Weakling (弱虫, Yowamushi) is Night 95 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Hakuryuu dreams of his past. When he wakes up, he is notified that the part-ways trial has been completed, but he feels bad about being saved again. Zagan appears and says that there's someone in their group who drags them down. He reveals it to be Hakuryuu, and he, to everyone's surprise, begins to cry, wondering why he can't do anything when he's doing his best. The trio tries to calm him down, but he gets even more emotional, including accusing Alibaba of fooling around in Sindria when his country is occupied. After he calms down a little, he says to leave him alone. Alibaba tells him to borrow their strength, but he only gets angry and states that he has to fulfill his responsibilities alone. Alibaba says that no one can do everything by themselves, and tells Hakuryuu about the tragedy of Balbadd. While crying, he also mentions that he wasn't able to save Cassim either, that he killed him. Hakuryuu realizes that Alibaba isn't as irresponsible as he originally thought and agrees that humans can't do everything alone. He apologizes for saying rude things and admits that he can't live alone, as he is a weak person. However, he asks the group to lend him their power, and Alibaba agrees.


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