Shinobu Ohtaka's Tegaki Extras are short comics or arts by Shinobu Ohtaka posted on her Tegaki account, in which she presents the things she couldn't show or explain in the main story of the Magi manga.

Ja'far and Masrur

Ja'far and Masrur (ジャーファルとマスルール, Jāfaru to Masurūru) was posted on November 23th, 2010.


Masrur studying

At the time when Masrur still can't write and read much, he asks someone smart to teach him. His choice is Ja'far. During one lesson, even though Ja'far seems to be, patiently and with smile, explaining Masrur the details, his confused student wants to take a little breaks over and over again. However, Ja'far asks if he hasn't taken one just a moment ago. The amount of work usually weighs Masrur down. What's more, Ja'far gives him a lot of homework, from which Masrur usually runs away.

But She Doesn’t Know How to Bring Up the Conversation

But She Doesn’t Know How to Bring Up the Conversation (でも何て話を切り出せばいいかわからない, Demo Nani te Hanashi o Kiridaseba Ii ka Wakaranai) was posted on September 28th, 2010.


MasMor Bringing up a conversation

Morgiana hides herself from Masrur and stares at him from behind. She thinks about various things to asks him about. After some time, Masrur notices someone's stares, but she quickly hides. However, Masrur is able to find her. As she notices it, she starts to run. Masrur keeps chasing her. Finally, Aladdin notices them and happily says to let him join, if they're playing.

Alcohol Doesn’t Bring Up Good Memories

Alcohol Doesn’t Bring Up Good Memories (お酒にいい思い出がない, Osake ga Ii Omaoide ga Nai) was posted on October 4th, 2010.


Alcohol and memories

Alibaba Saluja sits alone in front of the cup of alcohol and thinks about Cassim, who, with a big smile on his face, was pouring alcohol himself. Then, Alibaba becomes depressed when he recalls what he was doing with his sword and barrels. His face lands on the table and his hand holds it. Then, he is in even worser state as he remembers his meeting with Elizabeth, whose face is censured.

“Don’t Go Easy on Me, Ka Koubun!” “I Cannot”

“Don’t Go Easy on Me, Ka Koubun!” “I Cannot” (「手加減しないで夏黄文!」「そういう訳には」, “Tegaken Shinaide Ka Kōbun!” “Sōyū Wake ni wa”) was posted on October 5th, 2010.


Don't go easy on me

Kougyoku Ren is training with Koubun Ka. However, Koubun goes easy on her and she doesn't like it, so she demands him to stop doing it. Koubun answers that he cannot let her get hurt. Angry, she says that if she doesn't work a sweat, she can't help but get irritated. On his Magic Turban, Judar appears. He comments that she's unsatisfied. She looks at him confused and asks what he means, to which he starts answering, but, in this very moment, Koubun starts attacking him with his sword to stop him. Judar says that he's babying her.

Attendants Meeting

Attendants Meeting (従者会議, Jūsha Kaigi) was posted on October 5th, 2010.


Sinbad wearing glasses

In the Master's stand-by room the Eight Generals and Sinbad are gathered. Sinbad is looking a PSP, and wonders what it may be, thinking that is a Dungeon item. Yamraiha says that maybe it's Clairvoyance Magic, but Pisti denies. Then, they hear someone saying that has come to pick up Yuusuke-bocchama. Sinbad and the others see how these two people are driving a car towards them, and they put on guard, activating their Vessels and using Magic. They wonder what is this, and Sinbad says to be careful since it could be a monster. Pisti tries to stop them. Sinbad remove the sunglasses from the driver and tries on them. Ja'far asks him if he can see something with that item and Sinbad answers that it's just dark.

Night at the Caravansary

Night at the Caravansary (キャラバンサライの夜, Kyarabansarai no Yoru) was posted on October 13th, 2010.


Leila teases Aladdin

Aladdin is sleeping at the Caravansary. He dreams of Alibaba. The two of them are very happy to see each other and Aladdin offers going on lots of adventures from now on. As the two of them are about to hug, Aladdin hugs Leila outside of his dream. He wakes up, very discouraged. He then changes sides he is sleeping on when Leila wakes up as well. Still sleepy, she asks what's wrong and if he was having a nightmare adding that it's shameful. Aladdin orders her to leave him alone, but she ignores his commands and teases him by knocking him over or tickling him. Later, Aladdin explains that he did what he did because Leila looks a little like Alibaba, which confuses her, so she asks who this Alibaba is.

The Princess Doesn't Have Many Friends

The Princess Doesn't Have Many Friends (姫君にはあんまり友達がいない, Himegimi ni wa Anmari Tomodachi ga Inai) was posted on October 20th, 2010.


Kougyoku attacking Judar

Kougyoku hides herself behind the column and stares at maids. She finally goes towards them and asks what they are talking about. One of the maids quickly responses that such a frivolous talk is unworthy of her ears, and the women excuse themselves, leaving Kougyoku alone. The Princess starts crying and wishes she had friends around her age to talk about trivial things with. Then, Judar appears in the window, which makes Kougyoku very happy, until he tells her to be quiet and stop crying, calling her old hag. She starts attacking him, when all Judar wanted was only to take a nap. The situation is watched by Koubun.

To Celebrate the Birthday of the Lord, the Slaves Also Brought a Present of Gratitude

To Celebrate the Birthday of the Lord, the Slaves Also Brought a Present of Gratitude (領主様のお誕生日の祝いの席で、奴隷たちも日頃の感謝をこめて贈り物を持参しました。, Ryōshu-sama no Otanjōbi no Iwai no Seki de, Dorei-tachi mo Higoro no Kansha o Komete Okurimono o Jisan Shimashita.) was posted on October 25th, 2010.


Seisyun and Hakuei

Seisyun and Hakuei (青舜と白瑛, Seishun to Hakuei) was posted on November 1st, 2010. Part of it was supposed to be included in Night 22, but because there weren't enough panels, it got cut off.


Seisyun in SeiHaku

Seisyun Ri chats with Hakuei Ren. He makes her cry from laughing by telling her an old, funny stories. They are interrupted by Ryosai who comes and asks what they are talking about. Seisyun looks at him resigned and answers that they're not talking about anything.

Masrur-kun Doesn’t Seem to be Motivated During Military Training

Masrur-kun Doesn’t Seem to be Motivated During Military Training (軍事訓練時にやる気の見られないマスルール君, Gunji Kunren Ji ni Yaruki no Mirarenai Masurūrukun) was posted on November 9th, 2010.


Lack of motivation

Masrur is scolded for not being motivated. He answers that he is only to be called a liar. However, when Sinbad tells Masrur to do his best, he immediately stands up, as he's the type to get motivated when ordered by a superior he respects. Later, Masrur is feeding the birds and lazily says that he's motivated, but is called a liar again.

Lurking Close to Sexual Education

Lurking Close to Sexual Education (身近に潜む性教育, Mijika ni Hisomu Seikyōiku) was posted on November 30th, 2010.


Sexual Education

Young Alibaba watches his mother in her work, which isn't approved by her client. He seems very interested in her job, so Cassim has to pull him, even though Alibaba doesn't understand a thing that's happening. Later, he sits with Cassim and others friends, and tells them about how his mother is strong. He says that no matter how big is the guy she's fighting, in the end, she mounts him and wins. While Alibaba's friends don't seem to believe him, Cassim thinks that he really didn't want to know that. When Alibaba invites his friends to come and see the next time, Cassim takes him and demands him to stop. Cassim then comments that he's a real idiot, what is taken by Alibaba as picking a fight.

Rejected Idea for Volume 6's Extra Comic 3

Rejected Idea for Volume 6's Extra Comic 3 (6巻のおまけ漫画没案3, 6-kan no Omake Manga Botsu An 3) was posted on December 21, 2010.


Bielieving in Judar's lies

Kougyoku has recently got into into fruits bathes, supposedly good for her skin. This time, she is notified that her maids prepared her peach bath of the finest quality. She says she looks forward to it and heads to the bathroom. There, she screams as she notices Judar who is happily eating the peaches while being in the water. She takes them and throws angrily at him. Later, he comments that there were so many, that it doesn't matter if he ate some. She answers it's not the problem and adds that it was for her beauty care. After teasing her, that she, an old hag, is already getting wrinkles, he randomly tells her the secret of the Gerozoma Tribe from the Dark Continent, whose women seems not to age. Kougyoku listens to his advice, but says that the women from that tribe surely have weird beauty care methods as she takes a bath together with pigs. Judar almost dies laughing as he sees that the Princess is actually doing what he told her. Soon after, Kougyoku tries to kill Judar with one of the pigs.

Morgiana in Qishan

Morgiana in Qishan (モルジアナ inチーシャン, Morujiana in Chīshan) was posted on December 24th, 2010.


Mor in Qishan

Morgiana still wonders why Alibaba has spend half of his wealth to set the slaves free. She concludes that she doesn't understand him. She comes back to the mansion, where she is greeted by old lady. She asks Morgiana if she went to Alibaba's place to thank him properly, as the costs to set her free was much higher than anyone else, and adds that there won't be another person who will free the slaves for nothing in return. Morgiana starts thinking hardly about how to express her gratitude. She doesn't have any money, so she is unsure what to give him. As she wanders around, she finds a flower, but quickly discards the idea when she recalls all the big, beautiful bouquets he already got from rich people. She as quickly rejects the idea to give him corns.

She then goes back home depressed, thinking that her only worth is physical labor. She asks one of the ex-slaves what to give him, but she is surprised, because they can't really give him anything nice anyway, and asks if she bowed properly and said Thank you. While trying to sleep, she realizes she hadn't said it. In her thoughts, she says that she never said it to Jamil either, so it never crossed her mind. She decides to go and visit him tomorrow, and clearly say Thank you very much for setting me free. She then continues saying she actually didn't think of something as simple as this. She wonders if she made him unhappy for not thanking him and wants to know if he changes his attitude towards him if she says it properly, but then starts worrying that it might be a burden to him to be visited by someone like her so often. The next morning, one of the ex-slaves asks the other one if she heard that Alibaba suddenly left for traveling on his own this morning, leaving Morgiana, who couldn't even thank him in the end, surprised.


Lateness (遅刻, Chikoku) was posted on January 2nd, 2011.



Masrur is nowhere to be seen during Sindria's morning assembly. Ja'far starts looking for him. He goes to Masrur's room but it's empty as always. Then he meets another group of people. One man comments that even if he attends the assembly, all he does is drool and doesn't provide any counsel anyway. Ja'far says he doesn't drool but adds it's not the problem. If he doesn't attend, they wouldn't be able to set an example for people under them and the King's reputation will be damaged. Meanwhile, Masrur is soundly sleeping in completely differed area. When he wakes up, he thinks that he's almost late, even though he's already too late.

Morgiana and Masrur

Morgiana and Masrur (モルジアナとマスルール, Morujiana to Masurūru) was posted on February 15th, 2011.



Morgiana and Masrur are walking together through Sindria's streets. Masrur, being famous, attracts many sights on him. One women who sells food asks him if Morgiana is his sister, which he denies. Then, the two go to the clothes shop and Masrur is asked the same question, to which he gives the same answer. The situation repeats a few times until it becomes bothersome for Masrur and he finally answers that Morgiana is his sister. However, Morgiana keeps looking at him, flustered, which he notices. He starts teasing her by saying every person they met wondered if they're siblings, which confuses and surprises her more and more. Later, Alibaba is surprised of their blood relations, but this time, Masrur denies it.

The Eight General’s Strategy Meeting

The Eight General’s Strategy Meeting (8人将作戦会議, Hachi Nin Shou Sakusen Kaigi) was posted on March 8th, 2011.


Jafar worried. extra

Ja'far has summoned the other Eight Generals to talk, since even Sinbad had taken precautionary measure with his self control so far, at this rate the castle will be filled with Sinbad's successors one day. Ja'far asks what they should do, and while Yamraiha, Spartos and Pisti try to comfort him, Masrur suggests that they could lock up Sinbad's private parts. Ja'far answers him not to say such mean things so easily.

The Last of “Work! Or Go Play Outside”

The Last of “Work! Or Go Play Outside” (前記事「仕事をしろ!もしくは外で遊べ!」の補足, Zen Kiji “Shigoto o Shiro! Moshikuwa Soto de Asobe!” no Hosoku) was posted on March 10th, 2011.


Sinbad and Jafar full of work

Sinbad has returned and brought back refugees with him, making some Sindrians comment that the king brought back lots of refugees again. Ja'far is angry, and asks Sinbad where in this narrow island do they have space to shelter more people. Sinbad only answers him to think of something. After that, the two men and lots of officers work so hard, they run about the room. Ja'far says that the residential district plan of the south-east are will be tripled in scale, and asks to bring all the land exchange proposals to him.

Sharrkan and Pisti lazing around

Pisti and Sharrkan watch the scene and comment that they look super busy so they are going to help them as well. Ja'far and the others keep saying things like "The budget is not enough" or "Rewrite the design proposal", and Sharrkan and Pisti are confused. They lament that, even if they want to help, it's too hard, and they have no idea of what they should do. They get depressed and start lazing around, talking and getting fun, while Ja'far is sweating for work. Then, comes a time in which a paper airplane hits Ja'far's head, who with his wires grabs Sharrkan and Pisti and throws them trough the window, shouting them to go to play outside. Sharrkan and Pisti exclaim that they are sorry, and return riding Pisti's big bird.

The last of “Masrur-kun Doesn’t Seem to be Motivated During Military Training”

The last of “Masrur-kun Doesn’t Seem to be Motivated During Military Training” (前記事「軍事訓練時にやる気の見られないマスルール君」の補足, Zen Kiji “Gunji Kunren Ji ni Yaruki no Mirarenai Masurūrukun” no Hosoku) was posted on March 10th, 2011.


Sharrkan angry at Masrur

Sharrkan scolds Masrur, and asks him when is he going to get motivated. Masrur is cleaning the blade of his sword, and says that he is, at which Sharrkan answers "You liar!". Then, Sharrkan says that it's not like he doesn't understand Masrur, who must feel bored since someone as strong as him can't find a worthy opponent when he's training. Masrur agrees to that, so Sharrkan offers himself as his opponent. Masrur denies and says that even senpai wouldn't be a match for him, so it's okay. Sharrkan gets very angry grabs Masrur by the neck, and says that he's cocky, and Masrur impassibly apologizes. Ja'far tells them to stop, and Sinbad comments that he doesn't think it's Sharrkan's fault.

Sharrkan feeling pity for Masrur

Another time, Sharrkan is angrily grabbing Masrur again, and shouts to Masrur that he slacked off yesterday too even though Sharrkan already said that he was going to be his opponent, and asks him what is Masrur dissatisfied about. Masrur puts a sad face and apologizes, saying that because of what happened in the past (he was a gladiator slave) now he's a little reluctant to swords. Sharrkan is moved by this answer and apologizes, and lets him go. Then, Spartos and Pisti arrive, and Pisti says that Masrur sometimes looked like he was enjoying it when he practiced swords with Sinbad. Sharrkan immediately gets angry again, since Masrur lied about having a trauma, and begins to pursue Masrur, but Masrur is far faster and Sharrkan cannot catch him. At night, Sharrkan dreams that he's very strong and can make Masrur kneel and apologize sincerely.


Experience (経験値, Keikeinchi) was posted on April 5th, 2011. Ohtaka drew its continuation a few hours after.


Stunned JaShar

Sharrkan offers Sinbad to go drinking, saying that Aziza, the number one of the establishment, will be on duty today. Sinbad agrees immediately but Ja'far stops him. Ja'far suggest him to go invite Masrur, who's off-duty now, as Sinbad is in the middle of alcohol abstinence. Sharrkan comments that going with Masrur is boring as all he does is drinking expressionlessly. He then adds that the girls will mind if he doesn't live up. He alleges that Masrur doesn't know to deal with woman and asks if he even have a balls. He quickly notices what he said and asks if it could be that Masrur is still unexperienced in that things. He starts laughing and is sure that it must be that. Masrur is annoyed and starts talking that he was the sword slave. He says that as sword fighting is one of the most popular major combative sports in the Reim Empire, despite being a slave, a strong gladiator is very popular among citizens. Rich women especially yearn for them, as they visit them every night. Sharrkan and Ja'far are stunned. Then, Sharrkan starts asking what Masrur meant by it and if he was like that as well, but Masrur turns around and leaves curious Sharrkan without clear answer.

Later, Ja'far looks at depressed Sinbad and starts feeling a little sorry for him.

Masrur stares Sharrkan

Continuation: Aziza, a super popular hostess working in a high class cabaret in Sindria, is introduced. She's 26, nicknamed The queen of water. She's so cute, and her special move is to "get men using sympathy". Her character establishes that she has lots of sick little brothers back at home and needs to work hard for them. At night, she's flirting with Sharrkan, and Masrur is shocked when he realizes that Sharrkan is like a dunce. Masrur says to Sharrkan that he has lots of little sisters back home. Sharrkan laughs, and says that he's lying again, and adds that there's no way he would fall for such a weird lie. Masrur stares him with a sad face, and begins to leave. Sharrkan becomes worried, and asks him if he really have them. Masrur says that yes he does, that he has around 300 little sisters. Sharrkan becomes angry, and exclaims that Masrur is definitely lying, while Masrur denies. They continue discussing and repeating the same for a while.

Various Things About Magi

Various Things About Magi (マギの諸々, Magi no Moromoro) was posted on April 19th, 2011.


The Unpopular Woman

The Unpopular Woman (もてない女, Motenai Onna) was posted on May 2nd, 2011. It was supposed to be the extra for Volume 9 but apparently, it took up too many pages.


Sad Yam

Yamraiha is gloomed. Spartos asks her what's wrong, Pisti answers for her that apparently, it always goes bad with the guys she likes. She wonders why Yamraiha has troubles finding a lover, when she's so pretty and has big chest, though Spartos turns back hearing the last part. Sharrkan says that it's impossible for her, because she gets nervous in front of the man she likes and ends up talking only about Magic. Yamraiha decides to add that she thought that the conversation would become interesting, and asks Masrur, who was dragged to drink with her, if she's right, which he confirms. Yamraiha cries and starts cling to Masrur, patting him and calling him a good boy. Sharrkan interrupts and, while calling her a stupid woman, says that men generally don't find the knowledge about the mechanics of Magic interesting. Yamraiha, mad, grabs him in order to fight him, but ends up crying again. She begins to laments that someone like her will get old and die without marrying anyone anyway. Sharrkan says, Yes, yes and adds that such a Magic maniac will be forever alone. Pisti comes up with an excellent idea; she says that it would be okay if Yamraiha just started going out with male Magician. Yamraiha gets thundered, wondering why she hasn't thought of that earlier.

Pisti and Sharrkan

Pisti and Sharrkan (ピスティとシャルルカン, Pisuti to Sharurukan) is the extra of the extras for The Unpopular Woman, posted on May 8th, 2011.


Pisti and Sharrkan

Pisti wonders why Yamraiha isn't popular when her boobs are really big. Sharrkan says it's probably unrelated, which shocks Pisti, so Sharrkan explains to her that such things don't matter in his country, that there her chest size doesn't go in par with her attractiveness. Pisti thinks it's really great country and adds that it's why Sharrkan doesn't seem interested in woman's chest, he comments that it probably depends on culture. In Heliohapt, women aren't embarrassed to expose their chest completely. Pisti wants to know what parts, aside from private areas, women there hide. Sharrkan doesn't want to tell her, calling it that place. She pushes him to tell her, and after a while, he quietly informs her it's a belly button. Pisti, stunned, just tears off her clothes and shows her belly button and chases after him, demanding how it's sexy. Sharrkan hides his eyes and runs, scolding her that she's in the castle right now.

Meanwhile, Yamraiha is still depressed and drinks with Spartos. Later, Masrur is dragged to drink with a gloomy Yamraiha and Spartos with a gloomy Sharrkan. Alibaba and Aladdin are imitating what their teachers are doing but while drinking water, not alcohol, with Aladdin being the depressed one.

An Order to Wear Casual Clothing

An Order to Wear Casual Clothing (私服を着ろ命令, Shifuku o Kiro Meirei) was posted on May 17th, 2011.


Jafar's causal clothing

Sinbad says to Ja'far that he doesn't have to wear his official clothing all year long, and at least he should wear something he likes when he goes onto the street on private business during his break. Ja'far nods, but then he becomes dubious. He claims that he doesn't have anything that can be worn as casual clothing aside from the official clothing and except from sleepwear and home-wear. Sinbad, astonished, says that cannot be true and that, at least, Ja'far must have one. Ja'far exclaims that he has one Sinbad gave him a long time ago, but then they see that it's super short since Sinbad gave it to him when Ja'far was 14. Sinbad is stunned, and says that now Ja'far can't wear this.

Amount of clothes

Then, they make a list about the amount of clothes the other Generals have. Pisti has a lot of clothes, and even buys clothes that suits other people. Sharrkan and Spartos have a normal amount, Sharrkan because he imitates the person he respects and Spartos won't throw away clothes given to him and wears them out properly. Masrur and Yamraiha don't have many clothes. Masrur doesn't really cares, he wears whatever he feels like, and Yamraiha, rather than the appearance of the clothing, her priority is how practical it is for magicians. Ja'far has the least amount of clothes. Sinbad asks Ja'far if he doesn't think clothes are necessary, and Ja'far answers Is that so...?, and Sinbad insists saying than for example when he (Ja'far) goes out with his friends, but Ja'far has again a dubious expression and spells the word "friend", as if he didn't know what a friend is.

Arm Wrestling Without Morals

Arm Wrestling Without Morals (仁義なき腕相撲, Jingi Naki Udezumō) was posted on June 3rd, 2011.


Arm wrestling

Alibaba is competing against Masrur in arm wrestling. The referee is Morgiana. Even though Masrur gives Alibaba a handicap by using only one finger, and despite having 3 helpers, Alibaba is dying. Masrur asks if he can let him win on purpose but the offer is denied. Later, Ja'far is scolding Sharrkan, Pisti and Sinbad saying that ganging up on Masrur is very childish of them for which they apologize. Meanwhile, Alibaba is trying to compete against Morgiana.

Wolf Girl

Wolf Girl (オオカミ少女, Ookami Onna) was posted on June 13th, 2011.


Pisti's boyfriends

Ja'far is very angry, scolding Pisti. He says that even though she's free to have relationships with others, how many times has he told her not to cause trouble between members of the castle. Pisti apologizes, but Ja'far continues, saying that she has no idea how many times blood have been shed in the castle because of her, but at some point Pisti begins to cry, and in tears she says she's sorry and asks him to forgive her because she won't do it again. Ja'far is smoothing, and then Sharrkan and Spartos pass, commenting that they go drink. Pisti hears that and, still performing, runs towards them, who ask her if she's going too. Ja'far notices that she is fake crying again and leaves angry, while Pisti, not repented at all, says that he found out.

Pisti's sinister smile

Spartos and Sharrkan put a face of circumstances, and Spartos asks if she's okay. She nods, and says that she didn't get hit today, but Spartos answers that he was referring to her face. She sinisterly giggles, and says that she's fine because she was only fake crying, but says that it's not as effective with Ja'far now. She adds that when you reach her level, you can control your mind freely, and even if you are fake crying, real tears will be coming out. Spartos asks what is she saying, since if tears are really coming out, it can't be count as fake crying anymore. This leaves thoughtful Pisti, who says that Spartos is right. Spartos comments that her nose is runny, and Sharrkan insists to go drink, saying to put that aside.

After that, Pisti makes a fake cry lecture. Pisti instructs Sharrkan, saying that he has to think more about the bad things that happened in the past. Then, she congratulates him when he does it.

Behind the Scenes at the Banquet 1

Behind the Scenes at the Banquet 1 (謝肉宴の舞台裏1, Shaniku Utage no Butaiura 1) was posted on July 1st, 2011. This takes place at the feast in Night 81-82.


Sinbad worried about his age

A drunk Sinbad is laughing with a drunk Hinahoho and Drakon at the banquet. Hinahoho tries to convince Sinbad to drink more, but Sinbad, a bit depressed, refuses, saying that he has already past his limits. Hinahoho lively answers that Sinbad is still young and animates Sinbad to drink more. When Sinbad hears that he smiles and becomes happier. Drakon and Hinahoho doesn't understand Sinbad's reaction. They observe the youngest Eight Generals, all except Spartos drunk, while Yamraiha and Sharrkan are arguing again, Pisti is laughing at the scene and Spartos tries to stop them. Drakon comments that the young ones sure are lively. Hinahoho says that Sinbad shouldn't be in a sad place like this and suggests him to go with them and have fun. Sinbad, depressed again, denies and says that he prefers staying here because they keep calling him old man. Drakon and Hinahoho both think that Sinbad cares about that, and Hinahoho tries to cheer Sinbad up.

Sinbad onii-san

Then, Ja'far appears and asks Hinahoho to stop spoiling him since he has public duties to attend tomorrow. Hinahoho apologizes and returns Sinbad to Ja'far, and then he and Drakon formally take leave. Sinbad has a tantrum and doesn't want let them leave. Ja'far gets angry and tells him to return with him. Sinbad says that he doesn't wanna because Ja'far will call him an old man too, and he doesn't even understand how he feels. Ja'far makes an understanding expression, and says that it's all right since he won't do that today. Sinbad stops crying and stares him, but Ja'far, with an evil expression, calls him Sinbad onii-san (big brother), and mocks him saying that he's so young. Sinbad, scared, says that Ja'far is giving off really evil vibes.

Behind the Scenes at the Banquet - Final

Behind the Scenes at the Banquet - Final (謝肉宴の舞台裏 ファイナル, Shaniku Utage no Butaiura Fainaru) is the continuation of Behind the Scenes at the Banquet 1, posted on July 9th, 2011.


Sinbad running away from Jafar

Masrur is helping with cleaning when he hears Ja'far and Sinbad discussing. Ja'far is saying that the banquet is over, but Sinbad wants to drink more and is running away from Ja'far, holding his alcohol. Ja'far orders Masrur to catch Sinbad, and Masrur stops the King, saying "Understood". Sinbad asks him to let him go, and Masrur says "Understood" again, and releases him. Ja'far asks him to catch Sinbad again, but Sinbad asks Masrur to leave him. This repeats several times, until Ja'far and Sinbad get tired, and Masrur stares them without knowing what to do next. Drakon and Hinahoho pass, and ask what are they doing.

Jafar's scary side

A bit after, Masrur is still helping with cleaning when the same situation is taking place with Ja'far and Sharrkan. Ja'far asks Sharrkan what does he intend to do with that wine, and Sharrkan says that he just wants to drink with His Majesty a little more. Ja'far orders Masrur to catch Sharrkan, and Masrur does it. Then, Sharrkan asks him to please let him go, but Masrur only stares him. Sharrkan has a tantrum, and says to Ja'far that he is stingy, ugly, a feckless, and that he has no balls. Ja'far has a dark smile and a scary face, and says that he has guts, while Sharrkan is trembling. Then, Ja'far makes a sad face, saying that Sinbad is so childish, who thinks that he can get away if he uses Pisti or Sharrkan as an excuse. And adds that the times when that childish charm worked have already passed. Sharrkan comments that that hurts just now.

Behind the Scenes at the Banquet 2

Behind the Scenes at the Banquet 2 (謝肉宴の舞台裏2, Shaniku Utage no Butaiura 2) was posted on July 7th, 2011.


Drakon at the banquet

Some soldiers are sitting at the banquet with Drakon. They are happy, thinking how august is for them to drink with General Drakon. Sharrkan is drunk, sitting next to Pisti, and calls Drakon. He says that now they can discard manners, that something has been on his mind for a while now, and wonders if he may ask Drakon. When Drakon nods, Sharrkan says that Drakon's wife is a really slim and beautiful woman, so with the General, who has a particularly big build, he asks how they spend the night together. The soldiers are shocked and outraged, and think that, even if Sharrkan is also one of the Eight Generals, how dare him ask General Drakon such a disrespectful question. Then, but, they mentally admit that they also want to know. Drakon remains silent, and the soldiers think that Sharrkan won't be forgiven easily and that he'd better receive General Drakon's iron hammer of anger.

Drakon's wife appear

Drakon finally speaks, and asks why does Sharrkan want to know, while the soldiers are surprised by his reaction and wonders if he's surprisingly open. Sharrkan answers that he wants to know for future reference, for know what to do if he became nonstandard compared to his girlfriend. Pisti laughs at Sharrkan's idea. Drakon becomes thoughtful, but he thinks it's okay if it's for nurturing youngsters. He begins to speak when his wife appears and explains that Drakon is drunk so she will have him cool his head now. The next day Sharrkan is horrified for what he did, even though Drakon says not to worry. Ja'far says that still it was rude, and Masrur answers that this is because Sharrkan is made up of rudeness.

Bird vs Morgiana

Bird vs Morgiana (鳥VSモルジアナ, Tori VS Morujiana) was posted on September 11th, 2011.


Morgiana vs Papagoras

Morgiana is facing a papagoras bird, a wild bird of the southern sea that lives in the Sindria forests, and that is delicious when grilled. Morgiana and the bird fight while it's explained that the papagoras are strong birds that can even face enemies much larger than them. Then, Morgiana manages to hit the papagoras, who tries to escape flying while it's explained that they live in flocks and the strongest bird becomes the leader. Morgiana remembers a conversation between Alibaba and Aladdin, in which Alibaba said that he wanted to eat grilled papagoras at least one more time.

Morgiana daydreaming

Morgiana stops running, and it's explained that another unique feature of these birds is that if they encounter an animal stronger than the papagoras, they make it their boss and go under its protection while becoming its subordinates. Morgiana sees that their current boss is Masrur, who is sleeping on the forest and surrounded by papagoras. She stares Masrur and compares their strength, but finally retreats, saying that she cannot win. After, at the training time, Morgiana is wondering if she will ever be stronger than Masrur. Masrur calls her and says that she's drooling.

The papagoras ranking: For them, Alibaba is a bug; Morgiana is around the boss (Masrur) lately, so she's their rival and at the same level as the birds; then comes Sinbad, who is the boss's boss; Masrur is on the top.

Pisti and Yamraiha

Pisti and Yamraiha (ピスティとヤムライハ, Pisuti to Yamraiha) was posted on September 18th, 2011.


Yamraiha working

Pisti informs Yamraiha that there are new goods in the Bazaars, and suggests going to see them. Excited, Pisti says that the cloth and threads are the Reim's newest product, and that they are really pretty. Yamraiha, but, is concentrated in an experiment and totally ignores her. Pisti insists, but Yamraiha, in an ecstatic state, says that if her experiment explodes it'll be a signal that the experiment was a success. When Pisti suggests to forget the experiment, Yamraiha gets enraged, and says that this is an incredibly important discover. She adds that, with just this one formula, endless possibilities for Heat Magic opens up. Yamraiha tells Pisti that she's a bit busy so she will have to ask someone else. Pisti insists again, and says that she can only ask Yamraiha for this, because she wants to go with a friend.

Yam cheers up Pisti

Yamraiha points that Pisti has a lots of (male) friends, but Pisti says that she wants a girl time. Yamraiha says again that then, Pisti has only to ask a female friend. Pisti, slowly, answers that she doesn't have any besides Yamraiha, which surprises the magician. Pisti explains that, for some reason, she doesn't get along well with girls, and begins to say to herself that she might be boring to be with, and adds that maybe even Yamraiha feels that way too. Yamraiha is moved and cheers up Pisti, saying that this is not true but that there's some difference of ages between them and Yamraiha doesn't know what's in now, so that it would probably be pretty boring to hang out with her.

Pisti crying

Pisti denies that, and then Yamraiha agrees to forget about the experiment for a while and go shopping. When they are about hugging, the experiment explodes, and Yamraiha enters in her magic-obsessed mode again, and exclaims that she has to do new tests. Pisti exclaims that Yamraiha is a jerk and runs while crying to where Sharrkan and Spartos are, saying that Yamraiha played with her heart.

Spartos, Pisti and Sharrkan

Spartos, Pisti and Sharrkan (スパルトスとピスティとシャルルカン, Suparutosu to Pisuti to Sharurukan) was posted on September 29th, 2011.


Spartos and Sharrkan after work

One day after his work, Spartos is talking with Sharrkan. Sharrkan says that Spartos should switch with him sometimes, since Spartos is always doing away work. Spartos refuses, and says that Sharrkan is not fit to guard ships, and adds that he (Spartos) is better at fighting the sea beasts. Sharrkan complains, saying that he can do if he tries, and Spartos agrees, but says that he thinks Sharrkan is better at handling people than fighting at sea.

A few after, Sharrkan explains this to Pisti, who says that's kinda sad. Sharrkan explains that, apparently, Spartos cannot get close to people because of the teachings of his home country. He also says that, besides his family and fiancée, it is looked down upon to even meet with a woman's eyes in Spartos' doctrine. Now, Spartos doesn't have to follow his teachings since he's left his home, but he can't help but hold fast.

Spartos' shock

Pisti says that she wants to have fun doing different things with Spartos. Sharrkan answers her that he'd feel bad if they force Spartos to go against his creed. Pisti grins, and says that she has an idea. At night, Pisti meets Sharrkan and Spartos and says that, since Spartos doesn't like hanging out with girls, she prepared that shop for him. In front of them there are, apparently, three young women. Spartos says that they are women, but then another two other "women" appear behind the first three, and there's no mistake, they are transvestites. Spartos makes a shocked face, and Sharrkan stares at him, with a circumstances face. Pisti introduces them, and explains that these people are neither male or female, they are pretty people that have ascended genre. She says that maybe now Spartos can get along well with them.

Spartos in front of the unknown

Spartos becomes dazed and confused, much for Sharrkan's and Pisti's alarm. Spartos ponders, and says that the world sure is vast. He says that he's devoted himself to learning in his home country but that he's never imagined seeing such a mysterious sights since they weren't in his home's teachings. He's about to going to read his scriptures, but Sharrkan and Pisti stop him and apologize. Spartos says that they don't have to apologize, and that they have been so kind. Then, suggests to venture themselves into the unknown. A bit after, they are sitting with one of these neither-male-or-female and Spartos asks him why does he has breasts even though he is a man. The man laughs and says that Spartos is a funny boy. Then, he adds that a little boy said that to him a while back too.

What Catches Their Attention

What Catches Their Attention (注意を引くには, Chūi o Hiku ni wa) was posted on November 29th, 2011.


Alibaba fooled Aladdin

Alibaba, Aladdin and Sinbad are eating together. Aladdin is going to catch the last piece of the meal when Alibaba fools him, saying that a pretty girl is passing, so he can get the food. Alibaba laughs at Aladdin, but then the latter sees Sinbad going to catch the last piece of another dish, so tries to fool Sinbad with the same. Sinbad laughs and answers that he won't let him have the last piece, Ja'far intervenes, saying that this won't work. He says that what draws Sinbad's attention is calling him old man and adds that he has a white hair on his head. Sinbad shouts at Ja'far that this is mean.

Below appears that what catches Sharrkan's attention is some good wine; for Pisti is a handsome guy, and for Yamraiha is a good book of magic.

The Fearsome Wild Sea Slug

The Fearsome Wild Sea Slug (アバレウミウシの恐怖, Abareumiushi no Kyōfu) was posted on February 6th, 2012.


Pisti, Spartos and the Wild Sea Slug

Pisti and Spartos are at the sea guarding the voyage ships. Pisti feels sick, and says that she's not used to riding things that don't have Rukh flowing through them. She adds that she can't ride on her animal friends for too long or else her Magoi will run out. Spartos answers to rest inside for a bit, that the sea is calm today and doesn't seem like the southern sea monsters will appear soon. Just after Spartos has said that, a monster appear, but both Pisti and Spartos are shocked and doesn't know what to do. In the palace, Ja'far says that it was a wild sea slug. He explains that this monster can transform into various things to attract food, but says that their transformation skill is imperfect so they can be discerned. Pisti says that this is not the problem but that now they can turn into the Eight Generals; even if she knows they are wild sea slugs, it's hard trying to kill something that looks like you or your friends.

Jafar vs the WSS

The next day, Sharrkan and Masrur are on duty when the wild sea slug appears, and takes the form of Sharrkan. Masrur doesn't hesitate and asphyxiates the monster and says that there's no point in changing into senpai (senior), and that it should think about who to transform into. Sharrkan is stunned and two soldiers think that it's cruel. The next day, the same monster appears on Sindria's main island, transformed into Sinbad. The citizens are shocked and call the Eight Generals, who can't do anything because even if it's a fake, it resembles too much Sinbad and they cannot attack. In the end, the real one appears and defeat it. The Eight Generals and the King stares the defeated monster, and Pisti comments that it'd be pretty bad to have women eat this. Someone says that the sea slugs have an inconvenient ability. Suddenly, Ja'far says that if they change their perspective this ability could benefit Sindria, and begins to explain his plans, which make Spartos exclaim that it's indecent and even Sharrkan is against of it. Sinbad smiles but says that it would be embarrassing to have him shipped out.

Wild Sea Slug

Afterwards, the wild sea slugs in Sindria were tested to be replacements for sculptures or portraits as well as landscapes or various other arts but, since the sea slug couldn't stay alive for long above the sea, was too big, and would change back once it died, it was too difficult to continue and was soon given up on.

Mariam's Story

Mariam's Story (マリアムの話, Mariamu no Hanashi) was posted on March 27th, 2012.



Marriage (結婚, Kekkon) was posted on June 5th, 2012.


Sindria wedding. Bride

A wedding is taking place on Sindria, and the people bless the grooms. The groom and the bride bow towards Sinbad, and tell him that they got married today. While people are celebrating, Ja'far says to Sinbad that the marriage was between the daughter of a secretary counselor from the White Aries Tower and a young marine from the Crimson Cancer Tower. Sinbad comments that happened again, and Drakon wonders why all their young civil servants only get married among themselves. Sinbad says that it's because they don't have enough land. Ja'far answers that the most of them work within the palace grounds, and he supposes it's easier to form relationships when their young men and women are meeting everyday at the same place.

Two of Hinahoho's sons

Two of Hinahoho's sons heard the conversation, and ask Sinbad and Ja'far if people within the palace get married more, and if they make girlfriends. Sinbad asks if they have someone they like, but they deny and say that it's because their dad isn't popular. They say if that cold widower (Hinahoho) can get a wife, and explain that he spends everyday surrounded by stinky salty sailors like he has not interest in getting ladies. Then, the boys ask Sinbad and Ja'far to do something about this, or at this rate his manhood will wither away and there would be no going back. Hinahoho is listening with an unhappy face, and says that he can hear them. One son clings to his back and asks when will Hinahoho get a new wife, and the other son says to his father to hurry up and make more little brothers and sisters for them. With a bored expression, Hinahoho answers that brats shouldn't care about stuff like this.

Pisti wants to be wife

Pisti intervenes, and asks how about her for a wife. One son says that is impossible for Lady Pisti, which angers her and she asks why. The boy answers that it's because they want more siblings and her body is way too small. When he's going to add a more specific reason for why she couldn't, Hinahoho hits his head and apologizes. Pisti exclaims that if Hinahoho wants a wife from within the palace, she recommends their female magicians. She adds there are lots of mature, beautiful women that don't see the light of day and who are all unpopular. Then, she asks what about Yamraiha. Pisti says to Yamraiha that it's a good match since they're both part of the Eight Generals and Hinahoho's older. Sharrkan laughs at Pisti's idea, and Hinahoho says that he would only trouble her. But then, Yamraiha blushes and they see that she's not against it.

Afterwards, the children judged that would be impossible for Yamraiha physically, so nothing happened between them.

Kouen Ren (When He Was Much Younger)

Kouen Ren (When He Was Much Younger) (練紅炎(だいぶ若い頃の), Ren Kouen (Daibu Wakai Koro no)) was posted on August 1st, 2012.


Judar and Kouen tegaki

The image on the top is unrelated to the content of the story.
Koumei Ren has just woken up, and he's being dressed. He murmurs that the war council kinda dragged on. Kouha Ren says to him that he cannot because he has to pull himself together since he's already ugly; unexpectedly, Koumei doesn't deny it. Judar is bored, because he doesn't want to eat alone. He orders a priest to eat with him, but he gets even more bored, so he puts some peaches into his carpet and flies away. Kougyoku is eating alone, and Judar throws a peach on her face. Koubun gets angry and pursues Judar, who escapes again. Then, Judar heads where Kouha is eating alone, and he throws a peach on his face too. Kouha's attendants, Junjun, Jinjin and Reirei pursue him, but Judar escapes again. Then, Judar heads where Kouen Ren is eating alone, and he throws a peach on his face too. Kouen, but, grabs it before touches him. Judar smiles, and he and Kouen start talking. Koumei appears from Judar's back and grabs him, and says to Judar that is very rude to bother the king (Kouen) like that, and that he has been causing trouble to other people as well. Koumei adds that he cannot scare others with his eccentric behavior. Judar gets angry and says that what is Koumei meaning with eccentric, and turns to Koumei but gets scared since Koumei hasn't arranged himself, and the one who really looks eccentric is Koumei.

Alibaba and Morgiana When Aladdin Isn't There

Alibaba and Morgiana When Aladdin Isn't There (アラジンがいない時のアリババとモルジアナ, Arajin ga Inai Toki no Aribaba to Morujiana) was posted on September 20th, 2012.


AliMor without Aladdin

Alibaba and Morgiana sit together without saying a word. Morgiana thinks what to talk about, while Alibaba, without thinking about anything, pokes her. Morgiana is greatly confused and doesn't know what to do. Then, Aladdin comes to the two of them. Aladdin and Alibaba joke with each other, but Morgiana, still shocked, takes her hands and keeps them closer to Alibaba, scaring him. She then goes to Masrur for an advice and tells him the story. He remembers the same thing from his childhoods. Masrur explains to Morgiana that Alibaba probably doesn't think about anything in the times like this, but if she's still bothered by it, she should tell him her feelings by staring at him. She does so, but it only scares Alibaba even more. He starts wondering in panic what he has done. He realizes he had multiple occasions as the two of them had been sleeping and eating together. He then, completely embarrassed, asks Morgiana if she was watching him and noticed that he's been secretly writing Adventure of Alibaba. While he covers his face behind his hands, Morgiana wonders what is he talking about.

Matter of the Black History of Volume 16

Matter of the Black History of Volume 16 (16巻特典の黒歴史の件, 16-kan Tokuten no Kuro Rekishi no Ken) was posted on March 28th, 2013.


Alibaba's autobiography

Alibaba takes the paper and unrolls it. He then looks at its contents, grins, and starts reading. The story turns out to be his autobiography, in which he introduced himself as great, handsome Alibaba. Sharrkan and Ja'far are listening terrified, begging someone to stop him before he'll say things he can't take back. Sharrkan panics what to do, but Ja'far tries to calm him down. He says that it's retainer's duty to stop their rampaging master before he can scar himself permanently, so he chooses Morgiana to do it. However, as she goes to Alibaba, she starts to listening attentively and blushing, when Alibaba reads about her great abilities and attacks. Sharrkan notes that she's that same as their Fanalis, Masrur while Ja'far adds that he's worried for their future.

On Sindria’s Valuable Resources

On Sindria’s Valuable Resources (シンドリアの貴重な財源について, Shindoria no Kichōna Zaigen ni Tsuite) was posted on April 15th, 2013.


Jafar's ambition

In the Sindria Kingdom, a raging seahorse appears in front of a ship. Pisti calms it and apologizes for coming so close to its nest, and she goes with it under the sea again. At the bottom of the sea, Pisti sees a giant pearl, and reports it to the other Generals and Sinbad. Masrur comments that Sinbad wears them often, and Sharrkan says that his reference point is always the king. Spartos explains that it's a very valuable treasure that is rarely found in molusks; it's regarded as a holy item in the Sasan Kingdom due to its mysteriousness. Sinbad says that it's strange, since they are usually from the Aktia Kingdom. Sharrkan says that sometimes they appeared near Heliohapt so it wouldn't be strange for them to be around a southern island. Yamraiha comments that it was said that pearls could treat all sorts of illnesses, but that was a fake; there were nobles that bought hordes of them and suffered from profit losses. Ja'far is excited and exclaims that it doesn't matter because they represent a valuable resource for Sindria.

The ''pearl''

Ja'far tells them to go find it, and promises that he will reward to who find the pearl without nagging about their drinking habits for one year. Sharrkan and Pisti begin to run, and Sinbad follows them. They make a competition and Yamraiha uses her magic to make them breathe under the water, and says that this magic only lasts ten minutes. Pisti cannot use her Household Vessel under the water and is in trouble because can't win in physical strength against them. Sinbad is faster than Sharrkan, and Masrur enters into the water as well, to help Sinbad. When Sinbad and Masrur reach the pearl, they see that in truth it is a sea monster. Masrur say that even that they could probably sell it, but then they see the hatchlings of the monster and decide to give it up. Back in the palace, Ja'far is hysterical, and says that the next time he should go by himself. Sinbad says that he shouldn't bother the southern beasts too much if he wants Sindria to be in pace.

Masrur (When He Came Home)

Masrur (When He Came Home) (マスルール(帰省時), Masurūru (Kisei Ji)) was posted on June 21st, 2013.


Morgiana Masrur Tegaki

The first image is from Masrur as a child.
When Masrur was a child he returned to his country, the Dark Continent, searching for other Fanalis. He traveled a lot but didn't find them, and felt lonely when he he saw a herd of elephants. In the present (when Masrur talks about the Dark Continent with Morgiana, in Volume 12) he has grown up and is stretching while talks with Morgiana. Masrur says that his homeland was no big deal, that it was easy. Morgiana answers that it was expected from Masrur-san. Sinbad is watching, and thinks that Masrur is trying to act tough, and that he's a liar.

A Certain Day with Kouha and his Subordinates

A Certain Day with Kouha and his Subordinates (とある日の紅覇と部下たち, Toaru Hi no Kouha to Buka-tachi) was posted on August 2nd, 2013.


Kouha and Meihou

A Kou's soldier proclaims that for this year's Lunar New Year Celebration, Lord Kouha has bestowed everybody with gifts; they are to reward the army's rash effords, and that they should humbly receive them and wholeheartedly pledge their loyalty. Kouha is sitting, and some soldiers approach him in tears, saying that they are unworthy of such generosity again. Kouha says that it's fine, as it's all stuff he doesn't really need. Then, he says to split it up fairly with their clan. Kouha adds to look out especially for those who can't work because of war injuries. The soldiers thank again, and Meihou Kan says they sure are unworthy, and adds that the only thing they need are sweet potato shoots. Kouha is incredulous and says "what the heck, I'm not giving you that ". A briefly explanation of the Kan Clan is given. Kouha is grabbing Meihou asking why he isn't wearing the silk clothes he gave him, and Meihou answers that he's using them as a decoration. After hearing that, Kouha gets angry and says that even if they just hoard that stuff without using it, some other idiot would waste it anyways, so he tells him to just hurry up and use it to support a family and make lots of kids to make his clan flourish.

Jinjin and boyfriend

Reirei and Junjun appear and says that Kouha is right, and that if it's Meihou, they are sure he will find a wonderful wife quite quickly. Kouha says that he is also talking about them. Reirei explains that they are not thinking of making a family, and Junjun agrees, saying that they cannot achieve happiness with a man with their dreadful bodies. Kouha says not to be stupid, and notes how satisfied Jinjin looks with her boyfriend. Junjun is angry, as they said that Lord Kouha would be the only one for them. Kouha says to Junjun that she will also be hitched one day. Junjun denies, and when Kouha asks she says that no man would accept her body. Kouha says that if it's the problem he doesn't matter about that, and invites them to come to his room that night. Junjun begins to cry and idolize Kouha, and says that her heart is not ready. Kouha asks when it will be ready, and wonders how many times they have gone through this. Junjun repeats that she's not ready, that her heart is not ready, Kouha comments that she sure is funny.

Alma Torran

Alma Torran (アルマトラン, Aruma Toran) was posted on June 21st, 2014.



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