Sharrkan vs Byoln is the fight between Sharrkan, one of Sindria's Eight Generals, and Byoln, a member of Al-Thamen.


Masrur defeats Zurmudd, another member of Al-Thamen, but, as a result, he can't move his body, so Sharrkan decides that he and Yamraiha would be the opponents of Byoln and Apollonius. When Byoln shows his sword, a battle between swordsmen starts.


Sharrkan and Byoln clash. Apollonius comments that Byoln is a fool and that they should fight together. On the other hand, Alibaba wants to engrave this battle into his mind.

When Byoln attacks Sharrkan and thinks he has a advantage, Sharrkan blocks this movements, so Byoln jumps. They clash again; Alibaba comments that Sharrkan is superior, even though both of them have amazing sword styles. Byoln then decides to multiply himself, so he makes shadows of himself and attacks Sharrkan from all sides. One of the shadows cuts Sharrkan's back. After that, Byoln and his monsters point their swords at Sharrkan. Byoln says that he doesn't have even 4th of his strength.

Alibaba defends Sharrkan, but he gets up and says that he has no choice but to borrow his King's power. He activates his Household Vessel, Foraz Saiqa, and attempts to cut his opponent with slashes that are able to remain even after main movement's ending. Sharrkan then starts running, but Byoln chases after him, and eventually uses his Extreme Magic, Dhell-Dhell Dhalam. Sharrkan finally fully uses his Household Vessel, which acts like a whip, and successfully cuts his opponent.


Sharrkan watches Yamraiha's fight, sitting with Alibaba.


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