Prince of the Rebellion (反逆の王子, Hangyaku no Ōji) is the 13th Night of the Magi anime's first season and the 13th Night overall.


Alibaba successfully 'infiltrates' the Royal Palace and goes against the Kou's previous Dungeon monsters, and goes in to confront Ahbmad. Kou Empire's Eighth Princess, Ren Kougyoku, comes as well and hears Alibaba's surprising announcement!  


Alibaba manages to reach the palace grounds, but Ahbmad sends one of the three royal guards from the Kou Empire to kill him. After finally succeeding to properly equip Amon's sword, Alibaba defeats the first guard, but the second guard and his army of monkeys block his way until Morgiana appears to fight in his place, allowing him to keep pressing forward.

As Morgiana fights the second guard, Alibaba runs out of Magoi while fighting the third guard and creates some fire with oil to power up Amon's sword for an instant, using it to bring him down. Meanwhile, Sinbad learns about the situation and leaves to the palace too. With all the guards defeated, Alibaba reaches the throne room where Ahbmad orders his guards to kill him, but Sahbmad intervenes of his favor, insisting that the conversation between his two brothers must not be disturbed.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Alibaba fights Engi in the hallway. Compared to the manga, he fights Engi outside.


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