Sinbad, Ja'far & Masrur vs Fog Troupe is a fight between the King of Sindria, Sinbad, two of his Eight Generals, Ja'far and Masrur, and members of the Fog Troupe.


Cassim breaks into the hotel Sinbad is staying at to get Alibaba Saluja, who was supposedly kidnapped by Morgiana, back. Cassim says that their target is Sinbad, making him wonder how they found out about him. However, without really knowing his real identity, the Fog Troupes members launch their attack.


The Fog Troupe members start by shooting arrows. Masrur picks up a marble table and defends himself, Sinbad and Ja'far from them with it. Ja'far hits some of them leaving the rest to Sinbad. The King of Sindria clashes with Hassan, who melts Sinbad's sword with Oushou Mutou. Ja'far comments that Sinbad is useless, and he orders him to keep quiet. Hassan attempts to slash him, but Sinbad hits him with his hands while manipulating his Magoi, making him cough blood. Then, they go to Alibaba Saluja, Morgiana and Aladdin's side. Masrur breathes in and uses great power to attack a lot of the Fog Troupe's members at once. He ends up behind Cassim. Sinbad tells Masrur to use less strength next time, gaining Cassim's attention. After learning that he is the Sinbad they were looking for, he activates Kokubaku Mutou and catches Sinbad in the fog. Sinbad doesn't seem concerned at all and just uses Magoi Manipulation to break free.


The Fog Troupe has no more trump cards. Sinbad says that his job is done as long as he hands over the group to the military and asks Alibaba if he's alright. He then asks him for a duel and provokes him to accept.


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