Determination (決意, Ketsui) is Night 55 of the Magi manga series.

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Alibaba looks at the citizens and realizes that they all will become slaves. Once they start pushing on him, Cassim saves him. He then asks Cassim where he has been when the big problem aroused. Cassim doesn't want to go back since Sinbad is there, saying he's royalty. What's more, Sinbad made fun of the Fog Troupe for which Cassim won't forgive him. Alibaba tries to argue with him saying that Sinbad's strength is required for them right know. However, Cassim answers that besides the members of the Fog Troupe, the citizens wish to change Balbadd as well. Alibaba is terrified when he realizes that Cassim wants to make the citizens into an army, who will bring down the current monarchy. He doesn't want to believe that Cassim is serious about this matter, so he gets introduced to the Weapon Dealer. Alibaba tries to stop him and make him consider the number of victims, but Cassim replies that no matter how many will have to sacrifice their lives, the final victory will be theirs. Alibaba watches Cassim, horrified at his response. He recalls how he cried over Mariam's death and now he wants to submerge innocents into the sea of blood. Asked if he will go with Cassim, Alibaba says he never heard this will lead to war. Cassim tells him that if even Alibaba's royal blood wasn't able to shake Ahbmad, then war is the only way. Alibaba doesn't agree and says they should think of another way. Cassim screams and demands Alibaba to tell him what he plans to do, but Alibaba calmly answers he doesn't know. He, however, adds he knows he will find an answer; the answer which won't result in a single drop of blood being shed. He asks Cassim to let him change this country. Cassim hits him strongly, so Alibaba becomes angry and grabs his clothes. Cassim says that being with him is tiring him out. He then tells Alibaba he has no strength or determination; he's trash despite being the prince. Alibaba then hears that he should disappear from Cassim's eyes and if he still insists on stopping him, the next time they meet they'll be enemies.

Sinbad and Ja'far talk about Alibaba completely losing his confidence, but just then, he shows up and asks Sinbad to teach him how to use his Djinn. He says he needs power to protect this country.


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