Sinbad vs Kougyoku Ren is the fight between Sinbad, the King of Sindria, and the Kou Empire's Eighth Princess, Kougyoku Ren.


Kougyoku comes to Alibaba Saluja during his training and asks him to duel with her. After she Djinn Equips, Sinbad notices it and, with some kind of plan, asks her to show him her power, to which she agrees.


Kougyoku performs her Djinn Equip with Vinea, and Sinbad does the same with Focalor. After that, they fly into the air. Kougyoku uses Water Magic, but Sinbad blocks it with Wind Magic. Kougyoku then proceeds to directly hit Sinbad, but is once again blocked. They continue to attack like this for the majority of the fight; flooding around. Then, Sinbad asks Kougyoku to use her Extreme Magic, to which she eventually agrees. She unleashes her Vainel Ganezza, but when the giant tsunami created by this magic appears, Sinbad blocks it with Foraz Zora. Even after that, Kougyoku is still able to fight. To end this fight, the King of Sindria changes his Djinn Equip from Focalor to Zepar and uses powerful Sound Magic, which is able to manipulate people's mind, and puts her, along with other spectators who didn't cover their ears, to sleep.


Alibaba sits close to Kougyoku and talks with Sinbad. He worries about not being able to perform Djinn Equip when even such a girl can do it. Sinbad says that her talent is indeed above average, but Alibaba has a talent as well. He tells him there must be a reason why he still can't do that and promises to find some spare time to find this reason tomorrow.


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