The Djinn's Metal Vessel (ジンの金属器, Jin no Kinzoku Ki) is Night 56 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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During his training, Sinbad explains to Alibaba the proper way to use a Djinn. The flashback occurs where Sinbad asks Alibaba about his sudden change of mind. Alibaba explains he's still not sure whether he's befitting being a king or not, but if there are things he can do now, he wishes to do them. While trying to compress his Djinn into his own body, Alibaba apologizes to Sinbad in his thoughts, saying he can't tell him about Cassim, whom he still considered his friend and wants to stop him himself. While Alibaba's Magoi is being restored, Sinbad tells Alibaba about Djinn Equip and Magoi Manipulation, which are impossible to learn quickly. Then, Alibaba starts training again. Hearing that full-body Djinn Equip would be impossible in the limited time he has, Sinbad tells him he should learn Djinn Weapon Equip first and explains what he means by this term.

Afterwards, Sinbad talks with Ja'far about Alibaba's progress and Sinbad's plans concerning the Prince. He also plans to talk with Kougyoku, who seems to have a crush on him. Then, Morgiana goes into Aladdin's room, where she finds Alibaba. She then tells him he should have a rest. Alibaba replies he rested a little and says he has dragged Aladdin into a terrible mess. She tells him that Aladdin thinks of him as his most respectable friend and surely doesn't feel he's been dragged into anything. Alibaba then thanks her for it. She wonders when she meant by it, and eventually realizes that he went to Balbadd alone the last time it happened. Alibaba goes to Balbadd's Palace gate. He then reveals his identity as the third Prince of Balbadd and demands the guards to open the gates.


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