Thalg Hajar (凍結石化サルグ・ハジャール Sarugu Hajāru, lit. "Ice Solidification") is a type of Ice Magic. Falan uses it to freeze a large body of water, such as a lake.


The effect


  • The name of this magic is derived from some combination of the Arabic word حجّر Ḥaǧǧara "to petrify/solidify (s.t)" and the Arabic word ثلج Thalǧ "snow" [note that the word ثلج Thalǧ can, more uncommonly, also have the meaning of solid "ice"]. Of note, the author broke her normal style of rendering the Arabic letter ج ǧ as a hard g, and instead rendered it as a j (aka. soft g) in this name ~ both pronunciations of this letter exist in the Arab world depending on region.


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