Something Sublime (崇高な何か, Sūkōna Nanika) is Night 74 of the Magi manga series.

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Alibaba doesn't understand what Cassim means, so Cassim continues saying that the difference between them is too big. Even after the death of Alibaba's mother, they weren't the same, since Alibaba tried to live as honestly as possible, while Cassim stole and did other bad things. When it was clear that Alibaba was a prince, he noticed that the gap between them is even bigger. He thought it's unfair that a person's fate is decided before their birth and, as a consequence, cursed it.

Cassim's rukh then stabs Alibaba's, which makes Cassim's thoughts flow inside Alibaba. Seeing how Cassim thought he always lived in radiance, he punches him saying he's wrong, as he only wanted to survive and did dirty things as well. He screams at Cassim and tells him not to assume and force things upon him. Judar orders Aladdin to not show him such things. Cassim's and Alibaba's rukh clash. Cassim says he doesn't want to lose to him, but Alibaba tells him there's no need to something like winning or losing between them. Cassim recalls when Alibaba said to Sinbad before that he's no different from them, but wonders how people can be the same and continues to argue his statement. He eventually stabs Alibaba. Alibaba starts crying, thinking it's frustrating and pitiful. He wonders how could he not realize how Cassim felt before. However, he adds he probably did realize it, but was afraid, always running away. He thinks that it might indeed be that everyone is different, but he thinks of it as sorrowful. Yet, if it's true, he wonders what he can do to let everyone live in a happiness. Cassim, who gets all Alibaba's feelings, starts crying as well and says he only wanted to live on the same level as him. Aladdin notices the difference in Cassim's Djinn and wonders if Alibaba succeeded.


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