Har-Har Rasas (灼熱の連弾 (ハルハール・ラサース), Haruhāru.Rasāsu) is Night 93 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Halharl Rasars

The group fights against rabbit-like creatures. However, protected by Aladdin's Borg, they are able to defend against Hakuryuu's normal attack. Morgiana saves him and leaves the rest to Alibaba, who successfully uses Amol Saiqa. He realizes that his attack is less efficient as their enemies can fly. To deal with them, Aladdin demonstrates his new spell, Har-Har Rasas. He controls lots of energy that are shaped like balls and defeats Zagan's monsters. However, as Magicians play a supporting role, he lets Alibaba defeat the main boss, much to Hakuryuu's amazement, who starts feeling inferior to them. Afterwards, Aladdin explains why Har-Har Rasas is so great, but uses Yamraiha's words. Then, Hakuryuu asks the group if they would let him conquer the Dungeon without helping him out. Alibaba thinks that he should rely more on them, but Hakuryuu says that as a prince, he can't feel satisfied by borrowing someone else's power. Alibaba tries to tell him why he understands Hakuryuu's feelings, but Zagan interrupts and decides to divide them into two groups.


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