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Tabi (タビィ, Tabi) was one of the Parthevia Empire's soldiers and Dragul's subordinate.


In the manga

Tabi is tall, young man who wears Parthevia's armor. He has dark hair. His face is full of freckles.



Nothing is known about Tabi's past.


Baal Arc

Adventure of Sinbad
The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.
Zamil and Tabi attacked by Dragul

Tabi is first shown riding a carriage along with Zamil and their commander, Dragul. He scolds Zamil when the latter starts complaining about their mission. Dragul throws a sword in Tabi and Zamil's direction and reprimands them. They apologize and comment about how their leader looks like a kid but is in fact more overbearing than most generals.[1]

As they reach the Tison Village, Tabi passes the directions to find Sinbad, which they got from the villagers, to Dragul. As they find the boy, both Zamil and Tabi try to restraint Sinbad but they don't interfere with Sinbad and Dragul's talk. Instead, they order the onlookers to keep quiet and return to work. He looks scared when Sinbad and rest of the villagers talk back to Dragul, wondering why are they putting up such a fight. He follows his commander after their job is done.[2]

Tabi reporting

He then accompanies Dragul to the Parthevia Empire's Palace to receive another orders. They split ways after Dragul's talk to an older officer is over, bowing to him.[3] Tabi is with Dragul's troops which were assigned to conquer a Baal's Dungeon. He reports to Dragul that everyone but one person has answered their summons and is quite surprised when the missing Sinbad shows up and enters the Dungeon all by himself. After the troops enter as well, Tabi screams at Zamil to protect the commander and dies attacked by the monsters.[4]




He seems to be fond of his fellow soldier as he is always seen around him.


Although his commander is just a kid, he respects him.


  • Although his and Zamil's names were revealed in the manga, it wasn't known which is which until the extra comic from the Adventure of Sinbad's first volume came out.


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