Sinbad & Drakon vs Dragon is a fight between Sinbad, Parthevia's citizen, Drakon, one of Parthevia's Commanders, and Dragon, the Dungeon Baal's monster.


Sinbad and Drakon encounter a giant dragon, so they hide behind a small cliff. They notice that all of the smaller dragons congregate towards it, but it eats one of the smaller dragons. Then, Dragul fills Sinbad in on the situation. They realize that the only door in this room is guarded by the giant dragon. Sinbad says they're being tested in this Dungeon. Drakon says that Sinbad can be his shield and tells him that it's his trial: whether he can abandon someone as a decoy or not and Sinbad should be honored, since he's being made Drakon's direct subordinate despite him being an ex-patriot. Sinbad gets annoyed at not only being all over again called an ex-patriot, but also by Drakon's behavior. Drakon decides to do the job by himself.


Drakon runs, but is chased by baby dragons and annoyed by geysers. He decides to avoid small dragons. He meets up the giant dragon, which quickly attacks his opponent with fire. Drakon dodges, but realizes that he would turn into ashes if he was hit by the flame, much like baby dragons. He continues to run and dodging the fire attacks until he reaches the door. However, they don't open, and the dragon prepares his attack. Before he can fire it, Sinbad comes from behind and slashes the Dragon. Saved, Drakon asks to be killed, as he hesitated in front of an enemy, but Sinbad thinks that it's natural for a human being to not want to die. He asks Dragon that if he died, would Parthevia save the citizens and concludes that a country that abandons his citizens shouldn't exist. Then, the dragon is defeated with geyser burst, which was precisely predicted by Sinbad.


Drakon acknowledges that ordinary person couldn't predict geyser's outburst with such a precision in the instant and asks Sinbad who he is. Sinbad, surprised at first, asks him if he's so surprised that he can't think straight and then answers, "I am me! Sinbad the Sailor!".


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