Alibaba's Sophism (アリババの屁理屈, Aribaba no Herikutsu) is Night 63 of the Magi manga series.

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Sinbad introduces his allies, who are the representatives who wanted to recommend Alibaba as the King of Balbadd. He apologizes to Sinbad for acting on his own, but justifies himself that the lack of the king is the key to save his country. Kougyoku interrupts saying that all the rights, trade etc., all belong to the Kou Empire. Alibaba replies he understands it well and asks her to act as the rights transfer never happened. He says that as the country of Balbadd they're speaking of no longer existing, so the pacts with Kou have no effect anymore. He, as well as Koubun, know pretty well that all he says is a meaningless quibble, a forced argument as it has completely no relations to the current state of matters, but he still takes a risk. Kougyoku asks him that if she returned, how would he know that her father won't brush her aside. Alibaba realizes that Kougyoku's authority isn't great and she doesn't want to involve herself with something like political marriage anyway. He starts to argue with her saying that if she shows kindness now, she will reap the fruits in the future. It's still not enough to change her mind, so Sinbad takes an initiative and says that Balbadd is now under the Seven Seas Alliance. He promises to go to see Kou's Emperor personally and explain all the details to him. She eventually agrees to go along with it. Sinbad is amazed by Alibaba's actions.


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