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Pipirika (ピピリカ, Pipirika) is a member of the Imuchakk Tribe. She is the daughter of one of the Patriarchs and the sister of Hinahoho. She works at Csitephon, Parthevia, within the Sindria Trading Company headquarters.


Pipirika's face (Anime)

Pipirika has a gigantic physique, like everyone of her race, and a muscular build despite her young age. She also possess the blue hair of her tribe which she keeps short with her bang parted for her amber eyes. She wears a light-colored sleeveless shirt and a thick dark-colored skirt tied above her waist.


Piprika first appears gruff and loud as she forces her brother to bow down while also apologizing to Sinbad at the same time. She is also shown as kind when she supported her brother Hinahoho to do his best.



Adventure of Sinbad
The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.

Imuchakk Arc


Pipirika accompanies her brother as he challenges the Rampaging Unicorn in order to complete his coming of age ceremony. However, all of his initial attempts fail. After one such attempt, Pipirika's brother is blown away and lands on Sinbad's boat. Soon after, Pipirika arrives and apologizes to Sinbad for all the trouble caused by her brother. She then introduces herself and, when Sinbad asks her brother's name, explains that her brother has no name because he has yet to complete his coming of age ceremony. As the group converse, the Rampaging Unicorn appears and rocks the boat, with Pipirika commenting that the monster is just toying with them. The monster soon leaves and an amazed Sinbad offers to help the siblings.[3]

Pipirika and her brother accept Sinbad's help and the group begins preparations. After listening to the siblings explanation about the Rampaging Unicorn, Sinbad suggests that they set up traps in order to gain advantage. Though initially surprised because traps aren't traditionally used, the siblings agree to Sinbad's suggestion and Pipirika's brother suggests that they set up the traps in a crescent-shaped island known to be frequented by Rampaging Unicorns and often used as the decisive battlefield by successive warriors.[4]

The group arrives at the island and, under Sinbad's instructions, ties several coils of rope around weak trees. The siblings are skeptical about the idea, knowing that the Rampaging Unicorn can easily uproot the trees but Sinbad assures them that the trap will work. Several days later, the monster arrives and Pipirika and her brother, at Sinbad's signal, ensnares its horn by using arrows with ropes connected to the tied trees. As expected, the monster easily uproots the trees but the trunks, having fallen in the ocean, can then be used as footholds, enabling the siblings and Sinbad to attack the monster from above the water. During the battle Pipirika dives into the ocean alongside her brother and mostly acts as support while her brother battles the beast.[5]

As the battle continues, a storm unexpectedly arrives. With the other traps they prepared rendered useless during the storm and because of the raging waves, Pipirika swims ashore and asks her brother to stop the fight but he refuses, not wanting for Sinbad's efforts to be in vain and determined to defeat the monster in order to be acknowledged as a man by his tribe. However, the Rampaging Unicorn swats him away by its tail and he lands on top of her sister. Sinbad, after seeing Pipirika's brother's determination, summons the power of Baal and kills the monster with a bolt of lightning.[6]


Underwater Proficiency

Being a member of the Imuchakk tribe, Pipirika is naturally adept in swimming and fighting underwater.[7]

Cold Resistance

Pipirika was born and raised in Imuchakk, a country covered in ice and snow located in the extreme north. Perhaps because of this, she is naturally resistant to cold weather, appearing comfortable despite wearing only a sleeveless shirt and a short skirt.[8]


Pipirika has shown proficiency when using bow and arrows as shown when she successfully ensnared the Rampaging Unicorn while aiding her brother to complete his coming of age ceremony.[9]


Similar to other members of her tribe, Pipirika uses a standard Imuchakk harpoon.[10]




Despite often scolding and bickering with him, Pipirika cares deeply and is very supportive of her brother Hinahoho as seen when she accompanied and aided him during his hunt of the Rampaging Unicorn. She also encourages him to pursue his dream of marrying the beauty of Imuchakk.[11] When Hinahoho completed his coming of age ceremony, Pipirika was extremely proud of him and even shed tears of happiness.[12] Pipirika is also the only person who knows of the places Hinahoho frequents when he is distressed.[13]


Like her brother, Pipirka admired Sinbad and thought him to be interesting when he used his Djinn Equip Baal for the first time. She treats Sinbad as a close friend later on, and may have hinted to having a crush on him (to her father and brother's dismay).


Their relationship wasn't shown a lot in the past, but it seemed they were on good terms. Pipirika smiles with pride when she allowed Alibaba to have a direct meeting with Ja'far, claiming she was "Mr. Ja'far's trusted friend". [14]


  • Pipirika sucks at drawing.[15]
  • Her name may be derived from that of Pirika, from the anime/manga Shaman King, sister of Horokeu (better known as Horohoro). Pirika also aids her older brother with his training, and is extremely severe with him (which is used in the series for comic relief).


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