Duty (責任, Sekinin) is Night 54 of the Magi manga series.

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Ahbmad talks to Markkio. He says it's about time he sees the Kou Empire's princess he will marry in four days time. Markkio assures him about her beauty and pride, along with Kou not being brutal. He says to make Balbadd flourish even further, and Ahbmad agrees. Sinbad fills Alibaba and Morgiana in on Kou's power and history. He mentions that one of reason for Kou's ruthlessness is their Magi, Judar. Asked, he explains who the Magi is and about Magi's help in Dungeons. He says that, currently, Kou has eyes on Balbadd. He says about Kou completely manipulating Ahbmad. Then, Alibaba and Morgiana try to leave, but Sinbad asks Alibaba to talk in private. Sinbad recalls Alibaba's father talking with him as an outstanding person, but he denies everything. Sinbad understands that he has lost his confidence after the failed negotiations, but tells him that he has to become a king to change Ahbmad's rule. He promises to support him, but Alibaba says that it's impossible. Sinbad mentions him already being a leader, but Alibaba explains it's all because he happens to have royal blood. Sinbad disagrees, saying that he also didn't think of becoming king, but felt that it was his duty, and now it's Alibaba's duty, in whom people believe.

Afterwards, Alibaba goes alone, wondering what he should do. He is watched by Cassim and his group.


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