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Sinbad, Ja'far & Masrur vs Markkio is a fight between the King of Sindria, Sinbad, two of his Eight Generals, Ja'far and Masrur, and a member of Al-Thamen, Ithnan.


Ithnan comments about the forth Magi who gained Wisdom of Solomon. He promises to dye him and his King Vessel in their darkness. Sinbad approaches him saying it's impossible.


Masrur strikes Ithnan with his Household Vessel, Bararaq Kauza. Then, Ja'far breaks Ithnan's Borg with his Household Vessel, Bararaq Sei. While Ithnan falls down, Sinbad activates his Metal Vessel, Bararaq Saiqa, and electrocutes Ithnan in a powerful flash of lightning.


Ja'far asks Sinbad, tired after the previous battles, if he's okay. Then, M Nando, S Nando and L Nando come saying that it was impressive, while holding Sinbad's stolen Metal Vessels. Sinbad then notices a doll falling from the sky and wonders if it was too weak.