Setting Sail (出航, Shukkō) is the 3rd Night of the Magi anime's second season and the 28th Night overall.


After bidding farewell to Sindria, Aladdin, Hakuryuu and Morgiana board the ship and leave. Alibaba sneaks in and wants to surprise his friends, but learns the harsh truth about how they feel about him.


As the group prepares to depart, Yamraiha helps Aladdin with his package. Morgiana explains that her decision to see her homeland was influenced by Hakuryuu for which she thanks him, making him blush. Yamraiha then gives Aladdin the Eye of the Rukh while Masrur warns Morgiana about the slave traders. The Eight Generals say some farewells to them, with the problem being Aladdin not being able to remember Spartos' name. Meanwhile, Hakuryuu talks to Ja'far and mentions being indebted to them. Aladdin and Morgiana are sad that Alibaba didn't come to see them off. After talking to Sinbad one last time, the group sets sail.

Alibaba, however, boarded the ship along with his friends but remains hidden. He prepares the best way to surprise them, but fails due to mistaking rooms. He believes that they would quickly miss him, but soon is proven wrong. Aladdin and company decide to share their real feelings about Alibaba and much to his astonishment, they only badmouth him, by mentioning his lack of popularity and the situation of him having his bottom fully exposed when Morgiana came to the room. Soon after, Alibaba finds out that the group knew all along that Alibaba is among them.

After clearing the misunderstanding, Alibaba tries to explain why he is going with them but when he mentions the Yambala Gladiators, Hakuryuu takes all of his words. Meanwhile in Sindria, Sharrkan, Yamraiha, Masrur and Sinbad have a drinking party where they argue over whose disciple had the best records. Sharrkan remembers going with Alibaba to drink where his student did nothing but complain about Aladdin's coldness. Alibaba and the rest continue their peaceful journey. They are attacked by the Southern Creature whom Alibaba quickly defeats to show off as he is not popular. The next day, Morgiana notices fire in the Aktia Kingdom's port and Olba praises her for her exceptional sight. He appears with the pirates to rob their ship.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • The scene with Morgiana thanking Hakuryuu happens before the group's departure.
  • Eight Generals bidding farewells to the group's scene is prolonged in the anime.
  • In the manga, Sinbad examining Alibaba as well as Sharrkan and Alibaba's drinking scenes didn't take place in flashbacks.
  • Anime added a scene with Sinbad, Yamraiha, Sharrkan and Masrur drinking.
  • Aladdin and company's travel was given more depth in the anime.


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