The Sacred Palace (聖宮 Seikyū) is the realm where Ill Illah originally was. It was formerly controlled by Uraltugo Noi Nueph and houses the Principles of the Rukh System. According to Ugo, the Sacred Palace is designed to circulate the energy of Ill Ilah's world efficiently.[1] It is the birthplace of Aladdin and the place in which he was raised. The appearance of the Sacred Palace is a library. [2] There is a gateway protecting the Sacred Palace to prevent intruders. Sinbad is the current person controlling the Sacred Palace.


Balbadd Arc

Aladdin begins fighting Judar with the assistance of Ugo. Aladdin suffers a loss causing Ugo to go out of control, inflicting heavy damage on Judar. Aladdin ends up asleep for a long period of time. [3] During the time that he is asleep he is summoned to the Sacred Palace where he talks to Ugo and meets Solomon, attaining Solomon's Wisdom. [4]

Magnostadt Arc

After Titus dies in his sacrifice to prevent Matal from falling into depravity, he arrives at the Sacred Palace where Scheherazade appoints Titus as the new Magi of Reim Empire. Ugo agrees and sends Titus back to his home. [5]

Alma Torran Arc

After Solomon becomes the king of Alma Torran he enters the Sacred Palace with Ugo, Arba and Sheba. Inside the Sacred Palace Solomon merges with Ill Illah before making Ugo, Arba and Sheba his magi and reshaping destiny.[6] During Arba's betrayal Solomon descends from the Sacred Palace to stop the war.

Final Arc

Arba assists Sinbad as they break into the Sacred Palace by using Al-Thamen's power and thirteen Metal Vessels.[7] Sinbad attacks Ugo in order to access the full power of the Sacred Palace; however, Ugo stops Sinbad and returns his Rukh back into the world's Great Flow.[8] After defeating Sinbad and then David Jehoahaz Abraham, Ugo places David and Ill Ilah stored into a fish tank, in which David is free to create a lower-order world.[9]

David is seen questioning his duty before coming to the realization that he must help Sinbad become god, he pulls Sinbad's Rukh from the great flow causing a giant flood of Rukh to enter the Sacred Palace. Ugo, shocked that Sinbad is able to maintain his consciousness, questions how it's possible. David answers his question, stating that Sinbad's Djinn kept hold of his Rukh allowing David to pull him back. Sinbad's Djinn restrain Ugo allowing David to put him under a illusion, whilst Sinbad takes over as god much to the shock of Arba, Sinbad's Djinn assume their position as the Guardians of the Sacred Palace. [10]


Ugo sending Aladdin
Ugo sending Aladdin off


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