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Holy Palace's Aladdin (聖宮のアラジン, Seikyū no Arajin) is Night 66 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Aladdin thinks that he has died, but Ugo explains that's not the case; only his Rukh has been brought to the Holy Palace, but because of his recklessness, he really could have died. Ugo is sad that he couldn't bring Judar as well. Then, Ugo recalls that Aladdin went on a journey on a whim and had met Djinn and their masters. He tells what the Rukh Guidance is. He mentions that there are people that want to go against it, to fall into depravity. He was surprised seeing Magi dyed in black. Aladdin also should have died because they changed fate, but Ugo opposed it. To do this, he used all of the Magoi his master left him, but as Aladdin isn't his master, though his Magoi is his copy, he couldn't do anything. Ugo says that with the last power of the flute he brought him to the Holy Palace to give Aladdin something important. He shows him Alibaba, who will die, even though it's not the original flow. What is needed to dispel the darkness is a "miracle", which is a Magi's mission. He then sends Aladdin on a journey to obtain his master, Solomon's Wisdom. Ugo then in his thoughts bids Aladdin farewell, saying that he won't meet him the second time. He thinks that it's still too early to let him be alone, but quickly thinks of all the people Aladdin met and made friends. He opens the Door and asks Solomon to take Aladdin back to the surface and grant his miracle upon him.