Rukh's Will (ルフの意志, Rufu no Ishi) is Night 73 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Aladdin brings back the Rukh of dead people to guide Alibaba and Cassim. He tells them that Cassim has now completely fallen into darkness and Alibaba is the only one who can save him. He then uses Har-Har Infigar on Alibaba and helps him restore his sword, sure that the fact that he can use Heat Magic isn't a coincidence. Alibaba then penetrates Cassim and goes to his Rukh through Aladdin's Wisdom of Solomon. At the same time, Aladdin also shows Judar his own past.

As Alibaba arrives inside of Cassim, Aladdin explains to him that Cassim should be there. He notices him instantly and hears it's the form Cassim's Rukh has taken. Alibaba wants to talk with Cassim once again, but gets rejected by him and hears that the person Cassim hated the most is him, at which he flinches. Cassim shows him that he hated him the whole time since the very day of Alibaba's last day in the slums. He says he always wanted to push Alibaba into the abyss of despair, but his radiance didn't disappear. Cassim then screams, asking if he's the only one fated to be born as trash. While Aladdin fends off Judar, he thinks that the power let's people hear Rukh's voice; it doesn't lie and thus, reality may hurt Alibaba. However, Aladdin is sure that if it's Alibaba, it can be done. He says, "You're a brave person. You're my candidate to be king!"


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