Parthevia Empire (パルテビア帝国, Parutebia Teikoku) is the home country of Sinbad and Drakon.


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Parthevia was a small country in southwest that was fighting to break free from a continent near by. During the reign of Davashadil IV, Parthevia won the war against this near by continent and renamed itself to be the Parthevia Empire, it became a strong and influential superpower. The Parthevia Empire became prosperous after conquering other countries, the army paid the citizens gold for the victory in the war. But after the war with the Reim Empire, which forced Parthevia to yield some parts of its territory, Parthevia fell into economic difficulties and imposed harsh taxes on the people. People's food supplies, properties, army; everything was taken away. Not going to become a shameful thing, they formed the word "ex-patriotic".

Sinbad had a history with Al-Thamen here.

40 years ago, Parthevia's army invaded Musta'sim Kingdom but failed due to the kingdom's use of magicians.

The first Dungeon, Baal, appeared on the border between Parthevia Empire and the Reim Empire 14 years ago, over ten thousands challenged it and perished before Sinbad conquers it and became the first Dungeon Capturer.


  • Tison Village: Known as the suburbs of Parthevia, this is Sinbad's home village where his family had lived. [1]
  • Contastia Harbor: This is where Sinbad first meets Yunan after saving a small family caravan from bandits. [2]


Imperial Family

Name Rank Status
Ceylan Dikumenowlz 32nd King Alive
Serendine Dikumenowlz First Imperial Princess Deceased

Royal Family

Name Rank Status
Davashadil IV 31st King Deceased


Name Rank Status
Barbarossa Left General Deceased
Draguliel Hendrius Nodomis Pertegomidus General Unknown, alive in Adventure of Sinbad
Dragul Commander Officer Defected to Sindria
Ja'far Assassin Defected to Sindria
Mahad Assassin Defected
Vittel Assassin Defected
Falan Magician Counsellor Deceased
Myers Magician Alive, defected to Magnostadt
Badr Soldier Deceased
Zamil Soldier Deceased
Tabi Soldier Deceased

Regular Citizens

Name Rank Status
Sinbad Citizen Alive, defected to make Sindria
Esra Citizen Deceased
Doron Citizen Alive, defected to Magnostadt
Zurmudd Citizen Defected to Al-Thamen, deceased


  • Parthevia appears to be based on Ancient Persia. Its name comes from the Old Persian word parthava, meaning "Parthian", as in the Persian Parthian Empire. Ancient Persia had a series of conflicts with the bordering state of Rome, just like the Reim-Parthevia conflict(s).
  • Most citizens have black hair,[3] but purple hair and amber colored eyes might be a characteristic of the people from Parthevia.
  • ​The spider might be a symbol of some kind, since Drakon, Myers and Parthevia's Emperor have a black spider on their Parthevian clothes. Additionally, Princess Serendine is called the "Venomous Spider Princess".
  • According to Mystras, the Parthevia Empire is a flat country.
  • Young men are drafted into the Parthevian army for war and clearing dungeons, as shown when Sinbad first met Drakon. [4]


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