Alibaba's Answer (アリババの答え, Aribaba no Kotae) is Night 62 of the Magi manga series.

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A huge amount of rukh is gathering around Aladdin and Judar, to the point where non-Magicians being able to see it. Kougyoku introduces herself and wants to know who is she going to marry. Markkio says that there's a problem, since they don't know who the current king is. She wants the new king to be quickly chosen. The most obvious answers is the Deputy King, Sahbmad, but he declines and points at Alibaba, who also declines. He says he has no right to be one and explains what he meant. When Kougyoku asks what about tomorrow's signing ceremony, he says he wants to discuss it with her. Revealing his identity to her, he begins to say. He requests her to destroy the "citizens rights" pact. He says as it was decided by the former King, it has no meaning now. However, Kougyoku says she can't do that and the signing ceremony as well as the marriage will happen tomorrow. He says it's impossible, as there won't be new king and today, they will put an end to the monarchy of Balbadd.

He argues that his decision is the will of citizens who don't want a king but to live happily. He then tells everyone about the republics he visited. Ahbmad insults him and his idea to destroy the royal family who has been ruling the country for 23 generations, but Alibaba calmly answers that continuing monarchy is the worst thing that can happen to Balbadd. He also says about the royal family and nobles' status will be removed from them, and thus the country will be in hands of the citizens. He then says that if it be permitted, he wants to help as well and devote his whole existence to Balbadd. He came here to make Balbadd an outstanding republic citizen state. Then, Sinbad comes along with the three of his allies.


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