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Cassim (カシムとは, Kashimu to wa) is Night 75 of the Magi manga series.

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The Djinn starts crumbling. Cassim reassures Alibaba he can still return alive. Alibaba says he came to save him, but for Cassim this thought alone is enough already. Cassim then apologizes to all the people who were dragged into it and regrets that he and Alibaba couldn't talk out thing properly earlier. Cassim starts a question, but at first Alibaba doesn't understand what he meant. Cassim then lets his Rukh go through Alibaba and shows him all the things Alibaba had no idea about. Alibaba curses that only hardships are in his memories, but there is warmth there as well. Then, he remembers Cassim starting to ask the same question as the moment earlier and realizes now what it was. He screams if it isn't obvious that they are friends. Meanwhile, Aladdin defeats Judar so Markkio takes him out of the battlefield. He turns back and sees Alibaba crying with a dead Cassim in his arms. He welcomes him back. The Rukh of people then join their loved ones.

Meanwhile, Markkio watches the conclusion of the civil war in Balbadd. He comments that this was a perfect country because of the amount of darkness it had. He quickly says to forget it, since he still has original Metal Vessel and just find another victim with a lot of hatred, as they're easiest to control. From behind, Masrur kicks Markkio while being supported by his Household Vessel, Bararaq Kauza. In mid-air, Markkio defends himself with Borg, but Ja'far activates his Household Vessel, Bararaq Sei. Markkio's Borg is broken and he starts falling down. He is caught by Sinbad's Metal Vessel, Bararaq Saiqa.