crying and lies on Kouha and Kouha was seen patting her, but all these things weren't in the anime.


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