Sindria Trading Company is the leading, most powerful and influential company in the current era.


The company itself is located in Parthevia Empire, the most modernized nation in the world. As one can see the knowledge of Alma Torran technology can be found here.


Fourteen years ago, the Company was originally formed when Sinbad first went to Imuchakk. After successfully winning the patriach's favour, he and a small group of associates travelled to the Reim Empire. Their first attempt at trading was amateurish as they did not have a trading permit from the Reim commercial union. Furthermore a merchant from Balbadd bought all their exclusive goods only for Sinbad's group to later discover the same goods being sold at a much higher price. Sinbad stayed behind while the rest returned to Imuchakk for more goods. In the next two months, following the Balbadd merchant's advice, Sinbad recounted his adventures in the dungeons to the Reim citizens and raised more than enough capital and marketing to officially open his company. Sinbad and his associates later find out that the merchant from earlier was none other than the King of Balbadd himself.

A while later Sinbad, Jafar and Hinahoho travelled to the small, isolated countries of Sasan and Artemyra. Despite some challenges in both nations, Sinbad successfully opened trade routes with the countries' leaders, and a representative from each nation joined the Company. Returning to Reim for celebrations, Sinbad soon discovered that the company was somehow under huge debt, orchestrated by a rival trade corporation led by Umm Madaura. Despite becoming a slave, Sinbad soon reversed his company's fortunes, and even forced the rival company to become insolvent.

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