Slaves are people who work on the market for their physical labor. They were usually owned by rich people. Slaves can be attained by slavers, from wars, children sold off by their impoverished families, persons unable to paid their debt.

The treatment of slaves varies among the countries. In Qishan, they were treated as property, sometimes they were subject to cruelty by their masters. It's considered a crime to free a slave because it is the same as a theft of another's property.

In the Kou Empire and countries under its control, slavery is much more humane. Mistreatment is prohibited by law and slaves can be free after 5 years of service.


  • Morgiana: Morgiana was a slave of Jamil.
  • Masrur: Masrur was a slave and gladiator of the Reim Colosseum.
  • Goltas: Goltas was a slave of Jamil.
  • Fatima: Fatima was a slave that killed his owner and became a slave trader himself.

Almost Slaves

  • Aladdin and his caravan: Aladdin would have become a slave if Morgiana didn't save him.
  • Morgiana: Morgiana got captured by Fatima, but she saved herself and others.
  • Nadja and her family: Nadja would been a slave if Morgiana didn't save her.