Sinbad vs Drakon is a fight between Sinbad, a Parthevia's citizen and Drakon, one of Parthevia's Commanders.


When Baal shows up, he asks who will become a king. Sinbad and Drakon, at the same time, exclaim that they will become one. Sinbad argues that he said it first and Drakon shouldn't interfere. Drakon counters with by saying that he's under imperial command and a commoner has to get off. Sinbad rebels by adding that he won't give away any more power to those who trample them, citizens. Ignoring that it's treason, Sinbad declares that he will change this country and world with his own power. Drakon suggests that they duel, even if he owns Sinbad his life twice, but as soldier of Parthevia, he can't overlook dangerous people like him. Sinbad agrees to this and prepares to fight. Baal also agrees with them settling things by themselves.


Sinbad and Drakon charge on themselves with their swords. Drakon blocks Sinbad's attack and then, attacks himself. His sword cuts a bit of Sinbad's neck. He continues attacking Sinbad and eventually, leads to Sinbad's fall. He declares that even though Sinbad did great as for a commoner, he can't win against the trained soldier from the Military Academy. He then bids Sinbad farewell and wants to stab and kill him. Sinbad however catches the sword in his bare hands and admits that in terms of swordplay, he is inferior to his enemy. He then strongly punches him to the ground. He adds that this isn't a military game.

As a result, Drakon feels dizzy and hurt. Not wanting to admit his defeat, he stands up and punches Sinbad. They clash and state that they both can lose for their own very reasons. Sinbad kicks Drakon and punches him several times until the latter is hurt all over his body. Drakon still wishes to fight, but as he stands up, Sinbad targets his face and forcefully hits it again. As Drakon's consciousness is fading, he recalls the day he congratulated his brother and Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia on their marriage and how he learned that Barbarossa didn't love her at all. He then stands up yet again and clearly states that he can't lose, for Serendine's sake. Sinbad notices how he still wishes to fight despite being worn out but admits that he also has reasons why he can't lose either. The two hit each other's fist but Sinbad strongly hits Drakon's face and sends him flying, thus winning the fight.


Baal says he's witnessed it clearly and approves Sinbad as his master. He joins his Metal Vessel. With treasures from the Dungeon and an unconscious Drakon, Sinbad heads toward the outside world.


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