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Pernadius Alexius (ペルナディウス・アレキウス, Perunadiusu.Arekiusu) was a former General of Reim Empire's Army and the first King Vessel chosen by the Magi, Scheherazade.


Pernadius had short light hair and wore standard Reim Empire armor with a fur-lined cloak.


Scheherazade stated that he wasn't particularly strong or reliable, but that he was very cheerful, kind to everyone, and "as bright as the sun". He also had a taste for "indecent places" (namely brothels). Because of all these characteristics, she felt he strongly resembled Alibaba Saluja.[1]


Not much is known about him, except that he was Scheherazade's first King Vessel and shared a close bond with her. They went on many adventures together. Under his and Scheherazade's influence, the Reim Empire reached its maximum expansion and gained its highest splendour (211 years ago). We do know that his bloodline was inherited by Muu Alexius and the other members of the Alexius Family.


Magnostadt Arc

Second Balbadd Arc


Metal Vessel

  • Pernadius´s Metal Vessel

As a King Vessel of Scheherazade, he possessed at least one Metal Vessel, as can be seen by the eight-pointed star on his sword. The Djinn residing in that Metal Vessel is currently unknown.



Scheherazade shared a close relationship with Pernadius, due to him being her first king. They also shared many adventures together. However, she was somewhat disgusted in his 'bad taste' in going to brothels, something she felt Alibaba strongly shares with her first king.



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