The Republic of Balbadd (バルバッド共和国, Barubaddo Kyōwakoku) is Night 64 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Kougyoku decides to leave Judar with Markkio and withdraw. Blushing, she wonders when Sinbad will come to pay a visit. Then, they notice a large group of people heading towards the palace. After bidding the representatives a farewell, Sinbad comes to Alibaba and scolds him for being so reckless, for which Alibaba apologises. Asked what they should do now by Sahbmad, Alibaba gives a detailed plan of what to do. Then, he says that he wants Ahbmad to be held in confinement on the island, because even if people wanted the death sentence, he doesn't want to kill his own brother. He also says that no one has the right to punish anyone like that anymore, as the law has to be reformed. After that, Markkio interrupts, saying that the people who want to govern will appear, but he doesn't give him much though as he wants Balbadd to even have a form of one without disparities.

A little later, Alibaba and Sahbmad announce to the citizens of the new polity of Balbadd. Seeing the reaction of the people, he addresses to Aladdin in his thoughts. He says he won't run away from this place anymore, so they have to put off their promise for a little longer. He wants him to wait a bit, as he doesn't want to lose at being a "courageous person". People around Aladdin notice that something is wrong with him. Meanwhile, Cassim's group arrives at the Palace.


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