Sinbad vs Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia is a fight between Sinbad, the Parthevia's citizen and Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia, the first Parthevia's Princess.


Seredine along with her handmaidens, wait at the port looking for Sinbad and Serendine begins to kick a civilian who spoke ill of her father. When she threatened to torture him, Sinbad stopped her. After a few quick words with a each other, Serendine told Sinbad to be prepared and that she would get revenge for Drakon, to which Sinbad whistle's delightedly.



After Sinbad took Serendine as his hostage, he is seen drinking the antidote, while Serendine yells at him, covering her chest with her arms. As Sinbad looks back at her, she is momentarily stunned before he dumps her into a barrel and tosses the princess off the boat. Serendine watches Sinbad sail away, looking confused as he explained that her guards should come get her soon and called her a "cute girl", causing her to blush angrily, swearing vengeance. Sinbad without looking back, sailed on towards the adventure he was waiting for.


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