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Rebellion (反逆, Hangyaku) is Night 61 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Morgiana defeats all of her opponents and wishes that Alibaba accomplished what he came there for. Ahbmad wants to know if Sahbmad has been leaking information to the Fog Troupe, which Sahbmad confirms. After stating his side, he says to Ahbmad to withdraw from the throne for the sake of saving Balbadd, much to his surprise. Ahbmad orders the guards to kill him, but Alibaba stops them, mentioning that they will become slaves as well. Everyone stays silent besides Ahbmad, who still can't believe what happened. Sahbmad explains that everyone's heart has left him long ago. Then, Ahbmad starts laughing hysterically and wants to show his brother what it means to stand before a large group of people. Seeing how afraid Sahbmad is, he starts to bully him until Alibaba stands in his protection, encouraging him that he is a man of courage. Ahbmad then tries to slash Alibaba, but he just takes his sword into his bare hands and slaps Ahbmad. Then, he tells him to step down from the throne. Ahbmad wants to somehow make people come back to his side, but then Kougyoku appears. Alibaba realizes it's finally time to fulfill his objective.