Sound Magic (音魔法, Oto Mahō) is a type of Magic where the magician orders the Rukh that produce Magoi to change into Sound Magic. It is the sixth type of magic; Magicians who have an affinity to the sixth-type are known as "Green Magicians". Sixth-type magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the second type.


Sound Magic allows Mages to utilize sound and sound waves as a form of offense and defense. Mages who possess the ability to utilize such Magic are able to generate these elements from their wands or vessels, and manipulate them. Unlike other Magic types, this magic can be generated from the user's mouth by screaming or whistling. Sound waves affects the nervous system directly from eardrums which allows the Magician to implant a "command" into a target's brain. Users of this Magic are also able to use sound waves to increase vibrations.

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