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The Seven Seas Alliance (七海連合, Nanakai Rengō) is an alliance of countries started by Sinbad. Each leader of a country in the alliance owns at least one Djinn.



Don't invade and don't be invaded.


The Seven Seas Alliance has become one of the world's superpowers, on par with the Kou Empire, and it is also influential and powerful enough to be able to undermine the Kou Empire's foreign affairs and military expansion. The seven different countries contribute their military forces, led by Sinbad. Countries known to be part of the Seven Seas Alliance were Sindria, Heliohapt, Artemyra, Kina, Imuchakk, and Sasan. Although the alliance's army functioned as a peacekeeping and defense force, they possessed a powerful naval fleet and a massive flock of giant birds.

The Seven Seas Alliance has entered a confederation with the Reim Empire to put the Kou Empire's aggressive expansion in check.

During the summit, The Yamabala seems to have affiliated with Sinbad or partly the Seven Seas Alliance. The Yamabala warriors protect Sinbad and his household members who were powerless when Sinbad's metal vessels were temporarily confiscated during the summit.

Metal Vessel Users

Name Country
Sinbad (former) Sindria
Armakan Amun-Ra (former) Heliohapt Kingdom
Mira Dianus Artemina (former) Artemyra
Rametoto (former) Imuchakk
Darius Leoxses (former) Sasan Kingdom
Muu Alexius (former) Reim Empire
Ignatius Alexius (former) Reim Empire
Nerva Julius Caluades (former)

Reim Empire

Takeruhiko Yamato (former) Kina Kingdom


  • In Medieval Arabia, the term "Seven Seas" (بحار العالم ، سبعة البحار) was applied to ancient Eastern trading routes, and referenced frequently in literature. 
  • Though this terminology doesn't appear in the original tale, Sinbad has been tied to the Seven Seas several times in film and TV, such as Sinbad of the Seven Seas and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
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